Is Tomorrowland Hinting At Swedish House Mafia?

Tomorrowland wrapped up its first week of artist announcements a couple weeks ago, but there’s still plenty more to be announced. In fact, it seems one major announcement is on its way rather soon. A teaser posted to Tomorrowland’s socials this morning seems to suggest that a certain Swedish trio could be coming to Belgium this summer.

The 15-second teaser from Tomorrowland has stirred up a lot of debate from curious attendees, but the general consensus points to one name: Swedish House Mafia. The clip contains two notable clues that fans have zeroed in on to make their argument. First, a 3×3 grid of Tomorrowland logos appears two seconds in — Swedish House Mafia has been teasing all of their tour dates in 2019 in a similar fashion. Second, the words “One World Radio” flash very briefly around the nine second mark.

While these clues are tenuous at best, they’re what fans have chosen to hang their hats on.

No matter the actual reveal, the fact of the matter is that it’s probably coming very soon. Stay tuned to Tomorrowland’s socials and Your EDM to be the first to hear about what the festival has coming for its special 15th anniversary.

Celebrating 15 Years of Tomorrowland – Tune in soon.

— Tomorrowland (@tomorrowland) February 15, 2019


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GRiZ Drops Incredible New Song with A Message, “A New Day” ft. Matisyahu [LISTEN]

GRiZ has unleashed the fourth single off his forthcoming full-length album, Ride Waves“A New Day” featuring Matisyahu is a song with a message — their cry to end senseless gun violence.

The song was written just days after last year’s tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. GRiZ and Matisyahu couldn’t get the horrible event off their minds. Instead of pushing their thoughts to the side, they wrote “A New Day” to inspire change.

The single is a beautifully produced creation that upholds each artist’s unmistakeable style — and what they stand for. Every note and lyric falls right into place as these two take a stand. GRiZ and Matisyahu each provided statements to accompany the new release.

In Matisyahu’s own words: “The song kind of wrote itself and it came at a time when this was obviously what was going on around us and in our consciousness. When we walked into the studio we knew we wanted to make a meaningful song but we didn’t walk in there with this specific intention (addressing gun violence). When we came into that artistic place where we were like ‘let’s open up and figure out what is going on inside of us,’ this is what rose to the top.”

In GRiZ’s own words: “Matisyahu’s voice speaks volumes to so many people. He has this unique ‘way’ of speaking and I am infinitely humbled that we were able to link up an idea that I think is very necessary today.”

Listen below and take action here.

GRiZ – “A New Day” featuring Matisyahu

Pre-Order Ride Waves:

Buy tickets at:


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20-Year-Old Festival Attendee Pleads Guilty After Getting Caught with 114 Pills In Her Underwear

A hopeful attendee of Defqon 1 recently pled guilty after trying to smuggle 114 capsules of MDMA into the music festival. She wasn’t let past the front gate when drug dogs sniffed her out and authorities found her in possession of drugs — which were stuffed inside of a condom, hidden in her underwear.

It was 20-year-old Tracy Nguyen of Sydney, Australia. As the report goes, she became “erratic” around police and authorities became suspicious of her. After being targeted by drug dogs, she was stripped searched and that’s when authorities found the 114 capsules. She was taken into custody.

“Gurl would you be able to get it off someone else inside,” an incriminating text of Nguyen’s read. “I’m alrdy bringing 12.34g. I’m scared coz its my first time for dq. But ive done a few indoors before. And everyone says dq has 30 dogs and 100 polices.”

The contact in her phone reportedly responded, “There are like 2-3 dogs max. But yes there’s heaps of cops.”

Defqon 1 took place in September 2018. Months later, Nguyen’s guilty plea was heard. Her sentencing is set for March.


H/T: Rave Jungle | Source: Daily Telegraph

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Ekali & 1788-L Drop Brand New Collaboration “R U I N”

Ekali and 1788-L make their return with new music in 2019 together, on the glitchy and beautiful “R U I N.”

1788-L has been supporting Ekali on tour, and Ekali has been a supporter of 1788-L’s tunes since nearly the beginning, so a collaboration like this was only a matter of time. The result is a spectacular display of sound design, filth, and beauty.

I often say that juxtaposition is one of my favorite elements in music, placing two opposing sounds or forces against each other to maximize the qualities of each to the utmost degree. The same applies for “R U I N,” wherein the super mechanical and glitchy first drop is contrasted by the wildly beautiful and melodic second drop.

The single is accompanied by a music video depicting some post apocalyptic scene like something out of Blade Runner. Crumbled statues litter the vast wasteland, making for a another interesting contrast with the very artificial sounds of the music it portrays.

Watch and listen to “R U I N” below. If you’re in New York City, be sure to catch 1788-L at Kings Hall next Friday, February 22. Tickets are available here.

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Your EDM Premiere: Leyah – Na Na Na [Official Video]

The Romanian pop starlet Leyah is releasing her brand new single today. Making a striking debut, the empowering ‘Na Na Na’ is the perfect introduction to the singer’s sound. Coming from a family of musicians, Leyah is busy carving out her own path using her extensive background in various styles.

We have the premiere of the official video to ‘Na Na Na’ today, which features Leyah herself. It’s a magnificently shot visual switching between colour and monochrome shots. The theme covers the pitfalls of a trapped relationship whilst creating contrasting elements of nature, with beautiful cuts of the sea and expansive cliffs.

She says of her debut: “I’m so excited to release my first single ‘Na Na Na’. It’s a love song, about two people trapped in an all consuming relationship. So many people haven’t found true love yet – we don’t have time, we’ve been unlucky… but this song is for those whose relationship is so intense and passionate, that it transcends the constraints of our world.”

Check it out here.


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Your EDM Premiere: Too Kind – Crash (The Remixes)

There are very few bass music producers that have been as exciting to follow through the last few months as Jared Diaz, better known by his stage name Too Kind. A year ago, Diaz wasn’t much more than a bedroom producer with a big dream and a killer personality. More recently, he is admired as one of the most promising up-and-comers around, managing to pump out a variety of unique bass music tunes, while landing himself on lineups among the greats at EDC Orlando and Okeechobee.

While there were many steps on Too Kind’s road to success, one of the major landmarks was the release of his original “Crash” last October. The song was –and still is– a hefty piece of hybrid trap, which hit listeners with face-melting hard trap screeches, followed by some assaulting dubstep wobbles (a switch-up that spawned a streak of “CALM DOWN” comments on SoundCloud).

Needless to say “Crash” was a bit of a strange release for someone whose brand is centered around his unrelenting friendliness, but it did mark the beginning of a great stage for Too Kind. Because of this, it should be no surprise that the song ended up being Diaz’s first to receive a full-fledged remix package.

Available everywhere tomorrow, Crash (The Remixes) serves as a testament to both Diaz’s diversity as an artist and his desire to bring deserving up-and-comers into the limelight.

Even with eight different names on the package, no two remixes sound alike, and somehow not a single remix sounds all that much like the original song. The EP feels more like a collaborative effort between Too Kind and friends, with each remix using elements of Diaz’s original production, but also somewhat taking on their own identity. It may even be the first remix package in history that can be comfortably listened to in one sitting. It really is that diverse.

There’s something for everyone here. Will you fall for the glitchy hybrid style of Archiived, the hypnotic beats of Lizzy Jane, or the piercing electro stabs of Lawz? Will you bang your head to PLSMA‘s remix or shuffle to Burn1‘s? Perhaps you want to get your mind blown by 14-year-old Moore Kismet‘s impressive sound design, or just chill out with a funky fresh take from Grant Lee & Doctor Boom. Whatever the case may be, we sincerely hope you find something that suits your fancy. Listen to Crash (The Remixes) below and let us know which is your favorite!

Free Download

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The String Cheese Incident & Beats Antique Team Up At Last For New Single, “Bhangra Saanj” [PREMIERE]

Before I became known for my opinions in the world of bass music, I loved to listen to more worldly influenced electronic music from the likes of Beats Antique, CloZee, Desert Dwellers, EOTO, Sugarpill, Pega5u5, and the like. Even now that my focus is primarily on heavier styles, I still enjoy these artists and their work. So it’s my pleasure to premiere the new single “Bhangra Saanj” from The String Cheese Incident and Beats Antique.

The two groups have worked closely together, often appearing at the same festivals, for years — and fans have rightfully wished for a collaboration between the two. Michael Kang of SCI says, “For a few years now, I would run into David and Tommy at some random festival and the conversation would always end up with us expressing a desire to get together to produce a track.”

Eventually, the two groups got in the studio to jam and came out with this beautiful piece of art. The West African, Middle Eastern and Eastern European musical influences are clear as day, with the delicate string work and melodies.

“The percussion part is me playing the Punjabi Dhol drums along with Middle Eastern doumbek and other percussion textures while Tommy doubles the accents on snare drum,” says SCI’s Jason Hahn. “Then I took the track to the SCI guys back in our Colorado studio to zero in on their parts. It’s a really different flavor of a song and the Beats guys have developed their own signature style to play off of.”

When you have two producers in the studio, it’s hard to really get a clear picture of who did what, when there are so many hands working on engineering, arrangement, production, synthesis, and so on. But when you have a group of people jamming together in a studio on their own instruments, all of that ambiguity fades away. And in that way, it feels that much more authentic.

Sidecar Tommy of Beats Antique says, “We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with SCI – one of the hardest working independent touring bands in my lifetime! This track has become a mainstay in our live sets and can’t wait to unleash it!”

At last, fans can listen to “Bhangra Saanj” from The String Cheese Incident and Beats Antique below.

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Deadmau5 Officially Offers Apology For Homophobic Slur On Stream

With regards to saying the word “fag” in a heated moment during a live stream earlier this week, deadmau5 has officially apologized. He calls his non-apology on Reddit two days ago “hastily composed” and regrets trying to dismiss the use of the word as just a part of “gamer culture” – just because something is currently accepted within a certain sect does not mean that it’s appropriate.

“Apologies once again to everyone I’ve disappointed,” he says. “I would love nothing more than to finally be at peace with myself and be the best human being I can be, trust me. Being ‘mr. I don’t give a fuck’ is not someone I ever aspired to be.”

At the same time, I’d like to clear the air about an earlier article calling individuals’ reactions to deadmau5’s use of the word an “overreaction.” It was not Your EDM’s place to assume how people can or cannot feel about a topic, especially one as important as addressing a clear homophobic slur. As in that article, Your EDM still does not condone the use of hate speech or homophobic slurs in any capacity.

Read deadmau5’s full statement below.

Read please. from deadmau5


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Mariah Carey Apparently Confused The Chainsmokers For One Direction

There are a lot of boy bands out there, some might say too many too realistically keep track of and remember their faces. So for Mariah Carey to confuse Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, more commonly known as The Chainsmokers, for members of One Direction, isn’t all that unprecedented.

That’s apparently exactly what happened when the duo ran into the songstress.

“I remember seeing her and I was like, ‘Oh my God! Like ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Honey,’” Pall said uring a radio appearance Wednesday on SiriusXM’s “The Morning Mashup.” “And she was like, ‘Dude, I love you guys!’”

Unfortunately, the moment was shortlived.

“Were like, ‘Wow, you know who we are? And she was like, ‘One Direction, right?’” Pall said.

Of course, once Carey was made aware of her mistake, she owned up to it and joked about the whole ordeal.

.@TheChainsmokers of course I know you!! I love your song “that’s what makes you beautiful”! 😂😘

— Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) February 14, 2019

Maybe we’ll get a Chainsmokers & Mariah collaboration out of it? Probably not, but could you imagine?


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Your EDM Premiere: Delta Heavy – Take Me Home (feat Jem Cooke)

Three songs from Delta Heavy’s forthcoming sophomore album, Only In Dreams, have already been released. And so far, from the Zeds Dead collaboration “Lift You Up” to the solo original “Exodus,” the tracks have been pretty heavy. But, that’s not indicative of the whole album by any means.

Premiering today on Your EDM is the new collaboration with Jem Cooke, “Take Me Home.” This song just so happens to be the final track on the album, and it definitely leaves you with a good feeling once all is said and done.

Never really settling on dubstep or drum and bass or house in the first drop, “Take Me Home” carries a sort of Netsky-esque swagger. Eventually, it does zero in on drum and bass in the second drop, and it sounds glorious all the more for it.

Serving as the final album track, I do wish that it had more of an extended outro — something to lead the listener out of the experience. On the other hand, listening to it as just a track on its own, it’s beautifully written and leaves you feeling hopeful, not defeated.

“Take Me Home” featuring Jem Cooke is out today via Ram Records. Only In Dreams drops March 22.

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