Deadmau5 Called Someone A “F*g” While Streaming A Video Game & People Are Overreacting [Opinion]

Deadmau5 has long had a history of fervent outbursts, generally accompanied by less than appropriate language used toward another person. Last year, in the span of a week, deadmau5 was called out for both making alleged transphobic remarks as well as calling Slushii’s music “autistic shit,” the producer himself having Autism. Deadmau5 took a brief hiatus from social media and now has a team member overseeing his socials to help keep them a little cleaner.

However, not everything can be censored in the moment; and especially during heated game play, some words can be let loose. The gaming community, especially games in which players can talk to each other via headset, isn’t one of the cleanest communities, language-wise. That’s well-established. So when deadmau5 was playing PUBG on a public stream on Twitch and another player was “stream camping” (watching his stream on Twitch to find his location, a lot like how someone would watch an opponent’s screen in GoldenEye, back in the day), deadmau5 understandably got frustrated.

“Is that some fucking cock-sucking stream sniper fag,” he says during his outburst.

A small group of people online have accused deadmau5 of hate speech and homophobia for his outburst — and while the word “fag” isn’t ever used in a complimentary tone, and is often used as a homophobic slur, it’s important to note the context. The fact of the matter is that this sort of language is used every day by tens of thousands of players in online games, and that likely won’t stop soon.

These same players, generally, don’t actually harbor homophobic thoughts. For the younger generation, these words are simply insults, unmarred by decades of hate-motivated undertones. They should, of course, be educated about the history of these words, but it’s doubtful that they’re meant in any way more deeply than a simple insult in the moment.

For deadmau5, the onus is a little heavier. He’s already been reprimanded many times over for his colorful language, both online and offline, so it’s easier to call him out for something like this when it happens. And in 2019, sensitivity to language and any possible harm is at an all-time high.

Your EDM does not condone the use of hate speech or homophobic slurs in any capacity. But we must also be wary of the degree to which we address minor slights like this as opposed to real issues of homophobia and hate in the world. If Deadmau5 lets slip a “fag” in a heated game moment… it not “okay,” but it’s certainly not the worst thing in the world.


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New: Marshmello, RL Grime, Blanke – Your EDM | Week In Music

It’s collab city on this edition of Your EDM‘s Week in Music Spotify playlist. Some of the collabs are pretty surprising too! Take a full look below.

Release Spotlight

Marshmello explored his heavier side with an unexpected collab with dubstep producer SVDDEN DEATH. Ironically called “Sell Out,” it’s a departure from Marshmello’s poppier sound as of late.

Blanke released his new, glitchy single titled “ALT.COLOUR.” The glitchy bass sound continues to explode in full force, and Blanke is helping move the genre forward.

RL Grime teamed up with up-and-comer Graves for “Arcus.” It’s Grime’s first new track since releasing his second album NOVA last year, and the official launch of Grime’s new record label Sable Valley.

Heavy hitters SLUMBERJACK and Ekali paired up for the new collab “Closure.” For anyone looking for closure to a heavy set with a heavy track…this is it.

The Chainsmokers went full pop with a collab with 5 Seconds of Summer. Yes, that’s a thing that exists now. “Who Do You Love” reminds us The Chainsmokers won’t quit their poppy pursuit while they’re ahead.

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Kyral X Banko & Mport [SPICY BOIS] – Scovie

Chicago transplants based out of Denver, Kyral and Banko, have been making a name for themselves in the bass music scene for the last couple of years, most notably their Focus EP which saw release on UZ’s Quality Goods imprint last year.

Their new single “Scovie” with fellow Denver producer Mport really shows their diversity into the experimental bass realm. With crazy bouncing percussive leads, into huge resonant basses with wonky counterparts, “Scovie” is sure to set some venues on fire like the worlds hottest pepper, The Carolina Reaper. (If it’s not clear, “Scovie” is short for “scoville,” the scale of spiciness. Carry on.)

Check out “Scovie” below, and best be ready with some milk. This one’s hot!

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LOOK: First Photos From Tomorrowland Winter Load In

Tomorrowland’s new winter festival, The Hymn of the Frozen Lotus, is headed to the French Alps this year, March 9-16. With less than a month until the festivities begin, load in for the festival has officially begun.

A few photos from the venue have made their way online — while not a breathtaking look at any of the complete stages or such, it’s still a unique look into the festival weeks before anyone is supposed to see it.

A variety of structures have begun to be erected in the Alpe d’Huez, the ski resort in the Alps hosting the festival. The most pictures show off an iron globe featuring the world’s countries with the official Tomorrowland logo suspended inside the hollow interior.

Another photo (show top right, below) shows what appears to be the beginnings of some sort of structure, but it’s impossible to tell what it might turn out to be.

The inaugural Tomorrowland Winter will feature Afrojack, Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Martin Garrix, Nervo, and Steve Aoki; Kölsch, Joris Voorn, Solardo, and Nico Morano; as well as Timmy Trumpet, Netsky, our favorite dancefloor jokester Salvatore Ganacci, and more.

Select packages still remain for the festival — go here to find out more.


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Your EDM Premiere: Dr. Ozi – Over Those [Never Say Die]

Dr. Ozi is back on Never Say Die and out today with a new 2-track EP. NSD reached out to Your EDM to premiere either track, but we just had to pick “Over Those.”

I’ve been saying for months that my coverage of riddim has declined because the tracks I’m being sent are suffering from lack of imagination and innovation. Thankfully, as soon as I heard “Over Those” from Dr. Ozi, I was blown away by the fresh arrangement and sound design.

Honestly, it reminds me of the days when I first figured out what dubstep was and threw my hands around like a wild man at shows when the drop hit. Unable to control my extremities, I’d flail around and try as hard as possible to literally personify the drop — point being, this song is exactly what would get me to flail around the hardest. Even as I write this at work, I’m headbanging at my desk.

Check out “Over Those” below, and go here to check out the other EP track, “Beauty & The Grim.”

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Axwell Packs 22 Songs & New IDs In Epic 5-Minute Mini Mix [LISTEN]

Axwell is bringing it back to house, with a brand new mini mix that first premiered on Annie Mac‘s BBC Radio 1 show. Not only does the producer pack in 22 dance floor heaters, he does so in just 5 minutes — for the ultimate mega mix effect.

With IDs only playing out for mere seconds, it’s easy to miss something. That’s why the renowned DJ/producer has provided a tracklist below so we can keep up with his quick switches. Listen closely and you’ll even hear some new IDs coming soon via his own label, Axtone.

This mix includes some brand new, unreleased music — like “Fuego” by Eddie Thoneick and “According To Me” by D.O.D., which has received high rotation recently, hinting at a near release. Chocolate Puma and Carta‘s “Zhong” is another to keep an ear out for.

Like we said, this moves along quickly, but pay special attention around 0:55, 3:26 and 4:19 to hear the new material forthcoming on Axtone. Enjoy!

Axwell – ‘Back to House’ Mini Mix (Annie Mac, BBC Radio 1)


Glad Is The Night – Even Better (V’s Classic House Edit)
Moloko – Sing It Back (Mouse T’s Feel Love Remix)
Son Of Sound – ‘Bout Love Again
Cloonee – The Ciggie
Eddie Thoneik – Fuego [Axtone]
Jesse Perez & DJ Mind-X – Never Talk To Aliens
Park Hye Jin – I Don’t Care
Jansons & Senzala – JNZEDIT
Rebuke – The Pipe
Todd Terry & A-Trak – DJ’s Gotta Dance More (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)
Axwell feat. Max C – I Found U (Remode) [Axtone]
Cinthie – Together
Dosem – Unfolding
Chems – Denmark (Melé Edit)
Those Two – Rock You, Rock You (Axwell Rework)
Green Velvet & Layton Giordani – Fuzion [Relief Records]
D.O.D – According To Me [Axtone]
Axwell – Nobody Else [Axtone]
Waze & Odyssey – All Of Us
Chocolate Puma & Carta – Zhong [Axtone]
Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke – Leave The World Behind [Axtone]


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Marshmello & Kaskade To Headline Series Of Grad Parties For Class of 2019

Imagine if Marshmello or Kaskade played your graduation party! Well, that’s actually happening for some very lucky grads in collaboration with Universal Studios’ Youth Program.

Grad Bash is all about bringing top tier acts to graduating seniors and the class of 2019 has some amazing acts to see live. Of course, Marshmello and Kaskade as we mentioned — and Jason Derulo will be joining the party as well.

Six total Grad Bash events will take place this year, each starting at 5:00 PM at Universal Studios Hollywood. From the prime hours of 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM, the parties will be restricted to the class of 2019 exclusively. Attendees will also enjoy the rides and full attractions Universal has to offer.

The schedule goes:

Friday, May 17 – Marshmello
Thursday, May 23 – Marshmello
Thursday, May 30 – Kaskade
Friday, May 31 – Kaskade
Thursday, June 6 – Jason Derulo
Friday, June 7 – Kaskade

If you still can’t believe this, check out the official event page here.


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Illenium Drops His Own Edit Of Ekali & 1788-L’s Unreleased Collab “RUIN”

Ekali and 1788-L’s collaboration “R U I N” is coming out soon — we don’t know when exactly, but release is imminent. In the meantime, we can still rejoice, because Illenium dropped a quaint little edit of the collab with his own “Reverie” from his debut album Ashes.

Well, we say “quaint,” but that’s a lie.

This is all kinds of amazing, and just goes to show why Illenium is one of the best live artists in the game right now. Putting his studio productions aside, each and every one of his live shows has its own signature and unique elements, including live edits like this one.

We’ll keep you updated on a release date for “R U I N,” but until then, check out the live edit from Illenium below.

Little crowd clip of @ILLENIUMMUSIC playing a cheeky edit of my upcoming tune with @l_1788 the other night

R U I N / Reverie

Thank you to @amincesti625 for sending this over 🍃

🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) February 3, 2019


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Illenium Drops His Own Edit Of Ekali & 1788-L’s Unreleased Collab “RUIN”

Porter Robinson In GQ Japan: “I’m planning a new project”

Porter Robinson wowed us all when he introduced Virtual Self in 2017 and unleashed a full EP of music we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams. Now, he has reportedly revealed he’s planning a new project.

As pointed out by fans on Reddit, Porter appears in the March issue of GQ Japan. He’s quoted in saying, “I’m planning a new project.” Whether he means a new project as in a new body of work or as in an entirely different moniker has yet to be known.

With Porter Robinson aka Virtual Self — anything is possible.

GQ JAPAN 3月号🌌 クリエーションとメンタルヘルスについて🤔🌱

— n a o s u 🧼 (@naopo__n) February 7, 2019

User bigboijoey attempts to clear up another part of the feature, as he provides a somewhat broken translation directly from his Japanese friend. “I found it is not possible to create music [I’m] satisfied with [and] (willing to) [share with] people as long as [you] treasure yourself,” the article says.

Porter goes on to discuss creativity, creating music, dealing with pressure, and the value of taking care of himself. Whatever he has in store next, best believe he’ll give us nothing but his very best work.


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Porter Robinson In GQ Japan: “I’m planning a new project”

Rezz Teases Rezz Rocks 2

This past October, Rezz headlined her first show at Red Rocks in Colorado with support from TOKiMONSTA, Bleep Bloop, CharlesTheFirst, Digital Ethos and Fytch. (Shadient was originally booked, but couldn’t perform.) The month after, she announced it was going to be an annual event. Sure enough, it’s coming back this year…


Details soon 🙂

— Rezz (@OfficialRezz) February 9, 2019

Surprisingly, neither on the Twitter thread nor in Cult of Rezz (that I can find) have fans been speculating support acts yet. Allow me to put in my two cents:

  • 1788-L is a clear frontrunner. After supporting Rezz on her Certain Kind Of Magic tour, and already creating enough hype on his own, adding him to a Red Rocks lineup is a no brainer.
  • blanke is also another likely candidate, having collaborated with Rezz before and now touring the US for the first time.
  • Deathpact would be an interesting choice – as yet, the mysterious producer still hasn’t played any live sets. A Rezz Rocks debut would certainly make for an undeniable impact.
  • Wild cards: Champagne Drip? Liquid Stranger? TOKiMONSTA was a fairly unexpected direct support for Rezz in October, so we’re not ruling out anyone this time around.

Details are apparently coming soon — stay tuned!


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