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Listen To Tommie Sunshine’s Current Top 10 Tracks

Here at Your EDM, we’re always looking for more innovative ways to push the music that we love. A standard review is great, but overplayed; the same often goes for interviews, especially when an artist does one for every single blog. It’s good to find something a bit personal to the artist, but still involves […]

Pola & Bryson – Open Your Eyes Feat. MVE [Soulvent Records]

How exactly do you define a piece of music that makes you feel something on an emotionally-binding level? How do you pinpoint the exact moment your stomach churns, while those little oh-so-familiar goosebumps travel down your forearms like wildfire in the driest of forests? Normally I wouldn’t have an answer for that. Who in their […]

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Odner – Mirage (Original Mix)

Odner presenting the beautifully melodic Mirage. As the chords sway you away, the electro drop with euphoric sounds do their part to blow the dancefloor to bits.BIG! Download pro.beatport.com/release/mirage/1605460 Follow Deugene soundcloud.com/deugenemusic vk.com/deugenemusic twitter.com/deugenemusic Follow Odner soundcloud.com/odnerdj https://vk.com/odner_musician

Deugene – I Wanna Be Your Heartbeat Tonight (Original Mix)

Deugene taking you sky high, straight to a heavenly breakdown with subtle drum patterns and mesmerizing sounds. It’s just that piece of quiet before the storm breaks, featuring melancholic electro melodics and sweet vocals.I Wanna Be Your Heartbeat Tonight 100% hit and sweeps you away and gets the crowd dancing as one.

Deugene – Secret About You (Original Mix)

Deugene is back this time with a dance floor reaper to rip through the worlds dance floors with his newest track entitled ‘Secret About You’. A brain melting big room Electro brute ready to propel his growing reputation to the next level.