Diplo Revealed As First-Ever Stagecoach Afterparty Headliner

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The headliners and country star-studded acts for this year’s Stagecoach have been revealed. Bret Michaels, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Old Dominion and more lead a stacked undercard. In a surprising twist, dance music phenom and recent Grammy Award-winner Diplo will play the first-ever official Stagecoach afterparty.

If you’re heading out to the music festival, don’t miss out on Stagecoach Late Night in Palomino. With his Coachella hat and his Stagecoach tassels, Diplo is ready to take on the night. Still don’t believe us? Check out the teaser below!

California’s country music festival, Stagecoach takes place April 26, 27, and 28 in 2019.

Learn more: StagecoachFestival.com

Diplo Headlining Stagecoach Late Night

Introducing the first ever Stagecoach Late Night in Palomino featuring @DIPLO 🔥pic.twitter.com/4d7Nq01DDC

— Stagecoach Festival (@Stagecoach) February 27, 2019

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The Chainsmokers & Chris Martin Play Extravagant Akash-Shloka Wedding Pre-Party [WATCH]

Akash Ambani, son of India’s richest entrepreneur with a net worth of $48.5 billion, and his bride-to-be Shloka Mehta are making headlines for their star-studded pre-wedding party, complete with performances from The Chainsmokers and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

The high profile pre-wedding bash takes place over three days at St. Moritz in Switzerland. The guest list includes over 300 prolific attendees, including family and famed Bollywood celebrities: Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora, and many more.

In the videos below, the bride and groom, along with all of their dazzling guests, are serenaded by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s frontman. Check out footage from the intimate concerts, rather highlights from the Akash-Shloka pre-wedding extravaganza below.

Clearly, this couple has spared no expense for their special celebration. It’s truly a fairytale wedding — and the official ceremony has yet to take place. Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta will tie the knot on March 9 in Mumbai.

The Chainsmokers & Chris Martin @ Akash-Shloka Pre-Wedding


Source: Vogue India | Photo via Rukes.com

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Three More Alleged Sexual Assaults Revealed At Opera Nightclub In Wake Of Lawsuit

On January 21, 2019, a woman named Jasmine Eiland live streamed her own apparent rape at Opera Nightclub in Atlanta. 34-year-old Dominique Williams turned himself in at the Fulton County Jail on Jan. 29, but a week ago, it was confirmed that Eiland had filed a lawsuit against her alleged attacker as well as the nightclub itself.

In the process of investigating Eiland’s claim, the local CBS affiliate news station discovered that three other sexual assaults had been reported at Opera over the last two years.

According to police reports, in March 2017, a woman was allegedly “fondled by several males at Club Opera while she was unconscious. In November of the same year, another incident report details at attempted PIV rape that was ultimately “unsuccessful” — that woman also alleges she was robbed. In December 2017, a third woman alleges that a man she knew forced her to “perform oral sex on him” before having vaginal intercourse with her in a bathroom stall, both of which were against her will. In that case, a man was arrested.

Atlanta PD stated that nightclubs are not an “area of concern” when it comes to sexual assault, but investigators and local news outlets are continuing to look into the situation.

Why was #operanightclub sued? Well, in a short time of investigating we’ve discovered 4, yes 4 allegations of sexual assault (rape, sodomy, another woman unconscious) against women INSIDE the club in under two years!! We have also uncovered allegations of a some sort of sex group that live steamed from a vip bathroom that led to an alleged rape?!? This is not a joke. No wonder this could happen to #jasmineeiland #wherewassecurity #safetymatters #protectourwomen #atlnothavingit #stopvictimblaming #endrapeculture #metoo

Posted by Joshua Palmer on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

This story is ongoing…


via EDM.com

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Your EDM Premiere: Break – The Way Things Are [Utopia]

Break is synonymous with unrivaled talent in the world of production. He is the ultimate technical master, with a resumé of tunes and anthems that date back for years, and will continue to for years to come. He is truly the producer’s producer. In a league of his own, Break has now entered the new year with a single that’s caught the attention of drum and bass fans everywhere. Featuring “Gunpowder” and “The Way Things Are,” expect nothing but consistency and attention to detail with Break for the rest of the year.

The tune starts off as any Break tune normally does, with a funkafied jazzy introduction. Before long, his drop smooths in like silk through speakers. Bliss. Don’t sleep on this man and his massive single.

Purchase here: http://smarturl.it/UM020

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Deadmau5 Cube 3.0 Rehearsals Are Complete, See First Look Of Completed Design

Up until this point, fans had only been able to see Deadmau5’s Cube 3.0 in digital renderings via Twitch stream; however, even that isn’t directly available anymore, as he has deleted his Twitch channel. But, with Ultra officially one month away, rehearsals for the real Cube 3.0 just wrapped up and it looks absolutely wild.

Our first look at the real life stage design comes from photographer @leahsems, who also frequently works with Rezz and Ghastly. First off, this thing is truly massive. Though there’s no direct frame of reference in the photo below, you can just tell that it is huge.

Secondly, we know that Deadmau5 coded the cube visuals himself, so you know it has to have a lot of power running through it. And from the looks of the visuals displayed in the photo, that seems to be true.

Fans can see the Cube 3.0 in action in person at Ultra Music Festival, Saturday, March 30.

rehearsals done… time to hit the slopes! cc: @BellyUpAspen @ParkCityLivePC pic.twitter.com/tRBAQYlc5u

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) February 26, 2019

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Daft Punk’s Sophomore Album “Discovery” Is Now Old Enough To Vote

Daft Punk made their album debut with Homework in 1997, but it wasn’t until 2001’s Discovery that they truly made a splash on the electronic music scene worldwide. Tracks like “Da Funk,” “Oh Yeah,” and “Around The World” on their first album set the stage, and pretty much every track on Discovery then brought it home.

You’d be hard pressed to find any electronic music fan, or music fan in general for that matter, who doesn’t know “One More Time” or “Harder Better Faster Stronger.” Then, of course, there are the ominous bell tolls on “Aerodynamic” and the delicate pairing of acoustic guitar and vocoder on “Digital Love.”

For my own tastes, I truly love “Crescendolls,” but “Voyager” and “Face to Face” also have their own appeal. Truly, the album has become a timeless classic.

Discovery was released February 26, 2001, making it 18 years old today. Listen to it below for a splash of nostalgia and an album that will never grow old.

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Diplo Has A Cameo In The New ‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie [WATCH]

Diplo appears in the new Detective Pikachu movie! His cameo is revealed in the latest official trailer.

Given the DJ/producer is stationed behind the DJ booth in the split-second clip, he’s already in character for the role. He appears doing what he does best — setting the scene for the party. The extent of Diplo’s part is unclear at this point, but it’s certainly a cameo worth noting.

It’s a particularly interesting exchange considering Pikachu made a cameo in Jack Ü‘s music video “Where Are Ü Now” featuring Justin Bieber in 2015. You would have easily missed it if you blinked.

Pokémon’s Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019. With Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu, this film already has some major star power behind it.

Shoutout to Redditor EscobarCocoPuff for spotting Diplo. He comes in at the 1:16 mark. Check it out!

Detective Pikachu – Official Trailer 2


Photo via Rukes.com

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Dotcom: “new music in 2019”

Yes, Dotcom.

Dotcom, aka Chris Comstock, has been busy with his current main project, Marshmello, since 2015. However, he has been releasing music here and there under his old alias in the meantime, like “Take A Picture” with Kayzo in 2015 and “Python” with Say My Name in 2016.

But, it’s been three years since we’ve gotten new music from Comstock’s original alias, and it seems that’s about to change. He tweeted this morning, succinctly, “new music in 2019.”

Well, there you have it.

With the Marshmello project already geared toward so many styles of production, we have to imagine that Chris will be taking it back to Dotcom for his classic trap sound, but we’ll really have to see.

And on another note, will it be like Virtual Self and Porter Robinson? “There will be no Dotcom music at Marshmello shows; there will be no Marshmello music at Dotcom shows”? Something to consider.

new music in 2019

— dotcorn (@iamDOTCOM) February 26, 2019

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Your EDM Premiere: Mefjus – ‘Sleazebag’ Ed Rush Remix [Vision]

In the wake of his massive hit album Manifest released last year on Noisia’s Vision imprint, Mefjus has had the benevolence to commission and bestow upon the masses an equally huge remix album, due out this Friday, March 1. Since said D&B masses have been salivating over the release of this remix album pretty much since the original LP came out, Mefjus and Vision have also deigned to release a decent number of singles as well. So far remixes from Annix, Camo & Krooked, Loadstar, Break, Culprate, Signal, Misanthrop, Skeptical, Rebitrh, Circuits and Levitate have all been released on their own. Is there more? Oh, so much more.

With the release of the full album just days away, Your EDM managed to snag a streaming copy of Ed Rush’s “Sleazebag” just to make sure heads are whipped into a proper frenzy. With this track being one of the most iconic on Manifest, one might wonder if it even can be remixed. Mr. Rush has answered that questions swiftly and thoroughly.

The most notable change in Ed Rush’s remix of “Sleazebag” is that the main synth sample which characterizes the track is now sped up and doubled down. It doesn’t sound like that would make that big of a difference in the track but it does. That small tweak changes the way the listener will hear the tempo, the syncopation of synths to drums to bassline and even the distortion.

Said distortion is another key difference; it’s often said that a good remix will highlight the points of interest on the original track, and the extra loud, metallic distortion on the “Sleazebag” does just that. Anyone who heard the original mix would never have classified it as minimal when it comes to the ambient sounds filling the space around the main mix but when compared to Ed Rush’s remix, that is now indeed a descriptor. In true Ed Rush fashion, he’s hardened up one of the hardest drum and bass tracks of 2018 and thus highlighted how well-constructed the original is while making a completely new and interesting track out of the remix.

With “Sleazebag” being one of the final tracks to preview before Manifest remixed releases, fans may think they have a pretty good idea of what to expect when it drops. Rest assured, however, that there are still many twists and turns to come from Mefjus and friends. The remix album is truly just as great as the original Manifest.

The Manifest remix album drops on Vision this Friday, March 1. Check Beatport, Spotify and the Vision Recordings website for stream and purchase options.

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Will Sparks Apologizes for “Alcohol Fueled… Aggressive” Behavior At Ultra

Earlier tonight, Your EDM published an exclusive article detailing an aggressive interaction between Will Sparks and an artist tour manager at Ultra Australia this past weekend. Sparks was described by the tour manager as being verbally abusive and physically threatening.

Will Sparks has since reached out to Your EDM with a statement and apology concerning the situation, owning up to his actions and admitting that it was alcohol fueled, which he again admits “is no excuse.”

In the statement, Will also says that he reached out to the individual and apologized directly. Read the full statement and apology below.

I cannot express how regretful and apologetic I am regarding the incident that unfolded in Sydney on Feb 24. I was aggressive and said some unforgiving remarks that made no sense at all and were simply not true. At no point was I ever physical with any of the male or female staff. This is is completely out of character for me. Never in my life have I reacted in such a way, I am very embarrassed by my actions.

Unfortunately this was alcohol fuelled, which is no excuse. I had some built up personal frustrations which all came out at once, at an innocent individual who was just doing their job.

This is a massive learning curve for me. I embarrassed not only myself, but my whole team as well which I hate myself for.

I’m taking full responsibility for my actions and am willing to do what it takes to mend the situation as best I can.

I have also issued my apology to the person affected.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Will Sparks Apologizes for “Alcohol Fueled… Aggressive” Behavior At Ultra