Illenium Announces New Collaboration With Bahari, “Crashing,” Out Next Week

Even since the release of his sophomore album Awake in 2017, Illenium has been pumping out new music. In 2018, he released “Don’t Give Up On Me” with Kill The Noise and Mako, “Sound of Where’d U Go” with 1788-L, “Gold (Stupid Love)” with Excision, “Take You Down,” “God Damnit” with Call Me Karizma, and a remix of Halsey’s “Without Me.”

Now in 2019, Illenium is starting off the year with a huge collaboration featuring Bahari entitled “Crashing.” The last we heard of Bahari in dance music was their 2017 collaboration with Grey, “I Miss You.”

We’ve tried finding a preview of this one but have come up empty handed. No doubt Illenium will slowly reveal some teasers over the course of the next week; but no matter what, we’re excited for this one.

Check out the track art for “Crashing” below, and pre-save it here.

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Crashing ft. @bahari // 1/25/19 🎉 Pre-save in bio!!!

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LSD Brings On Lil Wayne For New Remix Of “Genius”

The Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo project LSD just got a whole lot more thug. After releasing their song “Genius” in May last year, the trio have brought on an unexpected guest to amp up a new remix: Lil Wayne.

Of the original, Your EDM wrote, “‘Genius’ is a sexy, playful lovers’ anthem with a smooth, funky rhythm that’s destined to get stuck in your head after just one listen. The lyrics, the mood, well, everything is completely, uniquely original — with just the right amount of weird.”

The “remix” keeps the original beat for the most part, but replaces Labrinth’s verses with Lil Wayne. The effect is a lot less sultry and sexy, and more, well… Lil Wayne-ish. The Cash Money rapper puts his own special spin on the track that gives it an entirely different vibe and we’re all about.

Lil Wayne’s remix gets its own special music video, which you can see below.

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Disco. Techno. Laser Beam. Minimal Effort NYE 2019 [Event Review+Gallery]

Minimal Effort has become something of  New Years Eve tradition for me. This year was my third year in a row attending the event put on by Underrated Presents. And out of the three years I attended, I would say it was easily my favorite. Unfortunately, I don’t know that everyone in attendance would agree with that statement.

Between this year’s treat of a well-executed Halloween event and the new open bar option for VIP, I had high hopes for Minimal’s NYE. Unfortunately, adding the new VIP packages and heavily promoting them seemed to be one new element too many for Minimal. I am not sure if there was a breakdown in communication with the security at the Belasco, but around 11:30 the GA line to enter was wrapped around one side of the block and the VIP line was spilling into the space of the venue next door.

Once inside, with five different stages and the always refreshing and visually stimulating vendor area at the center, Minimal Effort NYE was a blast! I started my night off in the dungeon of The Belasco with SuperFlu before quickly racing up to the ballroom to try and meet up with my friends to ring in NYE with Justin Jay. Unfortunately, I do not have the best sense of direction and ended up getting lost along the way (which isn’t a difficult situation to find yourself in the maze that is the Belasco) and I ended up at the main stage dancing 2018 out of my system to Sasha as the clock struck midnight. Personally, I actually enjoyed having this moment just to myself and felt like it kind of set the tone for the new year. I had a sense of well-being knowing I could take my life and happiness into my own hands and not sweat the small stuff such as getting lost in a maze of a venue. After Sasha, I split the next couple hours again going up and down the Belasco stairs so I could see both Hats & Klaps and one of my favorite Dirtybirds, Will Clarke, before ending the night with a bassy, grimy set by Skream. If there is one thing that Minimal Effort has managed to always get right it is always having a killer lineup that makes each year an irresistible techno retreat. But, having been to a handful of Minimal Effort events over the years, there are still some issues they need to iron out as they continue to grow and bring in larger and louder crowds.

This leads to the only other complaint I heard throughout the night: the open bar. While this seemed like a great idea when it was first announced, this new perk just didn’t quite live up to the hopes of those who spent the extra money. While I did not have access to the open bar, a couple of my friends purchased VIP tickets and their report of the new “Open Bar” was overwhelmingly unimpressed. Overzealous security, again, was the main source of complaint. Once in the bar area, you could not leave with any sort of liquid (including water) which meant anyone who had a mix of GA tickets and VIP tickets had to choose between being with their friends or staying where they could get a free drink. While I understand they don’t want one person in a group getting a VIP ticket and then supplying a large group of friends who purchased GA tickets with drinks throughout the night, the way it was handled made anyone I knew who had the VIP option not want to use it. Also, if an artist is DJing an event, I think we can all agree they should be able to access the VIP open bar. If not to get a free drink for their hard work, then as an extra perk for the fans in the VIP area who would have had a kick out of hanging out with them.

While neither the long line nor open bar missteps had much of an effect on my night, it was a sore spot amongst many who attended leading to several dissatisfied comments on the event’s social media. Overall, Minimal Effort NYE definitely has room to improve as far as organization and perhaps choice in staff and venue. But with the lineup these guys bring year after year, I honestly can’t imagine ringing New Years Eve at any other festival.

Note: I did not come up with the title to this review. I have to dedicate that to an amazing group of weirdos that have been my friends, family, and whose support was the only thing that kept me sane in 2018.

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The Chainsmokers Are In The Studio With Blink-182

The Chainsmokers are in the studio with Blink-182.

Let’s just let that sink in for a little bit… Ready? Ok.

It almost seems surreal, to see the group who once did “Selfie” in the studio with one of the greatest pop punk/alt rock bands of all time. Yet, here we are. That being said, even these types of collaborations aren’t entirely foreign to The Chainsmokers, who have worked with Coldplay and Florida Georgia Line, and even have a song inspired by Beach House. Not to mention the collaborations teased back in 2016 with Linkin Park, Big Sean, and Weezer. (These might never see the light of day.)

While an Instagram post from Blink’s Matt Skiba simply shows them in a studio, a tweet from The Chainsmokers confirms that a song has indeed been written. “We can die happy now,” the duo writes.

Turns out, dreams can come true. As one redditor put it, “They went from writing about them to writing with them. If that ain’t a success story idk what is.”

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Writing wrongs… #chainsmokers ✨

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Just did a session with blink182 and wrote an amazing song. We can die happy now

— THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) January 17, 2019


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Amsterdam Dance Event Confirms Dates for 2019

This year marks the 24th iteration of Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the largest conference and festival of its kind. With 2018 being yet another record breaking year for ADE, with attendance reaching 400,000 for the first time, it is no surprise that organizers believe they’ll be hitting the same numbers this year.

The multiple conference tracks and unique festival programing work seamlessly in tandem every year. The conference side is able to give a platform and voice to numerous matters that we face in the music industry such as business, cultural, and technological trends. Then the festival program is able to showcase the true diversity of electronic music and its many sub-genres. The organizers are committed to once again enhancing the daytime activities in 2019 through partnerships with cultural institutions and multi-disciplinary collaborations that engage with the broadest possible range of the creative industries. It is no mistake that this event continues to learn and grow from itself to improve.

Amsterdam Dance Event elevates music and business to another level that has yet to be matched by any other event. Because of that continued dedication the organizers have they are always met with excitement. With that being said the event organizers have officially confirmed that ADE 2019 will run from Wednesday, October 19th to Sunday, October 20th in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

The ADE Pass and ADE Conference Pass are now on sale. Single day event tickets along with different conference pass options will be available in the coming months so be sure to keep a watchful out for those.

Photo Credit: Jordy Brada

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Toto’s “Africa” Will Play On Repeat In African Desert For All Eternity Thanks To This Art Installation

From its place in an episode of Scrubs to finally being covered by Weezer, Toto’s 1982 smash hit “Africa” probably has a longer shelf life than the band ever anticipated.

Now, thanks to an art installation from Namibian-German artist Max Siedentopf, it has the potential to live on forever. Siedentopf was inspired by the song’s recent resurgence in popularity (that is, more than it already was), and created a monument to its timelessness.

Writes NPR, “Siedentopf installed Toto Forever late last December while back home with his family in Namibia. Six speakers are placed atop individual plinths and attached to an MP3 player that contains only the song; the entire thing is powered by solar energy with the promise that it will run ‘for all eternity.’”

Of course, that’s if the hot sun and scratchy sand doesn’t cause irreparable damage to the speakers and/or MP3 player first.

“I was very intrigued by this and wanted to pay the song the ultimate homage and physically exhibit ‘Africa’ in Africa,” Siedentopf told NPR. “The Namibian desert — which is, with 55 million years, the oldest desert in the world — seemed to be the perfect spot for this.”

As for the location of the installation, all that’s known is that it’s somewhere in the Namib Desert. The desert itself is 31,274 sq mi, so good luck if you ever try to find it.

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New Leak Reveals All Three iPhoneXI Models & Max’s Triple-Camera System

The forthcoming iPhoneXI has allegedly leaked and it seems as though Apple is putting most of its focus on camera lenses this time around. But is that enough to keep mobile users interested?

Apple is expected to, for the fist time ever, utilize a triple rear camera especially for its Max model. The prospected lenses offer a setup to capture moments like no other device on the market. Some are calling the new triple-threat camera game-changing.

According to tech guru Ben Geskin, “WSJ: High-end #iPhoneXI (Max) will feature triple camera system. XS successor will remain with two, XR successor also with dual camera.”

WSJ: High-end #iPhoneXI (Max) will feature triple camera system. XS successor will remain with two, XR successor also with dual camera.

— Ben Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) January 11, 2019

There are mixed reviews on the design of the new iPhone, as always. According to Forbes, iPhone XI is currently at the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage — which means the design has yet to be finalized. However, the render below will give you an idea of what Apple is going for.

What do you think?

2019 iPhone XI Renders

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Shuttle And Transport Details Revealed For Ultra Miami 2019

Since it was announced that Ultra Music Festival was to take place in Virginia Key in 2019, one of the biggest concerns was transportation to and from the festival. The only road into Virginia Key is Rickenbacker Causeway, a two-lane highway that can’t possibly support the tens of thousands of attendees who would be traveling to the festival each day.

A cease & desist from Rapture Festival toward Ultra inadvertently revealed that Ultra was applying for water taxi permits, but yesterday the festival revealed the full scope of its transportation options.

Two major points regarding the shuttles for Ultra in 2019:

  • They will be FREE
  • They will have restrooms, air-conditioning, and free WiFi

Those two points alone do a lot to put aside worries about transportation. There will be three shuttle hubs around Miami for attendees to hop on and grab a ride, two of which are fairly close to Ultra’s old venue Bayfront Park, in case attendees already reserved hotels and couldn’t change reservations.

At this time, no official mention of water taxis has been made, but it’s more than likely that there will be some sort of water transport to the festival.

The announcement yesterday reminds attendees that there is no parking for General Admission patrons. Whether this means there’s a VIP option for parking on Virginia Key is unclear; we were unable to find any definitive answer on Ultra’s website.

Learn more at

At #Ultra2019, we will take care of transporting you to our island paradise!From strategic locations around Miami, you…

Posted by Ultra Music Festival on Monday, January 14, 2019


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R3hab Drops Remix Pack for “Radio Silence” and North American Tour

R3hab is kicking off 2019 with a brand new remix pack and a North American tour. “Radio Silence” featuring Jocelyn Alice is the latest single off R3hab’s recent album The Wave. While the Dutch/Moroccan producer originally came to fame behind massive festival tracks like “Revolution” and “Samurai”, over the past couple of years R3hab has shown himself to be adept at switching between mainstage ready tracks and more radio-friendly fare. “Radio Silence” is definitely a more pop-leaning track. Some acoustic guitar synths lay the framework for the song and Jocelyn Alice’s vocals weave a somber tale of loneliness. The drop and the rhythm are bouncy though.

The Radio Silence EP showcases a variety of new takes on the track. The Ryan Riback remix offers a bit more of a traditional piano-house version of the track. The King Arthur remix might be the best, offering up a thrilling electro-house rendition of the song, that would fall perfectly into any R3hab set. The Rainer + Grimm remix is also a winner, offering a mix of electro and tropical house into a song that’s perfect for a summer pool party. D-Wayne and Matthew Hill round out the rest of the remix pack.

Check out Radio Silence EP out now on R3hab’s Cyb3rpvnk records and get your tickets to see him on The Wave tour starting next month.

Feb. 2 Washington DC-Echostage
Feb. 8 Denver-The Church
Feb. 9 Las Vegas-Marquee
Feb. 15 San Francisco-Mezzanine
Feb. 16 Los Angeles-Belasco Theater
Feb. 22 Toronto-Uniun
Feb. 23 Chicago-Concord Music Hall
Feb. 26 Ledyard, CT-Shrine
Mar. 1 Brooklyn-Brooklyn Steel

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Your EDM Guest Mix: Trei’s Newest Tracks So Heavy You Might Get ‘The Bends’

Trei has been a mainstay with Viper Recordings since 2013 but it’s been a few years since he released solo tracks with them, preferring to lend his brand of emotive yet hard-hitting DnB to compilations and collabs. Last month he did release some solo jams on Viper, however, in the form of “Fools Rush” and “The Bends.” It doesn’t hurt that he has two more new tracks out on the Viper 2019 Annual: a compilation with Ekko & Sidetrack called “Luddites” and his own solo track called “Out There.”

Suffice it to say that for this guest mix he has bestowed upon Your EDM, Trei could have simply laid down his own recent Viper tracks back to back and everyone would have been more than happy. That is not the case however, and in fact this little 20-minute mix includes 15 tracks of varying genres and intensities. He’s covered all the great music that has come out or is coming out this month, including his own tracks but also featuring Insomniax’s banger “Foghorn,” Crissy Criss’s “Shockwave” with Malux and Erb ‘n’ Dub and Rido’s “Blueprint” with Joe Ford. There’s also some fun wild cards like a track from Vowel on Bad Taste, multiple Prototypes tracks and some seemingly random tracks from Dub Elements. It’s a power-packed little mix full of surprises and emotional ups and downs.

We won’t say much more other than this mix is a need to listen to hear all the bangers that are out and up in the next month or so. It’s also a lesson in how to put all these seemingly opposed tracks together in a subgenre mashup mix that defies gravity.

All of Trei’s newest tracks on Viper and otherwise are available on his Beatport page and clips are available on Soundcloud or full streams on Spotify. Don’t forget to pick up the Viper Annual as well, out now.

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