Miike Snow – Heart Of Me (The Him Remix)

heart of me

Miike Snow – Heart Of Me (The Him Remix)

Miike Snow possesses some unique and haunting vocals that can easily transition into the perfect dance floor tracks. And who better to add the certain bit of nightlife flavor than The Him, best known for a consistent release schedule filled with top-tier remixes of popular songs. “Heart of Me” is the latest of these releases, and it still leaves us all in wonder.

The cut-up vocal chops that are turned into a melody are a common sound that have been used regularly in dance music over the past year or two, and this tune utilizes this same technique to perfection. A light melody plays over the top of a classic future house-sounding FM bass line that will not push boundaries in terms of sound design, but will definitely do the trick in lighting up a dance floor.

Check out the tune below, and make sure to add it to your weekend party playlist.

Miike Snow – Heart Of Me (The Him Remix)

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Future Bass Music Is Alive & Well in NOLA Thanks to Buku Festival 2017

If you’ve ever wondered what the music scene is like down south, look no further than New Orleans’ annual Buku Music and Arts Project. This was the festival’s 6th installment, and there was a lot of great music to go around, especially in the Future Bass genre.
For those of you curious as to what I’m talking about, the term Future Bass – although genres are vague within EDM – grabs its influences from post-dubstep, electro, UK garage, acid house, and techno, among many other subgenres. The music is geared towards more complex and unique sounds, from dolphin samples to dubstep wubs in an 808 drum beat. Where other genres seem to not quite satisfy the love of music, future bass steps in, takes a scoop out of your beloved genre, and makes it a upside-down orange creamsicle with sprinkles on top. A better way to describe the genre is through the artists that represent it, which could be found on almost any stage at Buku’s unique festival setting. What follows is a stage by stage breakdown of how well represented future bass was at this year’s Buku Music & Art Project.

VIP S.S. Buku

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOne stage that had a clear advantage on this genre’s up-and-comers was the VIP S.S. Buku. This unique stage offered VIP attendees an opportunity to party right on the Mississippi River. Where the upstairs area of the boat is used as a spot to chill and grab refreshments, the downstairs was an underground-type stage where some of future bass’ biggest artists stepped up on the 1’s and 2’s. Day 1 saw highlights from Moving Castle’s Chet Porter, Daruma’s Andrew Luce and Ekali, which stopped boat access early on in the set due to overcrowding. Day 2 had just as good sets that included Pusher, Stelouse and a special set from Josh Pan, who brought out his homies k?d and Oshi to play b2b.

Float Den

Image and video hosting by TinyPic If you weren’t VIP, there were still plenty of future bass artists to go around, especially floating around on the Float Den. This stage held some of the biggest names including San Holo, who played tracks from his Future Bass label, Bitbird. Cashmere Cat made a return to Buku that was one to remember, ending his set with a smooth remix of Usher’s ‘My Boo’. Other highlights came from TroyBoi bumpin’ his track “Afterhours”, REZZ giving an homage to Gessafelstein’s “Pursuit”, and Slushii hitting the crowd with his remix of Marshmello’s “Alone”.

Back Alley

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Other stages saw a plethora of Future Bass artists as well, including Back Alley, where some of the most unique artists got to spin right next to the river. Whethan played his new track ‘Savage’ with Flux Pavillion, SOPHIE hit the crowd with “Lemonade” and Oshi threw down with his remix of Kali Uchi’s “Ridin’ Around.”

Power Plant

Image and video hosting by TinyPicPower Plant, Buku’s main stage, saw a reputable member of this subgenre in none other than Lido. He stepped up to a live set and gave the New Orleans crowd something to talk about after Day 1. His use of percussion and melodic instruments, as well as his sultry voice, made their way in to every track he had prepared – including an insane remix of Alison Wonderland’s “Messiah”.

Whether you are a fan of the genre – or any electronic genre, for that matter – Buku is the festival for you! The city of New Orleans is alive and well with jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and many other genres that have thrived there for years. Now, they can proudly add a new twist to their long history of music: the genre of future bass.

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Coachella Confirms Artists For Live Stream In 2017

If you can’t make it to Coachella, the next best thing is the live stream. And contrary to Ultra’s live stream, Coachella offers a variety of channels to choose from across a variety of stages at the festival. This year, as well, the Yuma tent will be available to stream for the very first time.

Electronic artists available to stream include Anna Lunoe, Autograf, Big Gigantic, Bonobo, Crystal Castles, Empire Of The Sun, Gryffin, Moderat, Steve Angello, and The xx, with many more likely to be added later as the schedule solidifies.

Headliners Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar will also be live streamed.

See the full roster of artists currently confirmed for the live stream here. Coachella is in only 10 days, can you believe it!?

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Arcane Echo Continues To Stun With Epic Finger Drumming Videos

We’ve shared Arcane Echo’s videos a number of times on our page, and we’re exceptionally impressed with his latest finger drumming video, which features My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome To The Black Parade.”

Finger drumming hits that nice balance between DJing and live performance, with preset keys and combinations on a launchpad or Maschine or MIDI Fighter, whatever your tool of choice – Shawn Wasabi falls into the same realm.

This particular video has already been shared over 1,300 times on Facebook and it’s plain as day to see why. Be sure to follow Arcane Echo on Facebook if you like what you see!

Black Parade [Arcane Echo Flip]

Welcome To The Black Parade [Arcane Echo Flip]

Posted by Arcane Echo on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Flume Honored at APRA Awards as Songwriter of the Year

Flume slayed Australia’s APRA Awards, earning the coveted title as Songwriter of the Year!

It’s almost unheard of in the electronic world to be recognized for songwriting abilities, and Flume certainly breaks the mold. The Sydney-based producer also took home awards for Most Played Australian Work and Dance Work of the Year, thanks to his smash hit “Never Be Like You” featuring Kai.

It’s been a big year for Flume, as his latest album Skin has been widely received and highly successful, earning him eight ARIA Awards in various categories and his first ever Grammy Award.

Congrats, Flume!

Thank you @APRAAMCOS. Humbled and appreciative to be in the company of so many amazing Australian artists 🙏pic.twitter.com/vcq0Y4EVIe

— Flume (@flumemusic) April 4, 2017

.@APRAAMCOS …so it’s nice to see the songwriting community accept that while the technology may evolve, a song is still a song.

— Flume (@flumemusic) April 4, 2017

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Outside Lands Drops Stunning 2017 Lineup: Metallica, The Who, Gorillaz, Lorde & More

Outside Lands just dropped one of our favorite lineups of 2017 so far. With headlining appearances from Metallica, The Who, Lorde and more, as well as a solid undercard lineup, the annual San Francisco festival is definitely aiming high this year.

Another headliner that fans can look forward to is Gorillaz, making Outside Lands their first confirmed US festival appearance in 7 years.

Outside Lands goes down August 11th-13th at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. GA and VIP tickets go on sale Thursday, April 6th at 10:00 a.m. PT through the festival’s website.

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Andrew Rayel Talks New Album, Working with Armin Van Buuren, and Golf Tournaments

Since Andrew Rayel stepped onto the electronic music scene a number of years ago, he has been one of the fastest growing artists in Trance. Already with a major album under his belt with Armada’s label, Rayel has almost crossed the finish line for his sophomore album, this time telling us that it will be much more cohesive than the last. We were lucky enough to sit down with Andrew for a moment to discuss this project as well as a number of other topics that we hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Where are you originally from, and how would you describe the electronic music scene there?

“Well I am originally from a small place called Moldova. It’s a very small country, there are only about 3.5 million people over there, probably smaller than any of the major cities in the U.S.. Surprisingly, electronic music is pretty good over there, I’m working with a company that does a lot of dance shows over there. We brought so many names to Moldova during the year like Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Above & Beyond and a lot of other names as well. At the moment is a little tough because of the economy and all of the political things that have been happening in Eastern Europe, but I still personally do a lot of my shows over there. At least once a year. When I did the release party in Moldova we had about 6,000 people which was great. The biggest show that has been there was Armin Van Buuren with about 8,000 people I’m getting pretty close to him [laughs]. It’s growing and I’m doing the best I can to help the electronic music scene be there as much as I can.”

You’ve described your introduction to electronic music through artists like Above & Beyond, and Armin Van Buuren. What is it like to work with them now, especially after they were such inspirational figures for you?

“Absolutely insane. If you told me five or ten years ago that I’d be working with Armin Van Buuren on a daily basis and I would be a part of Armada music with a collab with Armin, I never would have believed it. But slowly I got there because of the music. That was how we connected. After all music really does connect people.”

What were some of their tracks that initially inspired you?

“Serenity” by Armin. It used to play a lot on the radio when I was little, and that was actually the track that got me into the trance world. the only thing that I was able to listen to at that point was radio. I had a little boombox radio and there was one station that used to play that kind of music.”


You’ve played Ultra numerous times, and you’re also playing Maps Backlot this year as well as Ultra. Are there any other surprise places that we could expect to see you?

“I actually did a surprise set at the Armada invite at Nikki Beach with Borgeous, Fedde le Grand, and a bunch of guys. I was the special guest that closed the show. It didn’t actually go as well as I had expected though. Nikki Beach has the same problem every year with the neighbors who don’t like the music as much. While I was playing they lowered the volume so I couldn’t give that energy that I wanted to give everyone. But still, everyone stayed until the last moment. Hearing the crowd go crazy over the music a little more than usual was really cool though so thank you so much to everyone that came out that night.”

Would you say that your sets change a lot from show to show in terms of festivals vs smaller shows?

“Yes, because when I play smaller venues I tend to play longer sets. When I do that I tend to play a little deeper and more emotional music. I try to play more unreleased stuff too. It’s much more intimate. At the big festivals and arenas I really want to rock the crowd and get people jumping with a bit more energy.”

You’ve released a number of tracks already, but are there anymore hints we are going to get for the upcoming album?

“Yes! I just finished my second studio album called “moments” which will be released on May 5th, and we have released a couple singles off of it already. They have gotten a pretty good reaction from the fans so far, especially the very experimental psytrance track called “Tacadum”. That one has probably gotten the biggest reaction so far. People definitely weren’t expecting it. I will also be releasing the next track off the album in April, but after that you’ll have to wait for the album release in May. We have lineup a two month tour for that which I am really excited about. It has some very small venues and some very big ones too and hopefully they’ll fill up pretty fast.”

How did this album differ from your first one?

“The first one, I didnt really know what I was doing. I knew the concept of an album obviously because I have listened to so many, but there wasn’t really a plan for it. I was just making music and put everything together, made an intro and said okay that’s the album. This time this one is very well planned. Each track was individually thought out and put together for a story that I really want to tell.”

You have already accomplished so much in your career, but what are some of the goals you still have set for yourself and your career?

“This tour I am starting has been one of the big goals for a long time and with Ultra 2017, it starts now. I always wanted to do a solo tour where it’s not just random clubs with people walking by and not knowing who is playing. This tour is for the fans that know Andrew Rayel and know who they’re going to see that night. I always wanted to experience that as it has been one of my dreams for a very long time. After that, the next big dream of mine is to launch a label. I will probably open my own label under Armada music at some point in the future. That way I’ll be able to release my music along with other artists I like with my own thing. that will be the next step.”

Now, we’ve been told that you recently won a gold tournament on Groove Cruise. Who are some of the other artists that you beat?

“Oh my god [laughing]. I think it was EDX, Cosmic Gate, there were a bunch of them. But just so you understand, I didn’t really win— it was a complete accident. I’ve never even played golf in my life. I scored two balls and everyone else only scored one. How much of a win is that? It was total luck and then they told me I won.
I wasn’t even planning to do the mini golf tournament. They made me do it. I actually signed up for the ping pong tournament which I’m actually pretty good at— and I lost in the first round! The one thing I was good at I lost right away, and won the game I had never even played before.”

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VALNTN – Fantasies (feat. Lexxi Saal)

VALNTN - Fantasies

VALNTN – Fantasies (feat. Lexxi Saal)

Rising talent, VALNTN, released an ear opening track through Sunpop Music called ‘Fantasies’ and it’s bringing life to his career. With the help of New York singer Lexxi Saal’s harmonious vocal chords, this young star is truly on the rise with the new track. ‘Fantasy’ is a satisfying term for the vibe of the song, given its wave washing synths that control the chorus and sways the listener until the staccato breaks off the piano flowing through. The soulful vocals paired with the heavy and slow melody has received nothing but praise from fans online. I would also recommend checking out two of his other hits, ‘Can’t Let Go’ and his remix of Terror Jr’s ‘Come First’. Stream ‘Fantasies (feat. Lexxi Saal)’ below!

VALNTN – Fantasies (feat. Lexxi Saal)

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Wavedash Diplo & Friends Mix On BBC Radio 1

Wavedash Diplo & Friends Mix on BBC Radio 1

We’ve featured a ton of Diplo & Friends mixes here on EDMTunes. For good reason, the weekly radio show on BBC Radio 1 always delivers stellar mixes. An insane array of artists and styles have shown the spotlight on rising talent, and experienced artists have used the platform to debut new tracks that light up our party playlists. This week’s show, as expected, delivered just the same as it featured up and coming group Wavedash.

Now you’re probably thinking, wait, who? No worries, we got you. The production trio comes out of Texas and will literally knock you out of your chair with their Diplo & Friends mix. It’s an hour-long mix of dubstep and trap anarchy featuring songs from JOYRYDE, Zomboy, and Excision to name a few. Just a warning, this will likely turn your night into an absolute riot. Test out their sound with this mix and if you’re digging it, be sure to grab their debut EP, Hundred, that just dropped last month. Shout out to Diplo & Friends for featuring rising artists and a big thank you to Wavedash for cranking it up to another level. Enjoy!

Wavedash Diplo & Friends Mix

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Miami Kingdom World Of Color Tour After Movie

The Miami Kingdom World Of Color Tour after movie is finally here and it is helping fans relive the magic of one of the craziest parties Miami has ever seen. 25,000 people went hard in the paint (literally) as they were blasted with color dancing to some of EDM’s most elite artists including Jack Ü, Big Sean, Steve Aoki, Zeds Dead, Flosstradamus, 3lau, Keys N Krates, Ruby Rose, David Solano, Morten, Moska, NGHTMRE, Troyboi, Big Makk, Crespo, Luccio, NWB, Ricky Remedy and more. The tour also painted the cities of Denver, Tulsa, Sacramento, Rochester, Philly, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, as well as international spots like Manchester, UK, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Paraguay, Turkey, and Dubai, making it the biggest paint party the world has ever seen.

With the next Life Of Color tour set to begin on April 7th, the Kingdom after movie will be sure to get attendees pumped up for what to expect from this colorful celebration of life and music.

Check out the US Tour dates below or click here for more information.

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