Rapture Threatens Ultra With Lawsuit As Shuttle Plans Take Shape

With Ultra Music Festival a little over 2 months away from debuting its new venue in Virginia Key after so much chaos and tribulation, a new bump in the road has emerged. Remember that small festival called Rapture that was scheduled to take place at the same time there? By now you know that Ultra bumped it, and in fact part of its agreement with Miami required that Ultra would work with Rapture to find a new venue. Several weeks back, Rapture even updated their socials to indicate a new venue would be coming soon and would be even cooler than before!

Those plans must have fallen through because an attorney for Rapture just sent Ultra a cease and desist letter demanding Ultra stop applying for permits or risk a lawsuit. The letter from Paul K. Silverberg states:

We are investigating this matter further and if [you] do not immediately withdraw your application that directly interferes with our client’s planned festival time and location, we will be taking immediate action against you, the City and Virginia Key Beach Park Trust

Silverberg threatens punitive damages if Ultra continues and also claims that the city had an agreement with Rapture to keep going for 3 more years.

Transportation Plans

This is sure to get the attention of Ultra, as the festival has applied for permits and has to turn in completed traffic and environmental management plans by January 28 under the licensing agreement with the city.

Documents submitted so far show that Ultra wants to shuttle attendees on busses running on the Rickenbacker Causeway and water taxis. The number of vehicles, the meeting points, and routes have not yet been finalized. Other records show that Ultra is considering launching water taxis from Watson Island and will construct a temporary dock at Marine Stadium to accommodate the water taxis.

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Richard Durand & Marco V – Vortex

Richard Durand & Marco V – Vortex

For all the tech trance fans out there, Richard Durand has just put out quite the album. After a long, six-year hiatus, his long-awaited album The Air We Breathe has emerged on the radio waves. The album has a whopping total of 19 songs that will have your adrenaline pumping and heart pounding. One track that stands out is ‘Vortex’.

With the help of Marco V, ‘Vortex’ starts off with a thumping, vintage Durand baseline. During the breakdown, pulsating synth work and rising melodies make for a head bumping experience. Ear-rattling bass leads the song to its last drop in high energy fashion. As a masterfully composed release with Richard’s marching melodies and exquisite flow, ‘Vortex’ lives up to its name by hypnotizing listeners with its whirling sounds.

Richard Durand & Marco V – Vortex

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Zedd Takes Part In Revealing ‘Autocomplete’ Interview

One of the Internet’s most revealing interview series, Autocomplete, recently welcomed one of the electronic dance music world’s biggest superstars – the one and only Zedd.

If you are unfamiliar with WIRED‘s hit videos, here’s the inside scoop. Autocomplete, or word completion, is a feature in which an application predicts the rest of a word a user is typing. That said, the concept follows suit and allows the celebrity to answer some of Google’s most search questions about themselves. It often results in enlightening their followers more than they could have hoped.

In this edition, the Russian-German producer answers some of his fans’ most, um, pressing questions. Does he have tattoos? Is he deaf? What language does he speak? Is he related to Liam Payne? Who designed his house? There’s so much to learn…

Here at EDMTunes, we found this interview to be very revealing, and are impressed with Zedd’s honesty. There are no doubts that his down to earth charm is perfectly demonstrated throughout the clip.

Check it out below:

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Lee Burridge Drops Some Truth on Guest List Etiquette

guest list etiquette

It’s Friday night. You are out partying with some of your friends and decide to hit up a club. A few hours before, you remember that the DJ “liked” your Instagram photo from four months ago. So you send them a DM – “Hey bro! I saw you are playing at the club tonight! Think you can get me and my seven friends on the Guest List for free entry? We love your music – you f***ing rule!” Sound all too familiar? We’re here to tell you you have been doing it all wrong.

If it does sound familiar, you are a perpetrator of some serious violations when it comes to proper Guest List etiquette. House and techno producer Lee Burridge apparently has had enough of this nonsense. In a long Facebook post, Burridge outlines some crucial tips on Guest List protocol. His hope is to spread the word about the hidden things a serial Guest List requester does not take into consideration when sending that message or DM.

While you can read the full post below, here are a few of the bullet points to consider:

1 Don’t beat around the bush with small talk – get to the point.

Opening up a message with “Hey, how’s it going?” or “What have you been up to?” is annoying. Unless you are a close friend or family member, they know what your are getting at. Simply open up with: “Hi. Would you be kind enough to put me on the guest list for your show tonight? Thanks.” Don’t waste time – you don’t know them, and it comes off as tedious and disingenuous.

2 Don’t tack on 10 extra people if your opening message was just for you to be added. Then – ACTUALLY SHOW UP.

Guest List space is limited. When you make the original request, make sure to include everyone involved. Typically not more than four total people. Then – BE THERE. It costs the club, promoters and DJs money if you don’t show up. “We didn’t make it, we actually caught another party” is a loser move. Managers check back when the night is over to see if you attended.

3 If you are gifted an add to one Guest List, don’t request every single time that DJ is in town. Also, don’t assume you will be added to every Guest List forever.

Be ready to support the venue, workers and DJ teams for their effort by paying your way most of the time. What you have to understand is everyone involved get 1000’s of these request for every show – don’t be a d*** if they do not respond every time. Asking over and over again is tacky and is likely to be ignored.

4 If they say “No,” don’t go asking other people at the club to get on the Guest List. Those people end up asking the DJ team again, and it pisses them off.

If you get the “No,” that means the list is full or they simply can’t accommodate it. Sack up, and buy the ticket if you want to be there. If you try to circumvent by asking others who work for the club, they notice.

5 After attending from a Guest List, SAY THANK YOU.

Simple gestures go a long way. Just because people hold a certain level of fame does not mean they are given everything in life. They have worked their asses off to provide you with a memorable “free” experience. Go out of your way to say thank you, and a card or a bottle of their favorite booze goes a long way.

Don’t be a punk with no manners. Follow these rules and you may find yourself with a higher Guest List success rate than a “flock-texting” approach.

Checkout Lee Burridge’s Guest List post below via Facebook.

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XS Announces Steve Angello Will Join Ingrosso As 2019 Resident

After announcing Sebastian Ingrosso as their resident DJ just yesterday, XS revealed today that Steve Angello will also host residency at XS Nightclub this year. With one announcement still remaining for tomorrow, one can only guess who that may be.

This past weekend, XS dropped a major teaser by posting 3 identical posts with the words “We Are Home” along with the dates 1.8.19, 1.9.19, and 1.10.19 noted in their post. With the font and presentation similar to that of Swedish House Mafia’s teasers throughout all of 2018, everyone had a hunch of what XS was hinting at. Now that both Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello have been announced, we can safely anticipate that Axwell will be revealed as the next XS resident DJ for this year.

The big question now is… will we be seeing the three perform together as Swedish House Mafia or will they just be performing separately as solo acts throughout their residency? According to Variety Magazine, a residency in Las Vegas for the joint Swedish act is very unlikely so don’t get your hopes up too high just yet. Venue locations announced so far for SHM’s tour later this year are all either at massive arenas or major festivals with capacities reaching up to 45,000 people. It would be shocking to see the trio perform at a posh nightclub with measly capacity of 3,000 attendees.

Another possibility would be the three DJs play as solo acts with surprise guest appearances here and there from either one or both of the remaining members of Swedish House Mafia. This seems like the more likely option but definitely less exciting compared to having them perform as a joint act.

Swedish House Mafia has been revealing 2019 tour dates over the past few months but we have still yet to see any US dates. Could XS Nightclub be Swedish House Mafia’s first stop in the United States? Stay tuned as we continue to report on this developing story.


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@WynnNightlife welcomes @SteveAngello home!

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Police Call For Public Safety Following Bassnectar NYE Attendee’s Fatal Overdose

An attendee of Bassnectar‘s NYE show in Greensboro, NC passed away of a suspected overdose — and now police are raising public safety concerns.

According to a report, the NYE 360 show at the Greensboro Coliseum resulted in a number overdoses, including one that was fatal. Tam Phan (43) was found dead at the Comfort Suites on Isler Road in Greensboro following the concert.

Police were apparently warned that drugs have been tied to Bassnectar events in the past. The force in Greensboro reportedly received a tip off that NYE “could be the worst night of their careers.”

Safety measures, including medical assistance by Paradocs, were put in place prior to the show. Triage rooms were set up to treat overdose patients.

Though 911 records show a handful of calls throughout the night, most cases were handled by staff on-site.

Coliseum staff members noted this was the third-largest concert ever held at the venue, with 22,000 people in attendance.

Bassnectar did not respond immediately to WXII 12‘s request for comment.

Bassnectar NYE 360

Reaching out to radiate deep gratitude for so many incredible humans coming together – our team worked so hard and each and everyone of you joined us with such passion, kindness and incredible energy. We appreciate you!!!! #NYE360 pic.twitter.com/yIVLLVzrPe

— Bassnectar (@bassnectar) January 3, 2019


Sources: WXII 12 | Photo via aLive Coverage

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Over A Dozen Arrested On Drug Charges Before Boarding Holy Ship! 12.0

For the second year in a row, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office has released a list of individuals arrested before boarding the annual Holy Ship! cruise in Florida. Last year, over 40 people were arrested over the course of both sailings, including DJ Gina Turner the first week.

So far, the numbers from Holy Ship! 12.0 have been released, numbering 16 individuals. Holy Ship! 13.0 is setting sale today. They were arrested for a variety of offenses, ranging from possession of a controlled substance, resisting an officer, and intent to sell narcotics.

A joint effort between Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and Port Canaveral, including the use of drug-sniffing dogs, resulted in the arrests.

An anti-narcotics policy is clearly listed on the Holy Ship! website:

“You will be embarking Holy Ship! in Port Canaveral and passing through security run by Customs and Border Protection, a division of Homeland Security,” it warns.

“Your person and your luggage can and will be searched. Forget about your right to privacy, you are passing through a port where all local and federal laws apply and are strictly enforced.

“Every person and each piece of luggage will be inspected by dogs trained to detect explosives and contraband. Anyone found to be violating the law and/or in possession of illegal substances…will be arrested and banned from all future events.”

Photos, names, and ages of those arrested can be seen here, along with the charges filed against them. The second leg of the cruise, 13.0, boards today from Port Canaveral.

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Valentino Khan Offers To Pay Cat Adoption Fee So Fan Can Attend His Show

There’s an internal struggle we all go through when it comes to buying concert tickets or paying rent on time. Splurging on a festival wristband or saving money. Going to Valentino Khan‘s House Party or adopting a new kitten.

Well, the man V-Khan just made the last decision a lot easier for one dedicated fan. Tray was trying to decide between attending the DJ/producer’s House Party at The Hollywood Palladium or adopting the precious kitten pictured below.

Five minutes before tickets went on sale — time was of the essence, so she took to Twitter…

You can buy a cat anyday, but you can only see daddy Khan once in a while

— ALEEVE (@eyylee_) January 9, 2019

Adopt the kitty!!!

— Francés Diane 🧜🏻‍♀️ (@jadorefrancess) January 9, 2019

In an unexpected twist, she went for the tickets…

I unfortunately had to make an executive decision and the kitty has to wait for now 😭😭😭😭

— tray (@traaysongz) January 9, 2019

And, in an even more unexpected twist, Valentino swooped in to save the day… What a dude!

P.S. Please, name the cat Valentino.




💰VALENTINO KHAN💰 (@ValentinoKhan) January 9, 2019


Photo via Rukes.com

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Swedish House Mafia Sign With New Management, Still No Label

2019 is the year that Swedish House Mafia returns to the global stage, after staging a comeback at Ultra Music Festival 2018 where they said farewell just five years prior. With nine dates announced for 2019 between May and August, and new music all but confirmed on the way, there’s a lot to look forward to.

There will, however, be one major difference between the Swedish House Mafia we once knew and the one that will be touring this year. The group’s longtime manager Amy Thomson parted ways with the trio in August last year, and Ron Lafitte of Patriot Management will be working with them moving forward.

Writes Variety, “Lafitte started his music business career in the metal genre, working with Metallica and Megadeth, and later would join management concerns Red Light, Front Line and Maverick. In 2016, he formed Patriot Management which boasts more than a dozen acts as well as the estate of Chris Cornell.” Patriot manages Pharrell Williams, Ryan Tedder and OneRepublic, Soundgarden and Backstreet Boys, so it’s safe to say that SHM are in good hands.

The group still hasn’t signed with any label for their new music, though. The bulk of their releases were issued through Universal Music Group, who will undoubtedly want to work with the group again on future releases.

With regards to rumors that Swedish House Mafia will accept a residency deal in Las Vegas at Wynn Nightclub, insider sources tell Variety that it’s highly unlikely. That being said, both Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso have been revealed as new club residents for 2019. Should Axwell join the party, it would be the next best thing — but still no Swedish House Mafia.

There’s still a lot of time until the group’s grand return in Stockholm in May, so if we’re going to get new music, the safe bet is between now and then. Stay tuned for more news on Swedish House Mafia as it becomes available.

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Elohim Teams Up With Skrillex Again For Second Track, “Buckets”

Elohim teamed up with Skrillex on “Connect” in November 2018, and the two have finally released the follow-up, “Buckets.” Whereas “Connect” was a dreamy and sultry singer/songwriter tune with delightful electronic embellishments, “Buckets” is a bombastic and downright dirty track that is pure juxtaposition to its predecessor.

The song starts off softly enough, but the bassline lurking beneath the surface definitely suggests something darker on the horizon. Sure enough, harsh synth punctuate the serenity and Elohim unleashes her ferocious energy. The whole track is a play on juxtaposing soft and hard energies, going back and forth, creating an immediately immersive atmosphere.

In the scope of Elohim’s live show, this track would undoubtedly draw a huge reaction.

Check out “Buckets” by Elohim, co-produced by Skrillex, out now!


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Life Is Beautiful

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