Listen To This Unofficial Deadmau5 Album

Between a constant online presence, brand new studio build, a bus tour, and manning a label, deadmau5 has been keeping pretty busy this year. However, the mau5 has been promising an album sometime this year, and now that we’re nearly half-way through 2016, some of us are getting a little antsy.

One YouTube user has just uploaded a continuous mix of deadmau5′ unreleased material that’s been featured on SoundCloud and various streams. Including a full tracklist, this is a more comprehensive endeavor than we would have expected, not to mention the track order’s intelligently curation as well.

A while ago, deadmau5 tweeted that he had six tracks left to finish for the upcoming album. That seems like a decent amount, but judging by his workflow and how much material he has to pull from, the new LP is likely to come sooner than later.


01. Imaginary Friends (Original Mix) 0:00
02. gg (Original Mix) 7:30
03. Chimaera (Original Mix) 14:05
04. No Problem (Original Mix) 17:10
05. Saved (Original Mix) 24:02
06. Sellout (Original Mix) 33:05
07. Whelk Then (Original Mix) 38:50
08. 4ware 01 (Original Mix) 43:25
09. Beneath With Me (ft. Skylar Grey) [Original Mix] 51:24
10. Nvidia (Taken from his Livestream) 57:24
11. The City (deadmau5 Remix) 01:01:50

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Source: Listen To This Unofficial Deadmau5 Album

Matthew Koma Weighs In On Attendee Deaths In The Philippines

In the wake of last week’s deaths at the Philippine CloseUp Summer Festival, vocalist and DJ Matthew Koma has come out with his own thoughts about drug use in relation to the global dance music scene. In a press conference held with InterAksyon and others that followed his performance at club Chaos Manila on Friday, Koma described the needlessness of substances to enhance the experience of live events.

“I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. I never have so I think there’s a way to be a part of it without having to do that sort of stuff and still completely enjoying it just in a different way. . . It’s not worth it in that respect especially when you hear stories like that and people losing their lives over it. It’s just heartbreaking and it’s silly.”

Koma said that despite having friends and family who drink, the perception of the EDM atmosphere being one of complete disregard for responsibility or moderation is far from the truth. He said he doesn’t find issue with using substances to a certain and safe degree, but that nothing worth losing a life over.

“I think that association probably is a bit of a misinterpretation at times because I do have a lot of friends in music who don’t party to that degree. . . It’s just about being comfortable with doing whatever works for you and doing it to a degree that is safe and mindful because none of it is worth losing a life over…not to a point where indulging becomes detrimental to your health. Everything in moderation.”

Even though the tragedy in the Philippines is something that weighs heavily on him, Koma said that it remains one of his favorite countries to perform in.

“I’m just happy to be here. I’ve always had an enthusiastic crowd, always been so super supportive since the very beginning especially online and on Twitter and being here, I also get to meet some of those people face to face.”


Source: InterAksyon

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Matthew Koma Weighs In On Attendee Deaths In The Philippines

Disclosure Debuts New Unreleased Track In Las Vegas [Video]

On Saturday, Disclosure kicked off Memorial Day weekend at Las Vegas’s Wild Life event in Light Nightclub with a powerful DJ set alongside Eats Everything, Justin Martin and Jackmaster. After the clock passed midnight and the brothers had taken the stage, they announced that they’d be playing a brand new, unreleased track for the very first time.

Luckily for you, we had enough phone battery and a steady enough arm to capture nearly the entire track for your pleasure.

It begins with a straightforward house beat alongside heavily flanged vocals before Disclosure’s signature, deep house synth pulses enter the space. The funky vocals phase in and out during the length of the clip, with chordal wipes taking their place in between. Due to the attendees’ (extreme) talking and usual club reverb, it’s difficult to make out exactly what the lyrics are or who might be the one singing them. Regardless, the track is a groovy and instantly enjoyable swayer that we hope to see released in full soon.

Watch below.

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Source: Disclosure Debuts New Unreleased Track In Las Vegas [Video]

Rootkit – Strung Out [Monstercat]

I remember when Muzzy noted one time that drum & bass producers often find themselves expanding into other genres and making music even better than those genres’ regular producers do. The only thing I could think of at that time was Rootkit, and is transformation into a house producer. Just two months after his Monstercat debut “Do It,” Rootkit’s style took a radical shift into the club scene with “Real Love.” Since then, he has become pretty well-known as a house producer, even being picked up to do some big remixes for Tritonal and Karma Fields.


While Rootkit has had some big surprises over the last few months (including the infectious “Concrete Jungle“), nothing has come quite as surprising as “Strung Out,” the final single from Monstercat 027 – Cataclysm. It’s easily one of Rootkit’s best works to date, slightly reminiscent of his last two singles – “Elevate” and “Concrete Jungle” – but able to clearly stand on its own. Its drop is hard and raw, probably Rootkit’s filthiest to date. So filthy, in fact, that it spawned this hilarious YouTube comment:

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 1.45.12 PM

What are you waiting for? Listen to “Strung Out” and buy the track below:

Support on iTunes:
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Source: Rootkit – Strung Out [Monstercat]

Diplo Confirms First Major Lazer Single From New Album Will Feature Justin Bieber & MØ

When we first heard that Major Lazer would be making back-to-back albums in 2015 and 2016, it was a little hard to believe. Peace Is The Mission did so well commercially, not to mention the massive hit that “Lean On” has become, they could have waited another couple of years if they wanted to. Instead, Diplo & co. have decided to capitalize on that hype and drop another album, due out later this year.

However, first, we have a new single coming out this summer, “in a couple weeks” according to Diplo, from the new album. This single will feature MØ and Justin Bieber, in what we’re affectionately calling “Lean On Ü Now” – just kidding, the official title is “Cold Water.”

Unfortunately, Diplo leaves us with just that news and not even a snippet of the track. But we’re sure that it’s going to pop up in the next couple of weeks, anyway.

@diplo @MAJORLAZER it’s happening

— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) May 17, 2016


Image via DMahoney Photo

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Source: Diplo Confirms First Major Lazer Single From New Album Will Feature Justin Bieber & MØ

Laidback Luke Thinks DJs Need To Step Up Their Game

We’ve all been there. You’re at a show, the DJ is doing their thing, the music is prime, and then you’re hit with ” insert city here, make some noise!!” And that’s completely fine! It’s fun to yell and jump up and down, that’s what we’re there to do. But some folks are getting tired of hearing DJs do nothing but curating a song selection on the spot. Laidback Luke is just one of the many displeased with dance music’s current state of affairs.

“I’m quite disappointed at the level of DJing nowadays. Especially if you keep in mind the shit ton of money we get paid as DJs. Shouldn’t you be an expert at what you do then?”

Citing the state of festivals in 2016, Laidback Luke thinks there’s so much more that DJs aren’t exploring, simply because the expectation is so low.

“The quality of experience will get so much better than just being amazed by a guy standing on the DJ booth and yelling through the mic that you should make some noise. People don’t know how fucking easy that is! Obviously I could do that too. It’s harder to do live mashups for instance. Or pick the right song on the exact moment. Or working the third deck on the fly. Standing on the booth, nah man.”

We have to agree with him on this; hearing an unexpected mashup or sample is far more exhilarating than just getting doused with another banger. Taking risks is exciting, and rather than getting upset or frowning upon the DJ who ventures outside boundaries, fans are more than likely going to be hyped.

To read Laidback Luke’s full Reddit AMA, click here.


H/T In The Mix

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Source: Laidback Luke Thinks DJs Need To Step Up Their Game

14-Year-Old Delivers Incredible Cover of DJ Snake’s “Middle” [Video]

14-year-old Youtuber Toby Randall has been recording pop covers for several years, allowing his channel to grow and his reach to expand far into the online music realms. Before releasing his debut original back in April, he unveiled a stripped down rework of DJ Snake‘s collaborative work with vocalist Bipolar Sunshine “Middle.” The beautiful and heartfelt cover falls

The beautiful and heartfelt cover falls in line with many of his previous tracks as it centers on his vocals alongside a light piano accompaniment. Despite the more than common approach, however, Randall’s voice and tender approach to the otherwise upbeat single speak for themselves, truly allowing a seasoned DJ Snake listener like myself to rethink the impact that Bipolar Sunshine’s words first made.

Listen to the cover below, and scroll further down to compare it to the original.

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Source: 14-Year-Old Delivers Incredible Cover of DJ Snake’s “Middle” [Video]

Dealer Linked to CloseUp Festival Deaths Arrested, Philippine President-Elect Comments

A man was arrested on Saturday for the alleged sale of illegal narcotics to attendees of the Philippines’ CloseUp Summer Festival earlier this month where five people died as a result of overdoses, officials said. Joshua Habalo was arrested during a sting operation after selling an undercover agent five ecstasy pills at a Manila hotel event that he had organized. He was pointed out by an informant as one of 10 people who sold illegal drugs at the festival.

Autopsies of three of the CloseUp victims confirmed they had died of heart attacks, and toxicologists have begun testing the deceased for traces of illicit substances, including MDMA.

Joel Tuvera, chief of the National Bureau of Investigation’s antinarcotics division, said that “Taking these pills together with alcohol… may lead to a heart attack.” Currently, search efforts are being made to locate the other nine alleged dealers.

Philippine president-elect Rodrigo Duterte has pledged to target drug-related crimes in the country when he takes office. He described the festival deaths as “unacceptable” in a statement, blaming them on the drugs that were sold.

“It was a deadly mix intended to kill people. When you mix downers with uppers and put it in the brain of a human being that is what happens.” – Duterte

Duterte has said he will use police sharpshooters to kill dealers on site if they attempt to resist arrest. He has also urged congress to pass a law to restore the death penalty.



Source: Gulf Times | Image: Carla Barretto

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Source: Dealer Linked to CloseUp Festival Deaths Arrested, Philippine President-Elect Comments

Your EDM Month in Music – May 2016

This is the third edition of our monthly Spotify selects playlist, where we pick our 19 favorite tracks from dance and electronic + 1 throwback. With such a huge month of releases, ranging from Kygo‘s debut album to Flume‘s sophomore LP to KSHMR‘s story-board EP, there’s no denying that this is our best playlist yet.

Within, you will find a new future house banger from up-and-comers Mike Williams and Justin Mylo as well as The Him‘s new single, a stellar original from ARMNHMR, and one of the more radio-friendly releases from Stephen‘s incredible album Sincerely.

Deadmau5‘s first release in two years obviously warranted inclusion alongside Zedd‘s collab with Kesha, some new KrewellaDillon Francis NGHTMRE‘s moombah thriller, Martin Garrix‘s new prog house single, and Axwell Λ Ingrosso‘s new deep house jam. But, can you find the throwback?

Chosen and ordered purposefully for the ultimate listening pleasure, we start with the more “ballad-oriented” side of May’s electronic music releases before moving into several heavier bass anthems and progressing into various styles of house.

Listen to new Kygo, Flume, deadmau5, and Martin Garrix below & be sure to subscribe!

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Source: Your EDM Month in Music – May 2016

Mau5trap Presents Episode 5 With Guest Mix From BlackGummy

Following the release of his recent official release, “Snowcone,” Deadmau5’s fifth episode of Mau5trap Presents has just been added to their Beats1 roster. Featuring a guest mix from longtime mau5trap member BlackGummy, the show episode traipses through some of the darker and more ethereal sectors of the house, techno and bass music circuits, culminating in a very special collection of favorite tracks from both Deadmau5 and his label mate – including an unreleased tune debuted from the mau5 himself. Check out the full tracklist here.

.@deadmau5 shares brand new music!
+ guest mix from @TheBlackGummy#beats1mau5

— Beats 1 (@Beats1) May 27, 2016

You can check out the episode in full via the player below.

Finally, we’ve received confirmation of more shows to be added to the series’ lineup from mau5trap’s official Twitter page. According to a tweet sent out on Friday, the Deadmau5’s comfort with the Beats1 team has led him to extend the series’ run by six more episodes.

*NEW5* feeling kinda at home here now, so yeah… 6 MOAR SHOWS CONFIRMED!! @Beats1 #beats1mau5

— mau5trap (@mau5trap) May 27, 2016

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Source: Mau5trap Presents Episode 5 With Guest Mix From BlackGummy