Spotify is Opening a Brand New Office in Detroit & It’s Nothing Fancy

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Music streaming giant Spotify has recently announced that they will be opening a small satellite office in Detroit. The New York-based business is scheduled to rent an office space at 132 N. Old Woodward Ave., which intersects with Maple Road in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham. Talk about plain and simple!

It has been speculated that a mere five to seven employees will work within the office inside a nondescript two-story building.

As Canadians gear up to celebrate Canada Day, July 1st will also now be pegged as the opening date for the official launch. Although Canadians will be busy unwrapping fireworks, it can be assumed that Spotify employees will be unpacking boxes at that time.

A representative for the well-known company suggested that they are expecting to grow beyond the Birmingham area. This is in addition to the nearly $3 million a month that the business pays for a dozen floors atop the World Trade Center.

It is still unclear as to why the company has opened the office in the Birmingham area. It has been speculated that it may be a sales office for local advertising.

Following the somewhat shocking news, Jack White has opened several Third Man Record stores in the city. In addition, the musician has recently opened the Third Man Pressing Plant.

Although Spotify focuses on the digital music, the Third Man Facility has helped make modern advancements within the vinyl market. Ultimately, this creates a curious contrast between the two. The classic vinyl format will always seem to be the popular choice. However, one would be surprised to know that the two are often intertwined.

Regardless of the reason behind the decision, we look forward to seeing the overall progressions within the company.

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Paper Diamond’s New Album ‘Holograms’ Is Here

Over the past few years, bass music has truly reached astronomical heights. From the cloud of dust left behind by festival trap producers emerged a brand new scene comprised of heavy, grueling low frequencies curated by a series of unique genre-bending producers like Paper Diamond.

Paper Diamond was thriving even during the years when hip-hop infused trap was all the rage – but now that bass fans have tuned their ears beyond the mainstream, he can go even deeper. His music has never been easy to define, but it’s always been original; his most recent album, ‘Holograms’ furthers this idea.

Returning to A-trak‘s Fool’s Gold Records, this LP offers 11 tracks, all of which will keep listeners on their toes. Influences from across the spectrum of music can be heard throughout while a plethora of impressive collaborators such as JSTJR, Myke Terry, and Rarri provide their own distinct flavor.

Paper Diamond’s ‘Holograms’ LP is out now on Fool’s Gold Records.

Stream the full album below!

Paper Diamonds – Holograms

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Paul Oakenfold – Only Us (feat. Little Nikki)

only us

Paul Oakenfold – Only Us (feat. Little Nikki)

In the midst of his ‘Generations World Tour Part 1,’ three-time Grammy award winner Paul Oakenfold returns with a vengeance with his new dance floor killer ‘Only Us.’

Utilizing the crisp and punchy vocals of London-native singer Little Nikki, ‘Only Us’ is a harmonious and joyful combination of both vocal melodies and heavy synth chords. Showcasing Paul Oakenfold strengths, ‘Only Us’ features a strong lead melody, a hypnotizing vocal, and a strong backbone of synth chords.

In light of the progressive house revival, Paul Oakenfold and Little Nikki deliver us a dance floor anthem that will rock the summer away.

Stream the track below. 

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Tha Boogie Bandit × JILLA – Sabotage Feat. Rico Act


Tha Boogie Bandit × JILLA – Sabotage Feat. Rico Act

There are few things better than new music, and today we bring you just that. Los Angeles-born & Tokyo-based DJ and producer Tha Boogie Bandit teams up with Jilla and Rico Act to bring us their track ‘Sabotage’. Sabotage is a festival trap track featuring a wide range of unique sounds. Keen listeners may recognize Rico Act on the vocals, as he was featured on Riot Ten‘s smash hit “Rail Breaker”.

Sabotage starts fast with a stuttering effect paired with a sweep and some white noise. The vocals then come in and are immediately followed by some brass stabs. The drums enter, and its at this point that a snare begins to build, leading us into the first drop. At 0:51, we get the first drop and its one that you would definitely hear blaring at your nearest festival. Between the bass, the lead, the lyrics, and the percussive pattern, it’s hard to chose which is our favorite. All of the different elements come together exceptionally well.

After the drop, the song continues on to give us some party hard vocals, courtesy of Rico Act. Rico delivers some fun, hard hitting, sensical lyrics that may actually get you rapping along after a listen or two.

Sabotage is out now, and is available as a free download.

Tha Boogie Bandit × JILLA – Sabotage Feat. Rico Act | DOWNLOAD

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[LISTEN] Deadmau5 – Where’s The Drop

Where's The Drop

Deadmau5 – Where’s The Drop

It is no secret that Deadmau5 is quite the audiophile. Earlier this year he released his groundbreaking album, ‘Where’s the drop‘. The album saw the Mau5 recreate his biggest hits in orchestral form. The album was also paired with two live events. As we all know, the music was produced by Joel Zimmerman, aka Deadmau5. What many don’t know, is that the orchestral renditions were composed by Gregory Reveret.

The album was initially released as a TIDAL exclusive. This meant it would be available as lossless audio data. This would allow listeners to hear the music just as its creator meant for it to be heard. By releasing ‘Where’s the drop’ as a TIDAL exclusive, this left the rest of the world waiting. It goes without saying that this definitely angered many fans.

It didn’t take long for word to reach Deadmau5, as the the Canadian DJ & record producer reassured us all that the album would be available through other streaming platforms. That time has come, and the album can be streamed everywhere today. The album includes fifteen of Deadmau5′ most iconic productions. Check it out below, enjoy.

Deadmau5 – Where’s The Drop | DOWNLOAD

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GATTÜSO Release Catchy New Pop Song, “Who We Are” [Interview]

New artists break into the scene every single day. The duo GATTÜSO is comprised of Israeli DJ/producer, Reem Taoz, and American DJ/producer, Terrence “Steel” Oliver, with the duo now based in New Jersey.

Long a lover of the high-quality electronic dance music brought to his family’s nightclubs in the luxurious casinos of Lima, Peru, the young Taoz always knew he wanted to become an artist. Spending countless hours in the nightclubs where he soaked-up and studied the sounds that moved the dancefloors, Taoz’s days were also filled listening to FM radio. Music seeped into his pores until its very essence drove him to want to create music himself.

Known as “Steel” to friends and colleagues, Terrence Oliver has over 15 years of experience in the electronic dance music industry. As a highly respected producer, remixer and audio engineer, ‘Steel’ has established himself as a go-to collaborator sought by the likes of Wyclef Jean, Marley Waters, Kat DeLuna, Lil Jon and many others. As a duo, GATTÜSO was born of a burning desire to make dynamic music that inspires listeners to get up and dance.

Their new song “Who We Are” is out today and is a brilliant blend of pop and dance sounds, fusing deep house and horns with featured vocalist Myah’s soft vocals.

We’ve listened to your new single, “Who We Are” ft Myah. It’s a great song! How did the three of you get together?

GATTÜSO: Thank you for the kind words! We had the music for the track done and we wanted to find a singer that captured the feeling and meaning behind the song. After searching for a little while we came across Myah. What we heard on Spotify was different than what we saw on YouTube of her. We felt that she was a versatile singer with a definite spark to her character and we’re very happy with the results.

What’s your backstory?

GATTÜSO: GATTÜSO is comprised of me, MARKUS GATTÜSO (my real name is Reem Taoz), and I’m an Israeli DJ/producer. My production partner is American DJ/producer Terrence “Steel’ Oliver. I grew up listening to EDM in my family’s casinos in Peru and I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I spent endless hours in the clubs studying the sounds that moved people and all the world-famous DJs who came through our clubs. Terrence has over 15 years of experience in the dance music scene and he has worked with artists like Marley Waters, Kat Deluna, and Lil Jon. The group has only been in existence for about eight months now. We actually met randomly at a recording studio and after chatting for a bit about music, we realized how similar our tastes were and decided to start to work on some things together. Shortly after, we realized how great the dynamic was between us and we started moving full steam ahead. There you have the origin of GATTÜSO.

We hear through industry sources that some really big American FM radio stations are excited about your new single. How exciting! Can we expect to hear “Who We Are” on the radio this summer?

GATTÜSO: Definitely, yes! When we made “Who We Are,” we made a couple of different versions (club, radio, Spotify, etc). But radio was our main focus with this song for sure.

“Who We Are” definitely has a very “pop” sound to it, much more so than a festival or club tune. Do you consider yourself to be an EDM producer? Or more of a “pop” music producer?

GATTÜSO: Yes it definitely has a very pop vibe to it. But, I’d say we consider ourselves music producers. We create a lot of different sounds. For instance, our next single is going to be more of a future-house, EDM vibe.

Where can people see you DJ’ing? What DJ gigs (i.e. festivals, nightclubs, etc. have you played in the past? Do you have any club residencies?

GATTÜSO: We don’t have any residences at the moment but we are currently in negotiations.

What is it about GATTÜSO as an artist that makes you special, do you think?

GATTÜSO: What makes GATTÜSO special is that we try to make songs that connect with people. Whether it’s the lyrics that take someone to a familiar place or the music that sets a feeling of euphoria, we try to keep that same quality and energy in every song.

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Benny Benassi Talks New Single and Career Accomplishments [Interview]

If you’ve been a fan of electronic music for at least a few years, one name that needs little introduction and always titillates is that of legendary Italian producer and DJ Benny Benassi. Benny has had one of the longest and most distinguished careers of anybody in the business, including winning a Grammy way back in 2008 and having traveled the world over many times.

We got the chance to have a little chat with the dance music legend as he’s just released his new track “Everybody Needs a Kiss” together with up and coming dance-pop duo Sofi Tukker. The song is a perfect summer anthem, seamlessly blending old-school house vibes with a thoroughly danceable beat and Sofi Tukker’s smooth vocals. Like most Benny tracks, it’s perfect for both the festival and the club.

Check out our interview with Benny below as he chatted with us about career highlights, new music, and his advice for young producers.

Hi Benny, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. You’ve been in this business for the better part of two decades now. Can you reflect on your career for us a little bit and tell us about what you’re proud to have accomplished and what’s left to accomplish for you?

“To be honest there have been many memorable moments where I feel like I have accomplished things I never imagined possible at the outset. I have played shows from Coachella to Red Rocks, actually the amount of locations is really breathtaking. I have been able to see the world. Plus winning a Grammy for the Public Enemy remix was definitely a really big moment for me. But, with what is yet to accomplish, I am just happy doing what I do. If I ever decide to stop making music I think I will end up cooking, gardening and riding my bike.”

Tell us about how the industry has changed since you first came up and how you’ve adapted with those changes to stay relevant?

“The industry changes constantly, but it is not so much about staying relevant as it is about picking a sound and staying with it, but also evolving. I’m working with a wider team now to stay fresh!”

Tell us about your new track with Sofi Tukker “Everybody Needs a Kiss.” How did this collaboration come about?

“We’re both on the same label, Ultra Records, and have friends in common. It just came naturally when we got to know each other.”

It sounds like they really look up to you. Are there any other young up and coming artists you’d like to work with in the future?

“I love them too, so it was a real honour and pleasure to work with them. There are so many good producers coming through at the moment. A lot of young talent….”

Any advice for other young producers out there?

“The only advice I would ever give to someone coming through trying to break into the scene is to be yourself and develop your own sound. The only way to stay relevant is to stay unique so don’t follow trends.”

What else do you have in store for the rest of the year? Any touring or festival appearances? Any other new tracks up your sleeve as well?

“A lot of touring, so many festivals all over Europe and North America and maybe some more music. You will have to wait and see! For now, I am just excited to release ‘Everybody Needs a Kiss’.”

Check out Benny Benassi and Sofi Tukker’s “Everybody Needs a Kiss,” out now on Ultra Records, below.

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Calvin Harris Returns To Omnia Las Vegas For Epic NYE

New Year’s is one of the biggest days for electronic music, as literally anyone and everyone is looking for the right place to celebrate when the ball drops. For many people, Las Vegas is that place and you can find all sorts of venues and clubs in which to celebrate that big moment. One of the hottest places in the whole city – and we mean that metaphorically – to celebrate will undoubtedly be at OMNIA Nightclub when Calvin Harris rings in the new year.

The Scottish-born DJ has held a residency at OMNIA for about as long as the club has been open, and there’s no end in sight. That being said, you can definitely expect New Year’s Eve to defy expectations as Calvin returns to the club for the second year in a row to play while the ball drops.

And while New Year’s is still half a year away, tickets are on sale now. Why? Because they’re definitely going to sell out for this one. If you don’t want to look at tickets later down the road and lament “Why didn’t I buy tickets then?!”, go to this link and save yourself the trouble.


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Pendulum’s Remix Album “The Reworks” Is Finally Out

Fans have been waiting years for Pendulum to finally release something new; and while The Reworks isn’t any new original Pendulum material, it’s still somewhat successful in whetting our appetite. It’s also the first and only Pendulum remix album ever released, so in that sense, it has a special significance. And yet, a lot of people still aren’t happy with the release as a whole.

Every remix that was released in the lead up to the album, Noisia’s “Hold Your Colour,” Icarus’s “Tarantula,” even Skrillex’s “The Island Pt 1” and especially Knife Party’s “Blood Sugar,” received their fair share of criticism. And speaking as a lover of all genres that those remixes were released as, I can say without bias that every criticism had a bit of truth to it… despite Rob Swire’s derision.

Ahh, the mysteries of life. Kinda like – why do dubstep bros think wavetables are a substitute for any musical ability? No one knows.

— Knife Party (@knifepartyinc) April 20, 2018

But now that the full remix album is officially out, we can really get a sense for how artists approached these tracks, or perhaps how Swire directed them. And that is: “Do whatever the fuck you want.”

We’ve already covered all the aforementioned remixes, so we’ll focus on the new ones, but each has a story to tell.

To start with, the Grabbitz remix is easily my favorite of the bunch. I heard an early version of this remix last year, but had to keep mum about it until now. As soon as I heard that Grabbitz was lending his own vocals to it, I hardly had to hear the rest. But that being said, the entire reimagination is a brilliant example of how to re-engineer a track to not only fit your own aesthetic, but pay tribute to the original.

Next up we’ve got the Pegboard Nerds remix of the Pendulum hit “Witchcraft.” With a Knife Party & Pegboard Nerds collaboration already confirmed, it’s no surprise that PBN were also tapped for The Reworks. Their remix has all the trappings of the original, including Swire’s inimitable vocals, with a new flair for the modern day. If anything, it more closely resembles Rob Swire’s own drumstep remix of the track from 2010.

That first, false drop also does a phenomenal job of building up anticipation even more than should be legally allowed.

The next remix I want to bring attention to is the Devin Townsend remix of “Crush” … noticing a pattern yet? Townsend actually does very little to the remix overall, except for some subtle recreation of the focal guitar riff in the verses. The drums are also new, though less obvious, with smaller embellishments. Townsend’s contribution is most obviously noticeable in the final chorus when he at last lends his own vocals to the mix, which will surely satisfy fans of his. But is it too little, too late? It’s debatable.

Only one song on the entire album was remixed twice: “The Island, Pt. 1 (Dawn).” Possibly Pendulum’s biggest song of all time (just by streaming numbers, at least, certainly not significance in their discography), it’s only fitting that this one received two attempts.

While Skrillex’s remix was met with hesitant appreciation, we’re acutely surprised and intensely enjoying AN21’s remix. The producer, who used to pair up nicely with Max Vangeli on a number of classic house tunes, has actually remixed a Pendulum song before. Ironically (or perhaps not), Max Vangeli & AN21 and Steve Angello teamed up to remix “The Island” first all the way back in 2010. The remix back then was, not surprising, very house focused.

In contrast, the 2018 remix is a heavier, G-House sort of banger that hits with ferocity. It’s easily one of the most unexpected remixes on the whole album.

Of course, as soon as we bring up “unexpected,” we have no choice but to mention Moby’s remix of “Vault.” Having never actually been released on any album, the song choice itself is already unexpected enough. But dropping a vast, atmospheric drum & bass remix is on another level. The original is super fast-paced and relentless enough as it is; Moby adds brilliant, sweeping synths to the mix to place us in space and it sounds absolutely wonderful.

The rest of the remix album, including cuts from Eelke Kleijn, Matrix & Futurebound, ATTLAS, and DJ Seinfeld, is available to stream now.


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Lost Lands 2018 Is Going Bigger & Better Than Anything You’ve Seen

Last year, Lost Lands came out of nowhere to be one of dance music’s favorite festivals. It was even voted 2017’s Best Festival by Your EDM’s readers. Between all of the insane sets and the incredible gathering of all of bass music’s top dogs, not to mention all the dinosaurs and set pieces scattered around the festival area, it’s easy to see how much effort went into making the first year a success.

Now onto its second year, Lost Lands isn’t struggling to up the ante. In fact, it all seems pretty effortless (from the outside, of course). One of the things that makes Lost Lands so spectacular is paying attention to feedback from fans. Everything from booking the lineup to picking the food vendors involves fan polling in order to guide the festival to the most enjoyable experience. Best of all, show runner Excision is literally involved in every detail.

This year, there will be two full size main stages – as opposed to one main stage and a “side” stage last year. The Paradox will return again for year two, albeit with a few new bells and whistles, but the second stage has yet to be revealed.

And even after the festival day is over, sound camps will be in full swing throughout the night. Obviously there will be those set up by campers, but Lost Lands itself will also set some up. And of course you can expect tons of surprise sets from artists throughout the weekend. To make things even easier, camping spaces in GA will be expanded to 50 sq ft (something fans made happen thanks their feedback).

The festival will feature an insane one million watts of bass from PK Sound, as well as 3x more dinosaurs than last year. They will be everywhere.

In the interest of making sure everyone gets a chance to experience this wonderful festival, Your EDM has teamed up with Lost Lands to give away two pairs of tickets to two lucky fans (one pair per winner). Enter via the contest below for your chance to win!

Win A Pair Of GA Tickets To Lost Lands Music Festival 2018 (Contest on

This year’s Lost Lands will feature headlining performances from the likes of Excision, Flux Pavilion, Ganja White Night, Illenium, Jauz, Nero, NGHTMRE, Rezz, Rusko, SLANDER, Zomboy and more.

Lost Lands recently announced VIP tickets are more than 70% sold and tickets are moving fast! Get them here.


Photo via Fadewood Studios

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