Carl Cox Performs Special Mix For His Last Global Radio Show – Listen To It Here

global 722Carl Cox has announced the end to another era as he bids farewell to his Global Radio show this week. Consisting of 722 episodes over nearly the past 16 years, Global is one of the most renowned dance music shows in history. With a dedicated worldwide audience of over 200,000 on Mixcloud, the show became a staple in the world of house and techno. Starting off this final episode, Cox is in awe of the musical revolution that this show has created.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this for the final time ever: welcome to Global.  Yes, as you all know by now, after almost 16 years it’s time to put down the radio mic. This episode I wanted to put together a very special mix of my own guilty pleasures of records that I wanted to share with you…which hopefully you will remember for years and years to come.”

Just last year Cox announced the end to his 15 year residency at Space Ibiza. With that news and now with the ending of Global, fans are wondering if he is slowly working his way into retirement. However, he is still touring for much of this year and hitting many major festivals this upcoming season. He’s not ready to leave the scene quite yet, but he made sure that this last episode of Global was one for the books. You can find some of Cox’s favorite original tracks as well as Skudge, Landlord, Snna, Omid 16B and more.

The two hour show is available on Mixcloud now – you can stream it below.

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Boombox Cartel Undergoes Rebrand, Not Breakup

Boombox Cartel

Boombox Cartel put us through quite a roller coaster of emotions with a social media blackout earlier this month. It was a bit concerning with the success of the duo, but the artists have posted rebranded artwork all over their accounts. One picture was posted on their Facebook yesterday with the caption, “The cartel never left.” Other accounts featured the same thing with the simple sentence that gave us relief.

The Cartel Never Left.

— Boombox Cartel (@BoomboxCartel) February 26, 2017

Other DJs threw in a little trolling in the comments like Slushii. A DJ that can throw in a few laughs is always appreciated.
Slushii Comment on Boombox Cartel Post

Was this planned just to get our attention? Is there new music coming out? Or maybe they just wanted to show us some cool art? There’s no telling what Boombox Cartel is up to, but we have a feeling it’s something big. Keep an eye out and have no fear, the cartel is still here.

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Holy Ship! 2017 Releases Live Sets From Mercer, Chris Lake, Mija and More

Need some good news to brighten up your day? Here’s something amazing: 20 live sets from HARD Events‘ Holy Ship! 2017 released for your listening pleasure. There’s a bit of every taste of music in here, for every type of listener – a bit of Mercer, some badassery from Mija, jams from Will Clarke, vibes from MotezDestructo‘s famous sunrise sermon and so many more. If you’re looking for one of the most epic sets you’ll ever here, you should also give a listen to the massive set from Louis The Child b2b Big Gigantic b2b Slander b2b Ghastly b2b Jai Wolf b2b Manila Killa (yes, seriously, this happened).

Holy Ship! is an annual electronic music festival and cruise that last four nights and five days and takes off from Florida. It happens in two sessions each year, with 2017’s events – Holy Ship! 8.0 and Holy Ship! 9.0 – occurring on January 6-10 and January 10-14 respectively.

You can check out the full playlist of live sets from HARD below.

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This Minimal Record Player Is The First Vertical Turntable

Vertical Turntable
Have you ever wanted to hang a gramophone or turntable on the wall and play vinyl? A Dutch family business is now making this dream a reality.

The team at Miniot has launched the Wheel on Kickstarter, an elegant minimalist record player which can play 12 inch vinyls (and an adapter for 7 inch vinyls is now under development). All of the functions are controlled by tweaking the center stick. Unlike traditional turntables, the company has hidden the tonearm and its AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge under the platter, which means that it can’t be replaced. However, user replaceable styli will be available.

Miniot says that the fresh design protects it from dust and damage, avoids the destruction of stylus or records and optimizes the resonance. The turntable can be connected to a wireless device, speakers, music system or headphones and can be used horizontally in a table, placed vertically or hanged on the wall.

The Wheel has reached its goal of $50,000 and is excepted to be delivered in October. For more details you can watch the videos below or check its Kickstart to pledge here.

Vertical Turntable

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How EDC Vegas Helped Shape Snapchat’s Live Stories

Live storiesLive Stories have been a feature of Snapchat since what seems like the dawn of the dinosaurs. And yet, in reality, this is not exactly the case. Mostly since dinosaurs went extinct 65.5 million years ago, but also in part because Snapchat’s Live Stories weren’t always the auspicious and successful feature that it is now.

In fact, there was a point in time when neither one of the tech company’s founders thought much of the Live Stories update’s potential. It was only when two of the cofounders, Bobby Murphy and  Evan Spiegel, finally stepped into the quintessential setting that they finally caught a glimpse of their creation’s full potential: EDC Las Vegas.

“I remember Evan and myself were actually out in EDC Las Vegas when we launched this product, and so we were half expecting to see nothing.”

According to Snapchat’s 35-minute I.P.O. Roadshow Video, Bobby Murphy and CEO Evan Spiegel were attending EDC Las Vegas in 2014 when the Live Story update landed. Instead of the nonchalant acceptance of the new update that they were expecting, the two co-founders witnessed something amazing instead.

“Instead we saw the most amazing content covering an event that we’ve ever seen…. It was just utterly unbelievable how much really cool and creative and fresh content was being submitted to this live story,” Murphy said.

Murphy then went on to explain that the company soon after realized that creating geofences around certain event parameters –or even geographic locations– was an interactive way of having users feed content into a community-sourced channel for that event or location.

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, Inc., is expected to make its initial public offering reveal for its 200 million shares after the market closes this coming Wednesday. Shares are expected to be priced between $14 and $16 a share, giving Snap Inc. a market value of nearly $20 billion USD.

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Your EDM Premiere: ARTY – Falling Down (feat. Maty Noyes) [Seeking Blue]

ARTY has long been one of our favorites here at Your EDM, so we’re thrilled to be premiering his newest single with Maty Notes, “Falling Down.” The best thing about this release, though, is that ARTY went the full mile on this one with another high-energy and festival ready version of the single dubbed the ‘Night Mix.’ Both singles come courtesy of Seeking Blue which has seen success lately with higher and higher profile artists with each passing release, culminating in their biggest to date with ARTY. The single is a wicked new display of ARTY’s new sound and direction which ties in perfectly with the sound and stature that Seeking Blue has created within the online dance music community.

“Falling Down” boasts a beautiful main melody which shows off a softer, warmer house side from the Russian producer that can almost be described as tropical. Maty Noyes’s soaring vocals will sure to have you in the state of euphoria while ARTY weaves deftly between the boundaries of conventional EDM and pop music seamlessly blending both worlds. The ‘Night Mix’ captures the same euphoric state of the original but utilizes some incredible future bass chops in both drops to kick the song a strong kick and show off some production versatility for the festival-loving crowd.

“The Night Mix version came together as an idea to show the beauty of the vocals and harmonies in a different spotlight. Since the original version is keeping the mellow vibe, the Night Mix is more dynamic, showing the uplifting side of the song.”

Stream both singles below. ARTY will be taking over our Spotify playlist tomorrow and running an AMA on /r/electronicmusic in promotion of his new single(s)!

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Skrillex Shares Clips Of Recording Session With Incubus & Chino Moreno

Yesterday, Incubus’ Mike Einziger shared a photo of their own Brandon Boyd, Skrillex, and Deftones’ Chino Moreno in the studio together and the alt rock world collectively lost their shit. The picture alone was enough, but Skrillex also recorded a decent portion of the session, of mostly Moreno’s vocals.

Moreno can be heard and seen belting out lyrics to what we can only assume is their collaboration, or else something else completely unrelated. Whatever the case may be, hype for Incubus’ forthcoming album 8 on April 21 is reaching a fever pitch.

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Your EDM Premiere: The Lifted – Watch Me Fall ft. Ashliann [Lowly Palace]

Once again, Oscar weekend has officially come and gone, leaving us tired and weary in its wake. So, if you’re like most people, and you’re struggling to beat your case of the Mondays, I offer you a simple solution that is sure to brighten up your day!

From the mysterious duo that is The Lifted, we bring you the premiere of “Watch Me Fall,” a scintillating, fascinating, and bright track that will breathe fresh new air into your stagnant playlist. Featuring the alluring, seductive vocals of Ashliann, the track follows a unique and fresh melodic progression, weaving echoes and heightened, distorted synths throughout. The use of light, sparkling chimes in stark contrast to the heavy, powerful drumbeat, creates a beautiful juxtaposition that will both challenge and delight your ears.

So, if you’re ready to shake your slump and start living the week right, do yourself a favor—listen HERE!

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The Chainsmokers Reflect On The Death Of A Fan

There comes a time in every musician’s career where they’ll receive a message about having changed a person’s life. It should be the goal of any artist to connect with and influence a person so deeply. However, it can go both ways, when a special fan imparts great influence on an artist.

Such was the case with a fan named Jake, and The Chainsmokers. Jake had terminal cancer, and wrote to The Chainsmokers that he was unable to attend their show in London, and asked that they send him a video wishing him well. As fate would have it, Jake passed away the day after he received their message.

Alex Pall released a short statement via Twitter and Instagram about Jake, and the importance of “little acts of kindness” that can go a very long way.

Read Alex’s statement below.

Please read

— THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) February 27, 2017

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Justin Caruso Breaks Into 2017 With Debut Single ‘Talk About Me’

Over the last year, Justin Caruso has been making quite a name for himself with some wildly successful remixes and a world tour alongside 3LAU, yet until now we’ve been kept waiting for a true original. That all changes with “Talk About Me,” Caruso’s inescapable debut single.

Known for her work on The Chainsmokers’ “New York City,” Victoria Zaro lays down a crushing performance that plays beautifully atop Caruso’s own melodies, making for an unapologetically classy track that’s sure to capture attention throughout the year.

Every part of the arrangement screams of quality, from the acoustic warmth of guitar to exquisite percussion, and a tropically infused ambience keeps the entire track in step with flawless island tranquility. Check out what Justin himself has to say about the meaning behind the tune, and be sure to throw him some love on Spotify.

“This one goes out to all the people dealing with a break up, to remind you to be the strong one and get through it with a smile on your face because at the end of the day you control your happiness, not them.”

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