Dash Berlin Forced From ASOT 850 Lineup Due To Health Issues

In a statement released by A State of Trance just hours before his set, Dash Berlin was pulled from the ASOT 850 Poland lineup due to what’s being called “health-related issues.” In his steed, label boss Armin Van Buuren is filling in with a three-hour set. As a mini tribute, Van Buuren played Dash’s iconic song ‘Waiting‘ on the main stage. 30-minute live streams of each artist can be viewed here on Facebook.

While no further details have emerged, the Polish crowd was stunned to learn the news. They took to social media immediately to show support for Jeff (aka. Dash Berlin), expressing their well wishes. Dash was set to return to ASOT following a four year absence. His last performance was at ASOT 650 in Utrecht in February 2014.

He has been reviving his old school trance sound of late on his Legend of the Feels tour, and was going to play a “Classics” set at ASOT 850. His classics set at the Quantum Valley stage of EDC Las Vegas last week nearly brought the structure down. Trance fans flocked to hear him take a dive back to his original sound.

If he is recovered in time, fans can next catch Dash June 15 at Exchange Los Angeles for his next Legend tour date. I know I speak for all of us when we say – GET WELL SOON, JEFF! Checkout his ASOT 650 set from Utrecht below.

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YouTube Music & YouTube Premium are Released by Google

On May 16th, YouTube announced two major additions to their website that would make them enter the music streaming industry. Now, Google has finally launched Youtube Premium and Youtube Music.

This move allows YouTube Music and YouTube Premium to bring Google into the music streaming industry and compete with Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music. Additionally, YouTube Red would become YouTube Premium resulting in a refreshed way to watch videos.

Instead of having one service for listening to music and watching videos on YouTube, Google has created two options. If you are only interested in listening to music, YouTube Music is for you. On the other hand, if you want upgraded video viewing options, YouTube Premium is for you. It is reported that both services will allow music streaming in the background, which is great so users don’t necessarily have to pay for both services.

YouTube Premium will be priced at $11.99 and YouTube Music will cost $9.99 a month.  Below, you will see what each new service will provide once released to the public. Will you be staying with your current streaming service or will you try out YouTube Music and/or YouTube Premium? Check out the details below.

YouTube Music + YouTube Premium

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Clairo – Pretty Girl (Whethan Bootleg)

Clairo – Pretty Girl (Whethan Bootleg)

Less than a year ago bedroom pop star Claire Cottrill, aka Clairo, took the internet by storm when her song ‘Pretty Girl‘ went viral. With its meaningful lyrics, simple video, and charmingly lo-fi sound it’s pretty easy to see why. And now, fellow wunderkind Whethan is officially putting out his unofficial remix of the song.

‘Pretty Girl’ was definitely an amazing choice of songs for him to remix. The track’s nostalgic sound and chill vibes mesh perfectly with Whethan’s own. So much so that it definitely would not be surprising if these two artists officially collaborate in the future. And just as the original was an overnight success, this remix is surely going to be one as well. Give it a listen below.

Clairo – Pretty Girl (Whethan Bootleg)

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DJ Dstar Releases Video Calling Out Cedric Gervais for Stealing Song

DJ Dstar has called out Cedric Gervais on social media following the release of Gervais’ new song ‘Do It Tonight.’ Dstar, as one-half of the DJ group Solidisco, released a similar track back in 2013, a remix of The S.O.S. Band’s hit ‘Take Your Time (Do It Right).’ In a powerful video, Dstar makes his claim very clear – Cedric Gervais stole our song, and this happens all the time.

In the 6-minute video, Dstar (real name Donnie), speaks on the hot button topic of ghost producing in the industry. He speaks on how prevalent it has become, and how the epidemic needs to stop. For those unaware, ghost producing is when a little known artist creates a song or sells a track to a big name player. The big name then sells and markets this track as their own. It typically involves a straight-up cash payment or some residuals based of song success, but that’s the gist.

Gervais, who released his track through Armada records, was confrontational when Dstar called him out on Instagram. Here are images of their convo:

The two songs have big similarities, and they both share many elements of the original. The bigger issue at play appears to be how the sharks continually take advantage of the guppies. In response to the allegations, here is the official statement from Cedric Gervais (courtesy of YourEDM):

“I’m a huge fan of The S.O.S band and wanted to do a new version of this classic track, so I asked my manager and record label if they could look into clearing the sample through the appropriate channels with the writers, which they did. We sent the version we created to have signed off which was accepted, by the original writers, original creators and their publishing company. We had the entire sample replayed by musicians – the bass line, which I’m being accused of stealing, is actually the original bass line of the S.O.S record which we’ve simply replayed, which as I’ve mentioned we have approval on. When I remix songs or use a sample I know there are always other versions of that song that will exist. I had never heard of this other version, which I’m being accused of plagiarizing, until after we had delivered my single. We have the legal rights to use this sample, we went through the correct channels to make this happen. It seems that this producer did his own version of the S.O.S record which is fine, but I did not steal their work and any allegation otherwise is simply untrue. I’m sorry this person feels so aggrieved, but I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to explain my side.”

While nothing is concrete, Dstar cautions all young producers to be careful with their creations. We all remember how Mat Zo called out the scene a few years back – is it time for change? Checkout the full video below, and compare the two songs for yourself – what do you think?

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Lightning In A Bottle: More Than Just A Music Festival

Community. Music. Family. Connection. Energy. Art. These things and so much more can be found amongst the dusty lakeside grounds at Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival. Every year I return to this magical place, I am truly at a loss for words as to what I should say to pay the proper amount of respect. To simply label it a music festival is a falsehood. Lightning in a Bottle not only hosts some of the most diverse and best musical acts around, it also hosts things that are so rare to find in this chaotic world of ours.

As you walk into the grounds with a schedule in hand, you end up finding yourself immersed in a microclimate of people who gather in one place for a million different reasons. Each year The Do Lab adds more and more to the spectacular lineup of festivities across the hilly grounds. Every nook and cranny within the hillsides have beauty found in them. One minute you’re at the colorful Woogie stage getting lost in the never-ending house music, then stumble upon the annual Downhill Derby race, to wandering over into a quiet little art installation nestled in the trees reading inspiring messages people have written all over the blank walls.

The daytime brings sunbeams and exploration, gravitating people towards things they may have ever expected to be a part of. The Beacon is a space for intellectual talks and lectures educating people on progressive ideas regarding sustainability, race relations, native cultures, and more. The Learning Kitchen is where home economics gets a total makeover. You’re able to witness people turn food into things you may have never even knew existed. Need to stretch out those muscles from dancing to tech house at the Favela Bar all night? Head over to one of the many yoga classes and sound healings to replenish you for the next day of activities.

Friday made for an epic day of non-stop music. The weekend started off with a bang at the Woogie as Dirtybird mainstays Walker & Royce and Will Clarke took everyone on a wild ride. Techno legends MK, Purple Disco Machine, and The Black Madonna closed down it down while Sofi TukkerGriz, and legendary Glitch Mob were over at the Lightning Stage showing how they do the damn thing.

Saturday brought the bass with Bleep Bloop, Zeke Beats, and Mad Zach at the Thunder, while Monolink, Tokimonsta, and Anderson Paak excited fans with a flow of diverse sounds at Lightning. Back at the Woogie, Nicole Moudaber played one of the best sets of the weekend with her dark and enticing techno.

The last day of the festival means giving it all you’ve got. The Woogie cooled off with some uplifting beats from Oona Dahl, YokoO, and Rodriguez Jr. The California Honeydrops returned to the Grand Artique once again to anxious fans who were awaiting their annual Sunday set. But the true shining star of Sunday was none other than Zhu. I can not rave enough about what I witnessed at the Lightning stage this night. A phenomenal mix of his hit songs blasted through the speakers as he sang them all with ease all while dropping some of the dirtiest beats on top of live instrumentals.

Not ready to go to bed after the main stage action stops? Not to worry. As the main stages close at 2 am, the Favela Bar, Pagota, and Grand Artique pop off until 4 am. Offering completely different styles at each, the options are endless for you to stay up all night with the new friends you probably made throughout the day.

A side note from the main attractions that really enhanced my experience was the Do Lab team. Working a massive 5-day event is no easy task and they made every attendee feel at ease with their visible passion to make this an amazing experience for everyone. Start to finish, every person I came across within the food vendors, traffic coordinators, green team, security, and standby firefighters were dancing with a smile on their face as they worked.

You can live a million lifetimes while you’re at Lightning in a Bottle. There is so much you can harness within yourself while you are here and the experience is truly one of a kind. To describe a community filled with so much magic is hard to express other than to say you have to see it for yourself. Finding a place like this in a world that appears to be so dark brings new life in you. It replenishes your soul with enough love and connection you never knew you needed. You get addicted to the feeling and I can’t thank Lightning in a Bottle enough for curating a space that lets that flourish. Until next year.

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Dua Lipa Performs Calvin Harris Collab at UEFA Finals

Dua Lipa just slayed one of the most important performances of her entire career thus far. The pop star took over the UEFA Finals Opening Ceremony, wowing viewers from all around the world in the process.

Her confident poise, striking stage presence, and amazing voice shined, putting her performance on par with what we’d expect from any high-profile headliner at the Superbowl. Dua Lipa might not quite yet have the draw of a Justin Timberlake or a Lady Gaga or a Beyoncé, but she’s well on her way. Especially with these superstar collaborations she’s been landing.

She kicked things off right, with her brand new Calvin Harris collab, “One Kiss” — which sounded so right. Moving right along, Sean Paul showed up to perform their duet “No Lie” together. She continued on to execute the rest of her strong performance, and we have to say — we’re impressed.

With this, the singer introduced the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Kyiv, in a 3-1 victory. But Dua Lipa was clearly the real MVP here.

Hearing “One Kiss” live is definitely a highlight, but the entire performance is worth a watch. Check it out right here!

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Bonnie X Clyde Made The Local News For Throwing An Insane House Party After SMF Was Cancelled

After Sunset Music Festival in Tampa was cancelled this past weekend, dozens of artists that were booked to play and some promoters who were in town, like Brownies & Lemonade, came together to save the day. Illenium and Ekali went back to back at Tampa’s Ritz and Nitti Gritti actually drove up 3 hours from Miami to host his own Nitti and friends party, but Bonnie X Clyde were the clear MVPs of the day.

According to their management, beyond running around Tampa for three separate events and an impromptu meet and greet, the duo also threw a renegade house party after tweeting out the address to their 20,000 followers.

The party became so wild that it was eventually shut down by the cops; but that wasn’t the end of it. The story was then picked up by a local Fox News affiliate who called the party one that would be talked about “decades from now.”

By a neighbor’s estimate, there could have been as many as 300 people at this small neighborhood home. Bonnie X Clyde were interviewed via Facetime by Fox 13, who also plugged their forthcoming While We’re Young EP at the end of the broadcast.

Talk about making the best out of a bad situation… watch the news broadcast below.


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Photo via Nicola Hartman

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Kygo’s Newly Unleashed ID From EDC Las Vegas Sounds Like A Dream [WATCH]

When Kygo plays, we stop and listen. And this magical moment from his EDC Las Vegas set this year uncovers one of the most amazing songs we’ve heard from the masterful producer.

This new ID rang out into the night a couple of weekends ago as the perfect way to close out Kygo’s incredible set. Speaking of which, you can hear Kygo’s full set here along with many others including Jauz, Martin Garrix, Mija, Chris Lake, Illenium, Diplo and so many more.

Back to this unreleased track. Behold “Feels Like Forever” and all the feels attached. A moment like this might be fleeting — the lights, the crowd, and the electric sky. But, this song is all about making that moment last forever.

Lyrics like, “I’d walk a million miles just to know your name,” really hit home Kygo’s romantic style that he’s so well known for. “Feels Like Forever” is absolutely superb.

If you love Kygo, you’re going to love this one. It seriously feels like a dream.

Kygo – Feels Like Forever

Kygo – Feels Like Forever. Unreleased Track Premiered at EDC. from EDM


Photo via Rukes.com

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NGHTMRE Drops His Unreleased Collab With The Chainsmokers At EDC [MUST LISTEN]

NGHTMRE is an absolute monster behind the decks and in the studio. The best thing about this trap producer is that he’s constantly improving and teaming up with others to explore different sides of his hyped up style.

He and Dillon Francis took us to “Another Dimension,” he and Ghastly delivered a true banger through and through with “End of the Night,” and he met in the middle with the song “Frontlines” with Zeds Dead for an amazing result. Now, this new track with The Chainsmokers has us ready for another hit called “What I Started.”

NGHTMRE took to the kineticFIELD at EDC Las Vegas this year with a few tricks up his sleeve. One of them being this unreleased ID featuring the hottest duo in EDM, which The Chainsmokers debuted during their Ultra set earlier this year. The seasoned sounds of these artists compliment each other in ways beyond words. It’s the type of track you can sing along to, go crazy to, and listen all summer long to.

Experience NGHTMRE’s full EDC Las Vegas set below — and if you want to skip to the track with The Chainsmokers, listen around 12:35.

NGHTMRE – EDC Las Vegas 2018


Photo via Rukes.com

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Ultra Music Festival Needs To Pay $2 Million If It Wants To Stay In Bayfront Park

Ultra Music Festival has a prime location at Bayfront Park, ideal for throwing one of the biggest parties on the planet. However, according to a new report, organizers will have to pony up a lot of dough if they want to keep the three-day festival at its signature waterfront location.

The music festival’s contract is up and Commissioner Joe Carollo is demanding the big bucks if Ultra wants to stay put for years to come. The newly instated yearly payment would demand a $2 million flat rate to the agency that oversees Bayfront Park.

Downtown residents have complained for years of the noise and traffic and it seems that’s finally all catching up to Ultra Music Festival. The city of Miami is apparently asking for double the current cost of staging the event from here on out.

“I’m telling them it’s no less than $2 million,” Carollo revealed to the Miami Herald.

Although there are plenty of arguments against holding the music festival in downtown Miami, there are some obvious perks. It brings a lot of tourism to the area and helps businesses around Bayfront Park thrive during Miami Music Week.

Ultra lobbyist Ray Martinez personally feels Ultra’s stay at Bayfront Park / Museum Park for 18 years has done great things for the city.

“Let’s look at the positives. We talk about Miami wanting to be a world-class city. Ultra is a world-class event,” he said. “It is the Art Basel of electronic music.” We have to agree with that sentiment.

Ultra has already locked down 2019 and confirmed a return to its beloved home at Bayfront Park on March 29, 30, and 31st next year. As for 2020, we’ll have to wait and see, but we don’t see Ultra going anywhere.


Source: Miami Herald | Photo via aLIVE Coverage

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