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Lollapalooza Day One Evacuated Due to Weather

Lollapalooza attendees were forced to evacuate the festival grounds at Grant Park during the headlining sets of day one due to severe weather. The rain, lightning and thunder during the headlining sets posed too much of a threat so Lollapalooza opted to cut the headliners very early in their sets and force and evacuation to […]

Rezz Releases Debut Album Mass Manipulation

Rezz Releases Debut Album Mass Manipulation Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. We can officially say that we have made contact with other worldly beings. They have sent a messenger. She goes by the name of Rezz and she is here to take over. We’ve been waiting for this. Rezz finally released her debut album, Mass […]

KSHMR – Materia EP

The long anticipated EP from KSHMR has arrived! Eager fans have waited and speculated for months on when KSHMR would release his EP. Materia, released on his own label Dharma Worldwide, has arrived, and fans can now listen to the four track EP. Fans can listen to the EP on Spotify starting Friday, August 4, 2017. The EP takes listeners on […]

Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland Reportedly In Talks With Feds for Plea Deal

The sole good thing that came out of the dumpster fire that was Fyre Festival, minus the memes I guess, was the news that founder Billy McFarland was not going to get away with lying and ripping off tens of thousands of potential festival attendees and investors. On June 30th he was arrested and officially charged with wire fraud by […]

Steve Angello Reveals 2 New Tracks and Details On 3-Part Album [LISTEN]

Steve Angello has returned with two brand new songs — “Rejoice” and “Breaking Kind” — and promises to release two more every week until his upcoming album Almost Human drops! The iconic producer takes an especially artistic outlook on the project, which has completely shaped his release strategy and how he builds his live shows. Angello’s three-part […]

KSHMR Releases Debut EP “Materia” On New Label Dharma Worldwide

This, of course, isn’t KSHMR’s first ever EP. But it is the first EP ever released on KSHMR’s new label Dharma Worldwide, which makes this abundantly special. For those who follow KSHMR, you know that he’s one of the few people keeping intelligent and creative big room alive. With his unique Indian influence, KSHMR is […]

Check Out “Saint Laurent” by DJ Sliink, Wale & Skrillex

After just releasing his last single “Would You Ever” with Poo Bear, Skrillex is back again on another collaborative endeavor with DJ Sliink and legendary rapper Wale. The track, “Saint Laurent,” is a quirky jersey club jaunt with a little more grit under the hood. There are none of the stereotypical bed squeaks in this […]

The Chainsmokers Drop “Honest” 6-Pack of Transformative Remixes [LISTEN]

If you love The Chainsmokers, or even if they’re not your cup of tea, there’s a little something for everyone to get down to on their “Honest” remix pack! The electronic duo has mastered the recipe for making the most addictive EDM/pop tunes, as put into practice with the original track from Memories… Do Not […]

Four Tet- Planet

Four Tet – Planet Once again Four Tet has blessed our ear drums with the official release of ‘Planet’, his second track this year. The track starts off with a pleasant techno kick and layers in chimes, sensual vocal samples and eventually brings in those iconic metallic strings that he has mastered. This 7 minute […]