EDC Reports Zero Deaths For Second Year In A Row

EDC Reports Zero Deaths For Second Year In A Row

The main stream media likes to make electronic dance music festivals out to be awful events rife with drug overdoses, illicit sex, and death. Coverage of this kind has certainly decreased in recent years as major music festivals have grown in size and harm reduction efforts have become more popular; but, nonetheless, unfortunate deaths still occur. That being said, for the second year in a row, EDC Las Vegas reported zero deaths at its annual festival.

When EDC moved to Las Vegas in 2011, it experienced a period of transition that involved having to deal with the intense heat of the Vegas desert. Deaths in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2017 certainly marred the festival, but it always bounced back.

Then, in 2018, EDC moved the festival up a month to May in an attempt to combat the heat — and it worked. The festival reported zero deaths in 2018. This year, once again, EDC reported zero deaths for the second year in a row.

While this could be contributed a lot to the cooler weather, EDC’s own staff onsite providing medical care is some of the best of any festival in the world. Medical personnel roam the festival from dusk to dawn, and a fully stocked medical facility is also found on the festival grounds, with emergency room doctors, nurses, EMTs and paramedics.

History unfortunately dictates that zero deaths is something to be celebrated, rather than the norm. However, perhaps it’s beginning to shift more in that direction.

Congratulations to EDC on another successful year, and we look forward to returning under the electric sky in 2020!

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Mysterious Avicii Cube Coming To Six Cities This June

Mysterious Avicii Cube Coming To Six Cities This June

Since the death of Avicii last year, it’s been interesting to see how his team has continued to push content out in his name. Beyond just the new music coming from the new album TIM in June, fans now also have the chance to “step inside the cube.”

In a new teaser posted to Avicii’s YouTube, his team invites fans to “step inside the cube” in six international cities: Stockholm, London, São Paulo, New York City, Sydney, and Tokyo. This will all happen over the course of two days, June 1 & 2, days before TIM is released on June 6.

Apart from the video and the information within, nothing else is known about what the cube is, how it relates to Avicii or his music, or how fans can sign up. We expect more information to be revealed soon, as the cube dates are only a week away.

Watch below.

Step inside the mysterious Avicii cube


Photo via Sean Eriksson

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Highest Paid DJs Earn Lowest Amount Since 2013

Highest Paid DJs Earn Lowest Amount Since 2013

The annual International Music Summit (IMS) Business Report for 2019 is now available following this year’s conference in Ibiza. While there are many signs of positive growth in dance music, there are also plenty of potentially worrisome issues plaguing some of dance music’s biggest markets.

Like any industry, one market can affect many others. When dance music’s biggest market, Las Vegas, does poorly, other areas can suffer. According to this year’s report, fewer people are going to nightclubs and pool parties in Vegas. In 2016, 15% of visitors to the city said they had been to a nightclub during their stay, which fell to just 7% in 2018. On a similar note, the amount of people going to pool parties during the same period fell from 11% to 4%.

This has had further reaching effects. The world’s highest paid DJs are now earning the lowest amount since 2013. While this doesn’t seem like a huge deal when they’re still making tens of millions per year, it would likely affect the fees of DJs being paid less than them, as well. The top 3 earners currently are Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, and Tiësto.

Still, some sectors of the industry are experiencing growth. An IFPI survey ranked dance as the world’s 3rd most popular genre, with an estimated 1.5 billion people typically listening to it. Markets in Germany and Canada also experienced growth over last year, which is good for internationally traveling artists (even though the dance share of recorded music fell in the US and UK).

Speaking of traveling artists, underground artists are beginning to get more recognition and tour dates. Nina Kraviz played 35 festivals last year and Amelie Lens (who only played 4 festivals in 2017) ranked second with 27 shows, both ranked ahead of Armin van Buuren with 26. Charlotte de Witte and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike also made the top five.

The intersection of dance music with video games is also a rapidly growing opportunity for DJs and dance music producers. The video games industry is worth 7x more than music, and artists like deadmau5, Marshmello, and more are reaping the benefits of getting in while the coals are hot.

The full report is available now, seen below.


Photo via Rukes.com

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Firebeatz Talk Evolving Sounds, New Music, and North America Tour [Interview]

If you’re looking for a lesson in longevity in electronic music, one of the models to follow would have to be Firebeatz. Tim Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar met at music school in the Netherlands more than 10 years ago. Since then they’ve formed a lasting friendship and musical legacy. The boys have stayed relevant through almost a decade’s worth of changes in electronic music. Together they have an unassailable legacy of working with the biggest names in the industry from Calvin Harris, Tiësto and Martin Garrix, and an impressive set of stamps on their passports as well, having played all over the world and at the biggest festivals including EDC, Ultra, and Tomorrowland.

Tim and Jurre have almost wrapped up their North American tour, which had stops in Philadelphia, Miami, and Los Angeles and Chicago. We got the chance to catch up with the guys and hear from them about a number of topics. Tim and Jurre talked about evolving their sound over the years, their record label, Ignite Recordings, how they stay close to the fans and the tour.

Hey guys, it’s been a couple of years since you were last here in L.A. Tell me what’s been going on with you guys since then. How has your music been developing over the past couple of years?

“Our music has developed over the years, we always try to have fun in the studio and make music that we feel at the moment. Right now we are digging the house vibe more and more, so naturally that is what we have been making. For us it feels we are coming full circle since we started out doing this.”

You guys also now have your own label, tell me what that’s been like, and how do you balance the act of making music and running a label?

“Our own label is something that we’re very proud of, it was a logical move to start our label. We want to give talents a platform and also use our label as an output for what we call ‘Club Weapons’. These are tracks that are what you would call ‘club tools’ instead of singles. It’s a great way to get this kind of music out to the public too. Next to that of course, it’s an outlet for the original Firebeatz sound.”

You guys are veterans in the game, what is the main challenge for you as artists now?

“The challenge is to evolve as an artist, this is sometimes difficult because a lot of fans expect a certain sound of us but we’re used to that.

When we started as Firebeatz we released some groovy tech-house music. Later on with tracks as ‘Dear New York’ & ‘Gangster’ we had this bass vibe going on. Since 2014 we had a lot of records that fitted the big room sound, but, still had a certain groove going on. We also have some experience with producing commercial/pop tracks, something that’s really interesting to produce, but will never have the same energy on the dancefloor as club/festival tracks. Therefore we always tried to release those tracks with a club mix in the package.

Another challenge is to keep in touch with your fanbase. Since we started about 10 years ago we have gained a lot of followers from around the world, but, equal to us, they have also developed their personal flavour. And, some of those ravers from 10 years ago aren’t going out anymore as well.”

You’ve already had a couple of releases this year with several more on the way. What can fans expect from you music wise this year?

“We have so much new music, so we’re very excited about 2019! We have new tracks planned on Spinnin’, Heldeep, Hexagon & our own imprint Ignite Recordings. Furthermore we’re finishing off collabs with Oliver Heldens, Sander van Doorn, Chocolate Puma & many more.”

You guys just wrapped the second leg of the tour, how’s it been going? Is there anything different about going on the road now as opposed to when you first started?

“The tour has been really insane so far! We have a lot of experience as DJs and we always try to trigger the crowd with some new music! And so far we’re really impressed with the crowd this tour. It seems that the club scene is growing bigger again, and after a couple of years where commercial music was expected to be heard we found out that we were able to play all these new tracks and the crowd was still feeling the vibe.

Another difference between touring now and when we first started is that there’s a lot more happening around the show. Meet & greets, show elements , visuals, photos, videos. It’s not just playing a DJ set.”

What festivals will we see you at this summer?

“Our summer schedule is looking crazy already with shows all around the world! We’ve got some big festivals that we can’t announce yet, but keep an eye on our socials and you’ll find out soon. Ok, we can give away this one, in June we’re playing the mainstage (around 50,000 people) of World Club Dome in Frankfurt which is a huge show in Europe”

Who would be you guys’ dream collab?

“Some acts that we would really like to collab with are: The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers & a follow up with Calvin Harris would be dope as well!” 

If you missed the tour check out this video of their upcoming collaboration with Oliver Heldens at their performance at Academy in Los Angeles.

There’s still one more date left, a special boat party at Pier 15 in New York City on June 28. This should be a big one, get your tickets here.

Check out Firebeatz latest track “Bounce” with Schella and Pexem out now on Heldeep.

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New Nightclub Mémoire Opens With Sets From Steve Aoki, Don Diablo, SHAQ, and More

Living in Los Angeles, personally, I like to consider myself spoiled. That being said, the rest of the country is recognizing that people want to see live EDM shows, and everyone is pouring big money into big speakers, bright lights, and the best talent that money can buy. Big Night Entertainment Group (BNEG), Boston’s preeminent
hospitality and nightlife company, is launching a new luxury nightclub Mémoire at the forthcoming Encore Boston Harbor resort.

The luxury nightclub officially opens June 23 with R3HAB, but other acts during opening week are as good, if not better. Opening week will include shows from Steve Aoki, Don Diablo, Diesel aka Shaquille O’Neal, and more.

“We are beyond thrilled to introduce Mémoire and to be a part of the incredible Encore Boston Harbor project,” said BNEG Principal Randy Greenstein. “Mémoire will offer a high-energy nightlife destination within the five-star property, regularly welcoming top DJs and nightlife talent from around the world. At Mémoire we wanted the guest experience to be unlike anything else in Boston, blending the most state-of-the-art technology available with glamorous and sophisticated décor. The result is a space that’s really high energy and captivating while still offering that luxurious and VIP experience.”

BNEG previously renovated The Grand in Boston in 2017, regularly welcoming the world’s biggest DJs including Alesso, Steve Aoki, Kaskade and Hardwell, so you know they know their way around a talent offer. Mémoire is outfitted in the latest technology throughout, including a giant LED wall behind the DJ booth with captivating visuals, a Funktion One sound system, and a custom state-of-the-art LED chandelier showering the dance floor with a spectacular light show, visible on the spacious dancefloor and from the second floor mezzanine.

Mémoire will be one of 15 dining, lounge and casual food offerings located in the three-million square foot Encore Boston Harbor Resort. For more information, visit their website or follow on social media @MemoireBoston.

Mémoire Opening Week Lineup


Photo via Rukes.com

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Skrillex Announces New Remix Dropping This Friday

Skrillex just announced new music. Skrillex just announced new music.

We’ll say it louder for the people in the back: SKRILLEX JUST ANNOUNCED NEW MUSIC.

The producer, who recently worked on Kelsey Lu‘s original song “Due West,” has remixed the track and it releases this Friday. With a gorgeous soundscape to begin with, no doubt this remix is going to be incredible.

Skrillex already confirmed he has plenty of forthcoming releases queued up. Aside from a Dog Blood EP coming the end of this month, he sees his most current work being broken down into a “couple bodies of work.” There’s plenty more in the works.

The wait is almost over. We’ve experienced the Skrillex drought and have come out on the other side. Get ready for his “Due West” remix in just two days!

Skrillex  “Due West” Remix Coming Friday

Dropping a remix on Friday for @IAmKelseyLu’s song “Due West”🖤🖤 I worked on the original so you can check it out in the mean time . I love this song😭🖤🙏https://t.co/S8Wh5L634V

— Skrillex (@Skrillex) May 22, 2019


Photo via CTL for Insomniac Events

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Colin Thomas Drops ‘BOSSIN’ 3-Track EP via GHETTO GHETTO [LISTEN]

Bitch, I feel awesome — and Colin Thomas has everything to do with it. The producer recently hit us with three explosive new tracks, packaged together as his Bossin EP.

One must learn the rules in order to break them and that’s exactly what Thomas does here. His technical skill set allows for a playful approach to g house. Thus, this flavorful and versatile EP adapts to any music setting, showcasing the producer’s craft and providing three different moods that play nice together.

“Bossin” is bad to its core, rocking them laser beams and giving a nod to the current tech house craze. “One Hundred” builds on the theme with a more forceful approach, perfectly described as a “quirky, bassy late night roller.” Finally, “With Me” finishes strong with a tasteful mix emphasized by the low-end.

If you don’t know, now you know. Listen here to Colin Thomas’ latest here via GHETTO GHETTO and link up below.

Colin Thomas – Bossin EP [Ghetto Ghetto]

Connect with Colin Thomas

SoundCloud | SpotifyFacebook| Twitter | Instagram 

Connect with GHETTO GHETTO

SoundCloud | Beatport | Facebook | Instagram | Website

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Carnage Talks Returning From His Hiatus, Remembering Avicii & Mac Miller, and The Future Of RARE

2018 was a rough year for Carnage. Between losing both Avicii and Mac Miller, both dear friends of his, and seeing all the hate on social media on all sides, he’d decided enough was enough and took a short hiatus from it all. Now in 2019, he’s looking to get back head first into the carnage (pardon the pun) and tear shit up.

First, though, he had to release a pretty emotional song and music video for “Letting People Go,” which retraced the steps his family took when migrating from Nicaragua, through Guatemala, and across the southern US border as illegal immigrants. But now, Carnage has only bangers lined up for the rest of the year, plus some new upcoming shows and RARE fests.

Check out “Letting People Go” again below, and read on to learn about Carnage’s path back on the road to success and the public eye.

It’s great to have you back in the game — your decision to take a break from producing and djing a few months ago took a lot of people by surprise, and left fans with a lot of questions. Why did you go on a hiatus?

You know, in this fast paced world we live in today it’s so tough to take a step back and say to yourself ‘i’m doing too much’. Because of that, I slowly noticed I was putting myself in unhealthy and hectic environments night in and night out all around the world. I was in a constant state of creative block but knew when I had some creative juices flowing over break that I was getting myself in a better place. Bettering myself, and taking care of myself holistically, was truly what my break was about. We all saw what happened to Tim, this sh*t is not a game, it’s real. We all gotta take care of ourselves and help each other. I woke up one morning and told myself it was time, I deserved a little time off. I was tired, sick, emotionally and mentally confused and I needed this break to start ASAP.

It looked like Avicii’s & Mac Miller’s death hit you pretty hard. What was your relationship with them like?

As I just said, this sh*t is not a game, it’s real. Tim & Mac were two of my homies. Everyone knew how close Mac and I were because of ‘Learn How to Watch’ but Tim and I, we had a bond man. All 3 of us were such creatives, we had so many great ideas. We would talk about music, culture, how we could change the world and then it was all taken from us, they were taken from us. It’s crazy man, I miss them every day. RIP LEGENDS <3

You recently released ‘Letting People Go,’ which is debatably your most emotional and powerful release to date. What was the production process like for this song? Any inspirations?

LPG is undoubtedly my most favorite release to date, the day I finished it in Thailand was truly incredible. It’s one of those songs where as a producer you finish it and you can feel a wave run through you. This song isn’t a banger compared to some of my other dance productions, because it’s raw and emotional. As seen in the music video, this song is directly related to my family… the song is dedicated to my Grandmother. During my time off I had time to reflect on my roots, what made me, and how important I am to my family and how I have to keep providing for them. My family did everything to give me a platform, and had to make a lot of tough decisions to do so, and this song is for them.

The music video is incredibly moving as it retraces the steps your family took when migrating from Nicaragua, through Guatemala, and across the southern US border as illegal immigrants. What does this video mean to you?

As said this song is for my family and this video is a testament to that. The purpose behind the video was to show how crazy of a journey my family went through to give me this life. This video is so real to everyone who can relate and truly honored my family. I see tweets and get DMs all the time about how this video means so much to them and knowing how much this means to my fans makes this video 100x more important to me. As a proud first generation American my responsibility is to help those less fortunate and going through legal hardship. I want to be a role model for all, but especially immigrants and other first generation Americans.

You’re known to have some of the biggest collaborations in both EDM and Rap. In the past you’ve worked with Migos, Mac Miller, Steve Aoki, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Rich The Kid and many more. Any major features or collabs coming down the line?

So many big collabs coming up… only fire too! My next single actually has a biiig feature. Got 2 dudes on it that are basically stadium level acts, real talk. I also am hoping in and out of the studio with artists all the time where new ideas are being born. If you were at my Exchange LA show [review here] you probably heard my new track with Shoreline Mafia, who I brought out as a special guest. I have 5 or 6 heaters right now in the bank, all ready to go, and am really just waiting on the right time to drop them.

What’s your stance on SoundCloud?

6 years ago I remixed Hardwell’s ‘Spaceman’ and put it on SoundCloud and now it has 30+ million views. SoundCloud over the years has been such a powerful platform for so many new artists and now I can confidently say I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Though platforms like Spotify and Apple Music dominate the market I still find so many dope tunes by up and comers on SoundCloud that I spin out in my sets. I also still upload all my tracks to SoundCloud too because it’s stupid not too. SoundCloud also has those lowkey FIRE edits from bedroom producers around the world… I need those!

The first phase of your Europe tour looked epic as well. We saw Drake brought you out in Amsterdam.. Twice?! What were some highlight shows from the tour?

Amsterdam will forever be legendary because of my brother Drake, enough said.
However – Cyprus was the craziest shows of the tour. The show in Cyprus was at Guaba Beach Bar, which is one of the craziest venues ever. The crowd is electric, the doors opened at 10 AM and I went on at 7:30 PM AND we shaved my videographers hair off… sorry Bryan!

Any major shows or festivals coming up in the U.S.?

Oh ya… I have like 20 unannounced shows that I am itching to get out like upcoming RARE Fest’s and headlining shows in some of my favorite cities. Till then – you can catch me around North American including at Greatest Day Ever in Brooklyn. After that I’m headed off to Europe for round two. Going to be an epic summer!

In the past you’ve built 2 schools in Nicaragua. How’s that going?

I am glad you asked thank you. Both schools have flourished into something special that I am really proud of. In just a few years the schools have been able to help so many kids from my home country get an education. In Nicaragua, if you have any real education it nearly guarantees a shot at success. Not everyone gets that chance sadly.


Photo via Rukes.com

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Woodstock 50 Miraculously Finds Funding, Intends To Go On As Planned

Last week, things seemed incredibly bleak for Woodstock 50. Despite a decision in New York Supreme Court that investor Dentsu Aegis Network did not have the capacity to completely cancel the festival on its own, a dark cloud still hung over the event and faith in its ability to still throw a complete event by August was waning.

However, somehow, miraculously, Michael Lang, co-founder and co-producer of the 1969 Woodstock festival and this year’s 50th anniversary, found a new investor. According to a press release issued by Woodstock 50, the Oppenheimer & Co. brokerage and investment bank will provide financing for the event.

“Oppenheimer & Co. has signed on as a financial adviser to complete the financing for the festival…,” read the release. “Event preparations will continue as planned as Oppenheimer joins the list of strong institutions producing the festival.”

While an investor is all well and good, it doesn’t solve all of Woodstock 50’s problems. It still requires a mass gathering permit from the city, which is required before tickets can go on sale. And then there’s the equally massive problem of consumer faith in the event, which has been effectively neutered by the media’s reporting that it has already been cancelled. Yet, Lang’s positivity knows no bounds.

In an interview with Sirius XM Volume last Thursday, Lang said an on-sale date could be announced in the next 10 days and tickets could go on sale in two weeks. Tickets would cost less than $400, and “a limited number of one-day tickets will be sold, which is contrary to a previous comment in which he said no one-day passes would be available,” writes Poughkeepsie Journal.

“We believe in Woodstock as an important American cultural icon and look forward to its regeneration in the green fields of Watkins Glen this August with all of the artists on the remarkable lineup,” said John Tonelli, head of Debt Capital Markets & Syndication at Oppenheimer.

Time will tell if the festival ends up a bust or a success. Woodstock 50 is scheduled for Aug. 16-18. Jay-Z, the Lumineers, Miley Cyrus, Carlos Santana and more than 80 acts are scheduled to perform at Watkins Glen International raceway in Schuyler County.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Woodstock 50 Miraculously Finds Funding, Intends To Go On As Planned

Miami City Council: Ultra Miami Could Return To Its Home In 2020

Is Ultra Miami staying in Miami?

A meeting today between the members of the Miami City Council has renewed hope that the city of Miami might still play host to the music festival next year, despite the festival itself voluntarily pulling its contract earlier this month. In a special “Sunshine Meeting,” Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez, commissioners Ken Russell, Keon Hardemon, Manolo Reyes, and Joe Carollo, and Manager Andrea Agha and Council Member Luis Lauredo from Virginia Key discussed the possibility.

Ultra Music Festival headed to Virginia Key in 2019 where it experienced a litany of issues, exacerbated by the short preparation time organizers were given by Miami City Council. A return to Bayfront Park or any other familiar Miami venue would streamline the 2020 event, though, of course, the earlier a decision is made the better. As far as Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez is concerned, Virginia Key is off the table.

See the discussion live tweeted from @KBKeyNews below.

Miami City Council discusses Ultra Miami

6/ Now on to Ultra. Hardemon is asking colleagues if there is an appetite to re-engage Ultra.

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) May 21, 2019

7/ Commissioner Carollo responds: ”I do know that Virginia Key was a complete mess…. It bothered more people than ever before.”#Ultra

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) May 21, 2019

8/ Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez said that Ultra only told him they had made a decision to move on, and that he was expecting the concert to be at Virginia Key again in 2020, until he got the termination letter.

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) May 21, 2019

9/ As to luring them back to Miami, City Manager Gonzalez says, “It is a loss for our city. That kind of economic impact for the residents of our city, I think it’s a huge loss. It’s unfortunate. If there is anything I can do to get them to reconsider, I would be happy to do it.“

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) <a

13/ Afterwards, Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez said he would re-engage with Ultra. He said so far as he’s concerned, however, Virginia Key is off the table.

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) May 21, 2019

href=”https://twitter.com/KBKeyNews/status/1130919005466890240?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>May 21, 2019

10/ Hardemon says that Virginia Key didn’t work. He wants them to think about downtown Miami again, and wants Ultra to be a discussion item for the June 27th agenda.

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) May 21, 2019

11/ As the meeting ended, KB Councilmember Lauredo got up to speak. He and Commissioner Hardemon got into a verbal war of words, with Lauredo continuing to speak while Hardemon was talking.

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) May 21, 2019

12/ “You are being disrepectful to me,” Hardemon said to Lauredo, saying Lauredo wasn’t even looking at him. “I don’t have to look at you,” Lauredo said. Hardemon then ended the meeting.

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) May 21, 2019

13/ Afterwards, Miami City Manager Emilio Gonzalez said he would re-engage with Ultra. He said so far as he’s concerned, however, Virginia Key is off the table.

— KeyNews (@KBKeyNews) May 21, 2019


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Ultra

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