Rezz Reveals Red Rocks Show Date

Red rocks
Image courtesy of Rezz via Twitter

Red Rocks Amphitheater, arguably one of the most iconic venues in the U.S., will host Rezz on October 13, 2018.

Most of Rezz’s loyal fans a.k.a Cult of Rezz, have been anxiously awaiting this date drop since November 2017 when during one of her shows in Denver, she announced she’d be playing the legendary venue.

Fans were quick to ask their beloved space mom to name the show “Rezz Rocks” and she definitely listened.

And yes I’m gonna name it “rezz rocks” because that’s wat u all suggested

— ᴿᵉᶻᶻ (@OfficialRezz) November 22, 2017

The Niagara Falls native dropped the news on her Twitter yesterday, giving her 92k followers their first chance at tickets. Up until January 31st, you can enter a ticket lottery. Choose up to 4 tickets, enter your name and card information and if selected you will get automatically charged. Try your luck here.

Here’s ur first chance to get tix .. lottery now open

— ᴿᵉᶻᶻ (@OfficialRezz) January 29, 2018

Early bird tickets go on sale Friday, with GA prices starting around $35.

And if you’re on the fence about going, or have been living under a (red) rock and have no clue how well-known Red Rocks shows are, just ask residents of Commerce City, Colorado. Back in 2016, Bassnectar played a show at the amphitheater and people 5 miles away literally felt the bass, thinking it was an earthquake.

Suffice to say this is sure to be an out-of-this-world show.

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Slushii Reveals New Marshmello Collaboration Dropping This Friday, “There x2”

It’s been nearly a year since Slushii and Marshmello last joined forces, on the overly saccharine collaboration “Twinbow.” We didn’t pull our punches in the initial review of the track, though eventually we got over it and you’ll occasionally see us singing along at shows.

This Friday, the two are set to release their new collaboration entitled “There x2,” featuring vocals from at least Slushii or Marshmello – it’s hard to tell, since they both sing on their tracks now. It’s a track they’ve both been dropping in their sets for some time now, so fans should be sufficiently happy to see it finally officially released.

The track has the same sort of basic pop structure that both producers have been gravitating toward lately, albeit with an obvious dance music overtone and trap-ish beat. We’ll have to wait until the full song is out before giving our full review, but we’ll be looking forward to it!

Made something special w @marshmellomusic for you all! Our new song There x2 comes out this Friday! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

— slushii (@SlushiiMusic) January 30, 2018


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Republic Records President Charlie Walk Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Republic Records President Charlie Walk has been accused of sexual misconduct…

In an open letter, former music industry executive Tristan Coopersmith reveals he made her feel like a “unicorn” in the workplace only to manipulate her into playing his “sick games.”

He worked as an executive at Sony Music before he joined Republic in 2013. Tristan walked away from the industry eight years ago — and the claims against Walk had a lot to do with her decision, according to the open letter.

Below is just some of Tristan Coopersmith’s troubling #MeToo account… Read it in full here.

For a year I shuddered at the idea of being called into your office, where you would stealthily close the door and make lewd comments about my body and share your fantasies of having sex with me.

You would instant message me throughout the day making sexual remarks. Truly vulgar words and ideas. Pervasively. You invited me to dinners that in hindsight I had no business being at, but you did it so that you could put your hand on my thigh under the table, every time inching it closer and closer to my sacred place.

And it gets worse…

And then there was that event at your swank pad when you actually cornered me and pushed me into your bedroom and onto your bed. The bed you shared with your wife… your wife who was in the room next door. You being drunk and me being 6 inches taller was my saving grace.


Source: Pitchfork

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Source: Republic Records President Charlie Walk Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Steve Aoki Speaks Out On Women In EDM [WATCH]

Women are at the forefront of many social conversations including gender equality in music, especially since last night’s #GrammysSoMale conversation — and Steve Aoki also has something about it.

In the interview below, the superstar DJ/producer talks what it’s been like dealing with racism before also speaking out about women in EDM. According to Aoki, this is a problem in every industry.

His view: perhaps festivals should take more of an affirmative action stance, booking all ethnicities and genders rather than just all the hottest acts all the time.

“There’s not enough representation of women — so you have to ensure that there is representation.”

Last year, Hard Summer featured tons of talented women on the lineup including Anna Lunoe, Nina Las Vegas, Whipped Cream, Madam X, Cray and more. Hopefully this year we’ll see more of that.

Steve Aoki On Music, Racism and #MeToo


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Your EDM Premiere: sergioisdead ft. Matt Booth – 1Night

Coming out today via PRMD is ‘1Night,’ the newest piece of dance music to come from the studio of New York producer sergioisdead. ‘U,’ his debut offering did extremely well and was soon placed in the Spotify Viral Charts, and this subsequent release is likely to do similarly.

With the tones of Matt Booth shining through, this track has deeply driven beats and thick washes of melody – and those lyrics really speak out. sergioisdead describes how he made this one: “A little over a year ago I started to switch from strictly producing for others to releasing music with featured vocalists. Matt Booth sent me this song with different music underneath. It had a brighter feel but I felt like it needed something else. I ended up taking the vocals and making all new music around them. That’s the usual process for a remix, but in this case it ended up being the song.”

Go ahead and listen to ‘1Night’ below – you can buy a copy here. 

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Not Your Dope – Indestructible Feat. MAX (Faethoms Remix) [Dim Mak Records]

Not Your Dope is a fresh and fairly new emerging DJ in the scene. His latest single released on Dim Mak features the infatuating voice of Max Schneider aka MAX, who is now a platinum award winning artist in America for his own single “Lights Down Low.” Many of us are already fans of their music, remembering the soulful vocal grooves and heavy pop remixes that they have done up until their giant co-release titled “Indestructible.”

The remix package just came online from Steve Aoki’s record label and the track from Florida’s Faethoms stands out among the rest. The remix hooks onto you with a deep electronic, trap infused style. While the remixers were able to recreate a different pop version of the song, they kept intact the great potential in the original version. Congratulations to Faethoms for landing the official remix!

Follow him on Spotify and Soundcloud for more music!

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Source: Not Your Dope – Indestructible Feat. MAX (Faethoms Remix) [Dim Mak Records]

Above & Beyond Common Ground: Toronto [Event Preview]

Common Ground

Toronto Common Ground Shows Will Surely Be Worth The Wait

On the back of the their illustrious appearance on ASOT 850, Above & Beyond are now gearing up for Toronto in their epic run of Common Ground shows. The appearance also saw Jono play a satiating hour long mix that is still resonating in our eardrums.

Much like the last show in New York’s Barclays Center, their Canadian stopover is one that we are looking forward to in an awe of anticipation. It will be an understatement to admit that the fans’ excitement is going through the roof for this one as the event gets closer than ever.

The Toronto shows will be held on 1st and 2nd of February. Both the shows will take place at REBEL and will commence at 10 PM EST. So get going and grab those tickets here via Ticketmaster. We will leave you with this Common Ground mini-mix to get you all set for the two potentially massive nights.

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Target Presents Official Music Video For ‘The Middle’

the middle

Zedd, Marren Morris, and Grey – The Middle

Target, one of the largest discount store retailers in America, as well as almost everyone’s guilty spending location, presents the official music video for ‘The Middle‘. The track is full of positive energy provided by Zedd and Grey, as well as stunning vocals by country inspired singer Marren Morris.

The music video delivers an undeniable array of lights, gorgeous choreography, and set design. Grey, most known for their track ‘Starving‘ with Hailee Steinfeld provide a familiar and radiant energy throughout this song and are a dynamic combination with Zedd’s production.

Zedd stated in an interview with People that he and the duo Grey went through countless vocalists before ultimately deciding on Morris. Zedd knew Marren was the right choice for the track because if her vocals could bring him to tears, she was perfect. Check out ‘The Middle’ presented by Target below.

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Snugs – Flooded (Ft. Axel Mansoor)


Snugs – Flooded (ft. Axel Mansoor)

If there’s anyone that helps us feel at ease, it’s definitely the cute and comfy ethos Snugs! The duo recently made their debut with Proximity records and are back with a new single ‘Flooded’. Additionally, the groovy and pop-infused tune features singer Axel Mansoor. The lyrics describe the feeling of attempting to approach your crush while being nervous. Meanwhile, the duo comes in to rescue us when we feel like we’re lost.

Furthermore, “Flooded’ is a catchy song that will give you those chill, summer vibes. The bass and low synths will make you feel calm and relaxed. As the male vocals are sung, it will sweep you away with its soothing sounds. The tempo has a steady rhythm that makes it easy to dance to. Overall, thee electronic duo brings us the carefree attitude in their music that we should embrace during tough times.

Snugs – Flooded (ft. Axel Mansoor) | Stream

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W&W x Vini Vici – Chakra (Wildstylez Remix)


W&W x Vini Vici – Chakra (Wildstylez Remix)

Last year, the psy-trance duo Vini Vici made their collaboration with W&W for their single ‘Chakra’. Now Wildstylez comes in with a remix and has added hardstyle to the track. His taste in music hypes the song up and brings in more energy with hard kicking drum beats. The flow of the remix allows you to go all-out as the repetitive beats take control.

The Wildstylez remix begins with the tribal sounds of the original. Next, it progresses with hardstyle sounds as you start to hear the booming drums take place. Afterwards, the song slows down then rises with high synths, adding in vocals that continue to play simultaneously with powerful rhythm and tune. This killer mix has done its job to bring people onto the dance floor and all the credit is due to Wildstylez! Check out the remix below.

W&W x Vini Vici – Chakra (Wildstylez Remix)

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