Chuurch’s Uunion EP Is Here via NEST

Chuurch have today released their 4-track EP, Uunion, via Skrillex’s free-release imprint NEST. The Canadian-based production duo has developed one of the most unique and immediately-recognizable sounds in dance music of late, a remarkable quality for such a brand new, emerging act. Previously released singles include One Mind and Erase The Pain feat. Blak Trash and today Chuurch has revealed the entire Uunion EP and it certainly does not disappoint.

Kicking off the EP with the Rough It, Chuurch ropes in listeners with the aggressively deliberate synth pattern that sets the pace for the rest of the EP. Chuurch infuse elements of hip-hop, acid house, and various other electronic genres into a uniquely coherent 4 track EP, ripe with vocal samples and basslines that will have listeners clamoring for more.

Chuurch’s music is best experienced in a live setting, as they only play their own productions in their live sets, a bold move that not a lot of DJs are taking in 2018. Chuurch’s visual image is dark and gritty, a reflection of the music – and further differentiating themselves from the bright and colorful aesthetic of EDM.

“This EP is a step outside the usual comfort zone of dance, we want people to embrace the dark side on this one,” – says Chuurch about the EP

Grab the Uunion EP today via a free download through NEST and be sure to catch one of their upcoming festival shows if Chuurch is coming to a city near you this summer:

July 3rd – DeadRocks Red Rocks – Morrison, CO
July 6-9th – Evolve Festival – Jailletville, New Brunswick
July 20th – Deadbeats Toronto – Toronto, ON
July 20-22nd – Valhalla Sound Circus – Saint-André-Avellin, QC

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Daylight – HEYZ ft. darkDark

Daylight Heyz ft darkdarkMike Hayes has been doing anything but sleeping. One of the newest additions to Deadmau5’s infamous Mau5trap label, HEYZ is on his way straight to the top. After two incredible singles and an astonishing breakout debut EP, he is back with his newest single, ‘Daylight’. Featuring the ethereal vocals of female vocalist darkDark, Mike’s newest creation diverges from the darker aspects of his Schedule 1 EP while retaining that special quality unique to HEYZ productions.

Like in his previous tracks, HEYZ focuses on progression throughout the entire song. Each melody eases into the next with the natural flow signature to the techno prodigy’s creations. And although ‘Daylight’ is a much lighter twist on HEYZ’s sound it retains the precise sound engineering and attention to detail in his darker, techier tracks.

darkDark’s vocals also play a highlighted role in this new masterpiece. While ‘Only Now’ uses a female vocal sample, it is very limited compared to the story being told through the lyrics in ‘Daylight’. The musicality of the vocals lends to the track’s lighter tone while the focus on the narrator who is “still looking for the sun” tugs the listener towards a darker, more forlorn headspace.

You can listen to ‘Daylight’ featuring the vocals of darkDark in the link below and let us know what you think. With ‘Daylight’ breaking the mold of his official releases, Mike Hayes has shown the world he has a diverse and interesting path forward in his music. After a series of impressive releases coupled with an incredible B2B performance with Electrocado during Miami Music Week, HEYZ is undoubtedly one of the biggest names to watch in the electronic music world.

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BIJOU – Pringles feat. Davonyea Marcel


The G-House Guru known as BIJOU is back with another winner. His impactful string of releases that have garnered him so much of the spotlight continues with ‘Pringles’ featuring the vocals of Davonyea Marcel.

The swagger of this track comes down to the vocals. They sit low in the mix and give the tune a driving momentum throughout some of the slower sections. Once the energy ramps up to peak levels, BIJOU’s production chops really have a chance to come to the forefront. Gnarly bass shots and slamming percussions work their magic, and can really get you moving.

The best part of this release is that it is released for free. You can snag the copy from this link here. But in the meantime stream the track below, and let us know what you think!

BIJOU – Pringles feat. Davonyea MarcelL:

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Eptic – Bloodlust

While you guys are all recovering from Miami Music Week, Eptic just released his brand new track ‘Bloodlust‘ on Never Say Die Records. As you can tell from the label’s music library, Never Say Die only releases hard hitting banger tracks, and Eptic’s new track fits right in. Eptic is no stranger to the record label as he has done a collaboration with Zomboy for Bop It‘ which presented a similarly hard-hitting drop on the label late last year.

His new track, ‘Bloodlust’ features a hard dubstep sound similar to his previous releases. With a handful of releases in recent times, hopefully, we will be seeing an album coming in the near future. Eptic has worked with a few record labels in the past but as long as he continues to release tracks on Never Say Die, we can rest assured they will come out as hard dubstep bangers. Be sure to check out the track below and if you love it enough, snag a free download

Eptic – Bloodlust | Free Download/Stream

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Tchami & Malaa – No Redemption Ultra 2018 Set

Tchami & Malaa – No Redemption Ultra 2018 Set

Ultra Music Festival‘s 2018 sets have been rolling out since the event finished this past Sunday. As always, many artists brought their best and Tchami & Malaa’s No Redemption Set was one that finished off Saturday in perfection.

The No Redemption Tour was announced back in the fall, and the duo brought the unique  performance set up featured on tour to Ultra. Tchami and Malaa went b2b on Ultra’s Live Stage with both artists set high up on their decks. The performance was balanced perfectly with Tchami’s lighter sound and Malaa’s dark and omnious sections. Lasting an hour and a half, the set ended Ultra’s second day with a dose of future house that was desperately need in this year’s festival. Songs from Tchami’s Revelations and Afterlife EP were featured as well as tracks by BROHUG, Nitti Gritti and Dillon Nathaniel. Most importantly, all of Tchami and Malaa’s collaborations were featured including ‘Summer 99’, ‘Prophecy’, and their most recent track ‘Kurupt’. You can hear the full set in all of it’s outer worldly aura below.

Tchami & Malaa – No Redemption Ultra 2018 Set

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Deadbeats Announces New Tour For 2018

After a massively successful Miami Music Week party partnering with Jauz for Deadbeats Off The Deep End, Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats imprint has officially announced its new 2018 tour.

Similar to last year’s inaugural tour, each tour date features a different lineup unique to each city with 5-7 different artists in addition to fan interactive elements like the Deadbeats Arcade which features free old games, graffiti installations, merchandise pop-ups, and the after-party series Deadbeats After Dark.

Zeds Dead shares, “We’re creating our own world with this tour, a world where there are no borders and all are welcome. A world of music and art, fun and games, and of course you the Deadbeats family! Let’s get lost in this world together…We Are Deadbeats…”

With forthcoming releases from Chuurch, LICK, um.., and a highly anticipated third installment of their We Are Deadbeats compilation series. Stay tuned for more music coming soon and check out the full lineup and city routing for their North American tour below. Find tickets here.

deadbeats tour 2018

deadbeats tour 2018

Tour Cities:


*Lineups will vary by city. Full lineups coming soon.


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Celebrate 20 Years Of Ultra Music Festival With This Incredible Recap Video [WATCH]

Ultra just marked an incredible run as one of the world’s most iconic festivals, celebrating dance music fans everywhere. And now, an unforgettable 20 years of Ultra Music Festival has come down to just three minutes!

Welcome to a moment in history. A milestone in the world of dance music. An experience that is genuinely unique. The video below highlights just some of the amazing moments from Ultra Miami 2018. The gang’s all here, as the #ULTRA20 recap features Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Jauz, KSHMR and so many more.

When night creeps in, UlMF completely transforms from a sunny paradise to the craziest rave on the planet. Marshmello, DJ Snake, Malaa, Carl Cox and more are sprinkled in as the footage highlights the insane stage production, nonstop music and seemingly endless sea of people. As the sizzle view moves along, it’s difficult to focus on any one specific thing because the magic is all around you.

No occasion would have been more perfect for a Swedish House Mafia reunion than Ultra Miami’s 20th anniversary. It’s ok to fight back tears as “Don’t You Worry Child” kicks in and some of the most incredible moments from the flagship music festival flash before you.

UMF allows the video do most of the talking, but does include a message: “Thank You for celebrating 20 years of Ultra with us. #ULTRA20

Watch the recap video below and be sure to check out all the full live sets from Armin van BuurenAxwell Λ Ingrosso, The Chainsmokers and more here!

Ultra 20th Anniversary Recap Video


Photo: Philippe Wuyts Photography

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Ibiza’s West End in San Antonio Now Has a 3 A.M. Curfew

Ibiza, once one of the party capitals of the world, may just be getting neutered. Several prominent nightclubs were raided by police in 2016. Then, noise ordinances issued earlier this year for the island’s West End in San Antonio will also force nine clubs to close for two weeks in the summer. Now, the West End neighborhood faces a new setback: a 3 a.m. curfew.

The news comes from a Resident Advisor article on the announcement, confirmed by Pablo Valdés, San Antonio’s environmental councilor. The San Antonio council officially passed the new curfew law yesterday. This law forces clubs and bars in the West End to shut down at 3 am. The new curfew law also forces terrace and outside bars to close at midnight.

Valdés argues the new law will help in “realising that a different San Antonio is possible and that one can live and run any kind of business, but in a respectful way.” Meanwhile, local figures have criticized the new law. Josep Tur, president of the association of West End business owners, said, “This will mean the death and ruin of the West End, and it’ll extend the party and the drinking throughout the rest of the town during the early hours.”

Martin Makepeace, owner of Ibiza Speedboats, said that the law was “a disaster,” and that “the young Brits will now be able to eat and drink until much later in their own towns than in San Antonio, so why would they leave the UK?”

None of the major Ibiza clubs, like Hï or Ushuaïa, operate in the West End, but the new law sets a potentially damaging precedent for the island as a whole.

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deadmau5 Opens Up About How He Almost Died In A Plane Crash [WATCH]

Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 could talk about pretty much anything and we’d be completely engaged by his conversation. So when he was asked about paranormal activity, UFOs, or other strange happenings during his H3 Podcast interview, we were all ears.

The segment, fittingly titled “Ghosts N Stuff” for the special occasion, didn’t provoke any actual ghost stories out of him. However, he did talk about some really weird stuff — including a near death experience, a run-in with an actual dead mouse and a crazy time while gambling with Dillon Francis.

One “spooky” encounter the producer recalled happened when he was walking with his manager (also named Joel Zimmerman). They were discussing marketing and the potential behind the name “deadmau5” — and at that exact moment a cat crossed their path and dropped, literally, a dead mouse before them. Crazy, right?

The interview got even darker, deadmau5 he told another story of how he almost died in a plane crash. We won’t give away all the details on this one, but after this brush with fate, he was truly lucky to be alive.

He ended the segment on a lighter note, reminiscing on a time he went gambling with Dillon Francis and the hilarity that ensued. He couldn’t resist poking some fun at the fellow producer along the way, because at the end of the day, it’s still deadmau5 we’re talking about here.

Watch the entire “Ghosts N Stuff” segment here via H3 Podcast Highlights!

Deadmau5 On How He Almost Died In a Plane Crash

P.S. Here’s another funny little bit on that one time deadmau5 pranked Skrillex on the red carpet at The Grammy. During his talk with H3, he promised it was all in good fun and there were no ill feelings between him and Sonny Moore at the time. Still, a d*ck move.

Deadmau5 Talks Grammys Prank On Skrillex


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Sullivan King Releases “Dropkick” As First Single Off Forthcoming EP

After Sullivan King’s last EP on Kannibalen, 2017’s House Of Wolves, we’ve been desperately wanting more of that insane metal/bass hybrid sound, and by gum we’ve got it…

Sully just announced his new Come One, Come All EP on the label and dropped the EP’s first single today, “Dropkick.” And right out the gate, you can already tell how this is going to end up if you encounter it live. Sullivan King flexes his vocals in the intro, along with pounding drums and heavy guitar riffs, leading to that unavoidable gut punch that we like to call the drop.

Sullivan King approaches his drops like a torture device more than art; and by that, we mean that you’re really going to feel it in the morning. Between all of the elements in the track, we’re really not sure if this should even be legal.

“This track embodies the most of what I find inspiring currently in music, personally, in the bass and metal scene. I’ve really been trying to write off of that, as opposed to work at being so ‘different.’ I can definitely say that trying to do the [latter] of the 2 ways of writing, can become more than just stressful and aggravating…

Everything in this track from the simplicity of the live-playing in the guitar and bass – which is really stripped down to a bare minimum of tracks – to the groove of the drop, and of course the vocals, is a far more black and white sound for me, and it’s satisfying to hear, especially in 2018.”

Check out “Dropkick” below.

See Sullivan King on tour here.

Also, check out sets from Kayzo and Slander at Ultra for some more unreleased goodness from the EP.

Idc how, but we’re bringin metal to the mainstage in 2019 @ultra

— Sully (@SullivanKing) March 26, 2018

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