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Proximity Uploads Fan-Made “Language” Live Edit

“Language” has and forever will be one of the great tracks in EDM history. Its euphoric melodies and unearthly, emotional undertone has left thousands of ravers in tears across the world, but none so much as when Porter Robsinon closes with his live edit on tour… After waiting for over an hour listening to his […]

Five Artists You Must Listen To Before Heading to Electric Forest

Written by Dave Liebowitz, Everipedia It’s March and festival season is kicking off. Although I have been to plenty of music festivals before, the year will be the first time I will be attending the legendary Electric Forest, happening June 22 – July 2. When looking at the lineup, I recognized most of the acts, but some of […]

Yves V – Find Your Soul

Yves V – Find Your Soul Let’s get serious for a minute. As of this past weekend, in early March, festival season has begun! At this very moment new music will start flowing in from artists big and small. As fans, our biggest problem is finding it all and seeking out the best tunes. Don’t […]

Sutton – Told Y’all EP

Sutton – Told Y’all EP For all the tech-heads out there looking for something a little new, you are going to want to check out Tampa based Brandon Sutton, otherwise just known as Sutton. The South Florida native recently released his Told Y’all EP showcasing his brand of tech-house to the scene. The young producer’s […]

Is There A Skrillex & Fifth Harmony Collaboration In The Works?

2017 has been an extremely busy year for Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex. Between his Grammy nominations, rejoining his emo roots band From First to Last, and collaborating on an Incubus track, he is refusing to settle down in any one genre or musical world.  Now, another project may be in the works, as hinted at over his […]

Louis the Child – Phone Died

Louis the Child – Phone Died Louis the Child released “Phone Died“, a new track for new weekend jams with Blaise Railey. We’ve all been there before. Drunkenly stumbling home after a (not so) memorable night out trying to call up the homies to see where they wandered off to. The only problem is your phone is […]

Dada Land Compound Is Returning To San Francisco This Weekend

Dada Land is bringing their compound to San Francisco once again this Saturday, March 11. The duo’s high octane tom foolery and energy will grace the massive Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and bring loads of activities beyond just the music; though even then, you can count on hearing lots of new material. “We wanted to […]

See Porter Robinson’s Full “Worlds” Set From Okeechobee

Two and a half years after the debut of Porter Robinon’s Worlds tour and we still can’t get enough. Though not the longest running tour in EDM history, he’s traveled to nearly every continent and played numerous shows across a wide variety of festivals and locales. And after the wildly successful Shelter tour with Madeon, the last […]