Illenium Throws Down On The Lastest Diplo & Friends Mix

In the late October edition of Diplo & Friends, we have a DJ who has been on fire as of late from his various collaborations with Zed’s Dead on “Where The Wild Things Are” to his recent album release, Awake which is an amazing piece of work, and even dropping a remix for Marshmello’sSilence“. Illenium is a sure fire guarantee to drop a power hour of pure hits and great tracks.

Ranging from his own personal tracks off his new album, mixed in with bangers from Porter Robinson, ODEZSA, AWAY and many more, Diplo couldn’t have chosen a much more talented DJ to throw down. Especially one who has been long overdue for such a milestone after the year he’s had.

Make sure to tune in and listen to the full 60 minutes of pure Illenium melodic magic as the Denver native does what he does best and blesses us with another amazing set.

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Kygo & OneRepublic’s Dreamlike Collab “Stranger Things” Is Finally Here [LISTEN]

Fans have been buzzing about “Stranger Things” for months, and it’s finally here! Of course, in this case we’re talking about Kygo‘s latest track and not the popular Netflix series…

Perhaps the most anticipated single off the producer’s forthcoming album Kids In Love features the familiar music stylings of OneRepublic. The result is a hopeful, uplifting collaboration that sounds destined to be.

As Kygo creates a dreamlike world through sound, OneRepublic lyrically builds the vibe:

We left the light / That’s ordinary from the start
We look for stranger things / ‘Cause that’s just who we are

The Kids In Love tracklist is starting to fill out, as Kygo drops a song every day leading up to the release November 3. Check out the title track, “Kids In Love,” Never Let You Go,” “Sunrise,” and more in the playlist below!

Pre-sales for Kygo’s ‘Kids In Love’ tour go live Wednesday — phase 1 dates below and tickets available via

Kygo featuring OneRepublic – Stranger Things

Kygo – Kids In Love

Kygo – Kids In Love Tour


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Source: Kygo & OneRepublic’s Dreamlike Collab “Stranger Things” Is Finally Here [LISTEN]

Your EDM Video Premiere: Violet Rose’s Debut Video Describes Through Dance How EDM Can ‘Turn Me On’ [Video]

Violet Rose is clearly a friend to the EDM community. Her new video for the single “Turn Me On” is lit and sees her dancing in a very ravey style. Not to mention the ethereal, ambient dubstep vibe in the track itself. Releasing tomorrow on October 31, “Turn Me On” is a good snapshot of what to expect from Violet Rose in her upcoming EP, Plastic.

Regarding the lyrical theme of “Turn Me On,” Rose herself has some pretty profound thoughts. The style and vocals in the track are “…where I developed my wings. It’s where I developed who I am as an artist.” This seems to be a nod to the artist’s own love for EDM and rave culture. This is reinforced by the visuals in the video, which was filmed in one of the rave capitals of the world, New York City. The video is lit as a club would be, with rotating spotlights and also neon sting lights. Violet Rose’s appearance also combines the ethereal with a nod to the club scene. It’s just her in the video, but within each breakdown of the track does a style of dance which combines popping and old school rave dancing with a more stylized modern ballet of sorts. The effect really drives home that balance between the earthly and electronic aspects of electronic music and its more esoteric and spiritual elements.

The track itself is both sparse and full-bodied. Utilizing Violet Rose’s angelic sounding voice and ethereal synths, the bassline of “Turn Me On” really only comes in at intervals which can be described more as breakdowns than the main part of the tune. It’s an interesting way to compose a track; half pop, half EDM, this track will work nicely both on the dancefloor or on the radio.

As a precursor to Plastic, which comes out on November 10, Violet Rose is likely to gain a big following in both the EDM and pop communities. In the meantime the infectious “Turn Me On” does a good job of teasing Rose’s future audience, which is clearly one of her motives.

The video for “Turn Me On” is available exclusively through Your EDM until October 31. For news about her upcoming EP and tour dates, including her album release show at The Study in Hollywood on November 11, visit Violet Rose’s website.


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Source: Your EDM Video Premiere: Violet Rose’s Debut Video Describes Through Dance How EDM Can ‘Turn Me On’ [Video]

On the Heels of Their 10th Release on Their Own Label, The Prototypes Discuss Vocal Tracks, Rave Politics and DnB’s ‘Levelz’ [Video]

The Prototypes, a Brighton UK duo comprised of Chris Garvey and Nick White, have had a lot to celebrate lately. The duo have been in the drum and bass spotlight since they formed in 2000,having released with the likes of Viper Recordings and Shogun Audio, but last year they began their own label called Get Hype Recordings. Just over a year since opening, Get Hype have put our releases from Malux, Bladerunner and Glitch City, not to mention their own releases, of which their new track “Levelz” is number ten. They’ve also just accepted a residency at Fabric London and will be touring extensively through the end of the year, so it’s safe to say it’s been a good one for these Brighton boys since founding Get Hype.

The Prototypes have seen a lot of things in happen UK rave culture since they began in this scene, and they have opinions as strong as their heavy, bold tracks. On the heels of the single release and video for their tenth Get Hype release, Chris and Nick sat down with Your EDM to talk about the video new video for “Levelz” released last week on UKF, how they make such powerful tracks and, as new residents to the most famous club in drum and bass, how they feel about the past and future of rave.

“Levelz” is already your tenth release on the new Get Hype label since founding it. How do you decide which of your own tracks work well for the label?

Nick: For me it just has to have a vibe man. I’m not concerned about the subgenre of the tune – it just has to make people feel a certain way. It has to make people move however they feel

Chris: You know when a tune is right, it just flows. You forget about the mixdown and start enjoying all the little tiny details you’ve added because as a track it’s got to the point where you don’t hear mistakes anymore and you just start hearing the music. “Rocket Guns Blazin’” was the perfect tune to open the label with because it says exactly what our intentions were and still are for the label; big, loud, proud and electronic.

 How did you decide to make this track your commemorative tenth?

Well with the big video we have coming with the track it just seemed like a great time to do it . There aren’t too many videos in the dnb scene at the moment so it was a great opportunity to couple the two occasions together and shout about it.

What kind of aesthetic do you look for when shopping other artists and tracks for the label?

We have actually just signed two new artists to the label, but that’s a secret for now. We definitely want artists to have their own style and be progressive production-wise. The crew that we are building now has an incredible dynamic sound and it’s defo gonna make people stand up and take notice. 

Mad Hed City definitely gives a unique sound to this track. How did you come to work with him on it?

Nick: We did a track with him called “Pop It Off” back in 2015 and it did really well so we just had to get back together and do something new. He is such a huge talent and 2018 will be the year that everyone stands up and takes notice of him.

Chris: Kerwin (Mad Hed City) brings huge amounts of style with him, and I think when our heads meet we create something we wouldn’t be creating otherwise. I think that’s the same for him, a sound comes together.

The track itself has a very cinematic and dramatic edge to it. Did you come up with that aesthetic before you had Mad Hed City come up with the vocals, or did you tailor the track to him?

Chris: I’ve been getting into film music pretty seriously for a while now. I love epic music, I love a big soundscape and sounds that sound huge. It’s taken me a while to understand the difference between a sound sounding big and a sound that is actually big in a way that correlates properly onto a big system. Nick played me a few grime tracks for influence and I made the intro sound from a collection of different orchestral sample libraries I’ve been collecting. We had a new vocal from Kerwin to use and an old one which was recorded last year which we mashed together and “Levelz” was born.

Nick: Mad Hed has that great talent of being able to say anything and it sounds like gold. When we sifted through a large amount of vocals we found the “Ay you levelz” hook and we just built it around that together really. We produced the track around the vocal using a lot of grime and ragga influence – Its kind of a snap shot of where we are at right now.

The video is really cool and also cinematic but seems to be a nod to the old underground rave culture. What inspired you to bring in that kind of visual? Does it tie in to the label and the track being a celebration of the label?                            

Yeah. In an era where there’s a lot of female vocal and radio friendly tracks with kind of cheesy videos, we decided to flip it on its head and take it back to the 90’s where it’s dark, dirty & underground.

Did you relate the video to your new residency at Fabric London?

 It could be kind of a nod to that. Fabric has always been about the music and we kind of wanted this to be the same: straight up dance floor business.

How did you get the Fabric gig?

We have a show with Fabric on the 8th of December 2017 that’s looking like it’s gonna do really well and then we were lucky enough to be asked if we wanted to do a succession of shows in 2018 where GET HYPE takes over the famous main room. We are incredibly excited.

How do you feel about the politics of everything that went down with Fabric and what do you see your role in the new era with the club back open?

Well when the club shut we thought we would never get the opportunity to play there again, let alone have a residency there. The whole thing in getting the club shut down was fabricated bullshit. Obviously we appreciate that two people tragically lost their lives but when you actually look at the context of the story it had absolutely fuck all to do with the club. The Police used it as an excuse to close the venue. If the government spent more money on drug awareness for the youth then we probably wouldn’t have this problem in the first place.

 Aside from Fabric, you have a lot of other gigs coming up to close out the year and bring in 2018. Which gigs are you most excited about?

This past weekend we had Hospitality in Switzerland, then Warning Halloween Festival, Westfest and our very own Get hype show in Bournemouth which are all sick. Then its all over Europe until the end of the year including Get Hype Brighton on the 15th December. We also have a show in Vietnam on NYE’s day which is exciting.

Any more releases on the horizon for Get Hype or for yourselves on other labels?

Before the end of the year we have a huge remix EP featuring some great artists from many different labels in the scene and we have also some huge announcements to make regarding new signings.

Given the obvious love you have for rave culture based on “Levelz,” what’s one thing you think is important for new ravers and dnb heads to know about the music and the scene?

To understand drum and bass as a whole, you should educate yourself on the history of the culture. There is so much music out there that can be life-changing that many young ravers haven’t heard before.

“Levelz” is out now on Get Hype Records and can be streamed or purchased on Spotify and Beatport.

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Soltan releases hybrid trap gem “Sick” via Never Say Die Records

Mysterious bass producer from the Middle East, Soltan has caught the eye of electronic music’s most notable tastemakers, including The ChainsmokersExcisionDatsik and many others around the globe. This past Friday, the bass music phenom released a brand new record titled, “Sick” with rapper HU$H via legendary UK label Never Say Die Records.

Soltan once again takes listeners on an epic journey through sound, complemented with HU$H’s lines. “Sick” stays in line with Soltan’s sleek sound design and worldly rhythms as he switches from his aggressive dubstep productions of the past to a newer hybrid trap banger featuring a rapper.

Stream “Sick” below [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Follow Soltan

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | SoundCloud

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Source: Soltan releases hybrid trap gem “Sick” via Never Say Die Records

Josh Pan Creates A New Fan Fic Based On Recent Deadmau5 x Carnage Beef

If Dillon Francis is EDM’s class clown in front of the camera, then Josh Pan is our literary David Sedaris. (If you don’t understand the reference, look him up.) Having already established himself as an accomplished writer of fan fiction, with two entries based on recent Twitter beef (here and here), he’s back at it again focusing on the recent Deadmau5 and Carnage beef.

We won’t spoil anything for you, but it’s just as good as any of his other works, if perhaps a bit shorter.

deadmau5 walked thru the lobby, escorted by 4 bodyguards & 2 cia agents. he had been threatened by another DJ for talking shit on twitter.

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

half a mile away down the strip, carnage was sprinting at full speed (3 mph) with 2 llamas, a naked baby and 42 burritos. he was ready.

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

“fine,” he thought to himself. “i’ll have to carry this out without the baby and llamas.

ducking into an alley, he paused in contemplation

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

taking out a small bottle of KY lube, he lubricated each burrito, inserting them into his posterior one by one. he winced as he pushed thru.

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

as he stuffed the 42nd burrito into his throbbing bottom, carnage cried a single tear. as the tear hit the ground, a small plant sprouted.

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

2 minutes later, the sprout plug was ripe. carnage plucked the plug from the plant and inserted it into his butt as a butt plug. resourceful

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

as deadmau5 turned on the tv in his suite, he kicked off his pants and took off his shirt, ordering the most expensive adult entertainment.

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

turning the sound up to full volume, the speakers blasted moans & screams & moist sounds so loud that the security detail decided to leave.

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

he was conflicted. deadmau5 called him trash, but he didn’t know why. the fan spilled mau5’s location, but carnage ate him anyway.

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

i never understood how people can assault others and get away with it. especially when it’s documented on film. is USA a 3rd world country?

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

yes it is.

america is not the “best country”, as we used to say. there’s no american dream.

it’s dead.

the end.

— sliver (@joshpan) October 30, 2017

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Mahalo – Current Mood (Famba Remix)

Mahalo – Current Mood (Famba Remix)

Currently living in Southern California, Mahalo is certainly one of the biggest upcoming producers of this generation. With over 2 million Spotify streams of his song “Current Mood”, he has received support from the likes of Sam Feldt, EDX, and Avicii on his music.

Receiving the Famba remix treatment, his new song his nothing short of amazing. The track is bouncy, smooth and is mixed with ambient parts throughout. With catchy melodies, and creative use of vocal chops integrated into the drop, the production of this remix is simply phenomenal.

Mahalo – Current Mood (Famba Remix)

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Spotify is Becoming the Backbone of the Music Industry

With the likes of NOTD, Lauv, Axol, and Khalid becoming rising superstars due to the streaming industry, I decided to take a look at how Spotify is integrating into modern day culture.

With over 60 million paying subscribers, it has quickly become one of the hottest platforms for music releases. Whether you listen to John Legend or Kygo, I think it’s pretty easy to agree on Spotify being a slang term for the current state of the music industry.

Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, alongside EDM curator Austin Kramer, have undoubtedly become some of the most influential people of modern culture. Gone are the days in which we download individual songs to your phone. Gone are the days where we would go to a CD store to purchase the brand new single from Swedish House Mafia or Avicii. Being totally honest, I believe that traditional albums are now rendered obsolete due to the increasing popularity of EP’s and playlists.

After all, the rapid technological innovations of the music industry by Spotify have enabled us to become a part of music culture on a scale never seen before. We can now connect with artists on a personal level & even stream music whilst in the middle of the rainforest (I did it last week).

Earlier this month, the streaming giant launched a new service: RISE – a platform for emerging artists to be promoted by Spotify. Musicians selected for the program will receive priority playlisting, TV sync deals, and also performances at live events. Essentially, Spotify is launching these emerging artists into the heart of the music industry.

With a current valuation of around $20bn, it is unsurprising that the streaming platform is growing at such an amazing rate. But with the emergence of its new talent incubator, and the constant evolution of its streaming features, one can only imagine the possibilities for this digital giant.

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Meatport & DeniZer – Spook

Meatport & DeniZer – Spook

Hacking culture is crucial to being successful in the music industry. With several producers using food as a marketing ploy, I’m going to explore how our passion for food and the music industry can be combined to create a thriving music career.

We’ve all heard of Marshmello, Slushii, and even Meatport. But with several million views, and a strong brand identity, these iconic names within electronic music have led us to a new era of music marketing.

The hidden identity of the producer now means that the music is the fundamental factor as to whether we like a song or not. We won’t judge on age, gender, location or even appearance. It’s all about the music – and I believe that is truly wonderful.

With over 186 million Spotify streams, Marshmello’s new song “Silence” has taken the world by storm. But with a new food DJ rising to the occasion as the world’s next musical prodigy, I can only assume that the future of the music industry is a tasty one.

After being featured in articles by the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck, Meatport has gone on to be one of the biggest rising stars within electronic music. His new song ‘Spook‘ is what can only be described as the perfect soundtrack to Halloween. With creative inspiration behind the production of the track, it takes dubstep to a completely new level. You can listen to his new song below.

Meatport & DeniZer – Spook

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Nurko – With You (feat. Misdom)

Nurko – With You (feat. Misdom)

Nurko has been on a role as of late with a stand out release on Lowly Palace that garnered millions of streams across multiple platforms. He’s now back with another original, featuring Misdom, entitled ‘With You,’ released on Knightvision Recordings. ‘With You’ is a sign that Nurko is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone. 

Crafting an organic-spiritual theme captured through the power of music and signed to Knightvision Records, Nurko and Wisdom have created a chill trap and indie-soul original filled with tenderness, ‘With You.’  The anthem-tinged, slow-jam single showcases the impact of simplicity as a stand-out dance strategy, showcasing instantaneous atmospheric vibes through a handful of well-picked samples and production detail, beginning to end.

Nurko – With You (feat. Misdom)

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