Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” Takes #1 On Billboard Hot 100 With Help From Skrillex

After 17 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” finally hits #1, dropping Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” to #2. The song, featuring Drake, appearing on Scott’s album Astroworld, has made Scott one of the top-streamed artists in the US on Spotify’s Year In 2018 list.

While perhaps coincidental, it’s worth noting that the week that Skrillex put out his remix of the song, it catapulted above the #1 song in the world at the moment.

Billboard Hot 100: #1(+1) SICKO MODE, @trvisXX [17 weeks]. *new peak*

— chart data (@chartdata) December 3, 2018

Skrillex is definitely a powerhouse artist, and it’s certainly more than possible that his remix, though we called it rather disappointing, helped to propel the song ahead of Grande on the charts.

Regardless, congratulations are in order for Scott.

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Must Attend Events at Art Basel Miami 2018

Art Basel Miami kicks off December 5th and runs through the 9th. Alongside many incredible art installations that will be present throughout the week, many big names in the music industry are putting on some massive productions. From the cool sounds of the enigmatic ZHU or the abrasive nature of Die Antwoord, Art Basel Miami is no joke when it comes to catering incredible performances. Day or night, here are some of the must attend events to catch if you are in Miami this week.

Wednesday, December 5th

Die Antwoord with 1788-L and CHUURCH
Where: Soho Studios
Tickets: Available Here

Thursday, December 6th

Claude VonStroke with Prok & Fitch, dOP (live), Nick Monaco, Chicco Secci, and Gad
Where: Delano Beach Club
Tickets: Available Here

Action Bronson
Where: Soho Studios
Tickets: Available Here

Tiga & Due Diligence: Turbo 20th Anniversary
Where: Florida Room at Delano
Tickets: Free with RSVP

Friday, December 7th

Sofi Tukker presents: Animal Talk with Henri and LP Giobbi
Where: Florida Room at Delano
Tickets: Available Here

Guy Gerber with Lauren Lane and Kaz James: Rumors Art Basel
Where: Delano Beach Club
Tickets: Available Here

Juice WRLD with Flipp Dinero, Killy, and Crespo
Where: Soho Studios
Tickets: Available Here

Saturday, December 8th

Where: RC Cola Plant
Tickets: Available Here

Kaskade with J Worra, Lokii and Charles Meyer
Where: Soho Studios
Tickets: Available Here

Bob Moses with Lee Buridge, Bedouin, Thugfucker, No Regular Play, and Ella Romand
Where: Delano Beach Club
Tickets: Available Here

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Your EDM Interview: Galantis Talk New Direction and Creativity in Their Music

It’s easy to say that one of electronic dance music’s most recognized duos across the board is Galantis. From their prominent rise thanks to songs like “Peanut Butter Jelly” and “Runaway (U&I),” to their latest singles such as “Spaceship” featuring Uffie and “Emoji,” the duo continues to dominate with their music festival and tour performances while charting highly with their records.

Recently, I was able to discuss Galantis’s latest productions and creative collaborations with members Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw.

With such a stellar discography including a handful of successful hits, what is or are the biggest challenges with making new music?

Eklöw: “Our biggest challenge is and forever will be being able to evolve as artists but still stay true to what Galantis was on day one.  With every new single, we always read comments saying this isn’t like “X” track, but there is no possible way it could be. Every new experience affects our creative output. The music landscape is always evolving and we are as well.”

What would you say are the biggest changes or adjustments in your songwriting process since you guys began working together?

Karlsson: “Writing while being mobile. It’s so rare these days that we actually get to sit in a studio.”

Your latest singles “Satisfied/Mama Look at Me Now” and “Spaceship” have featured newer artwork that have updated the Seafox. Who is the artist(s) behind them and what’s the inspiration behind the change?

Eklöw: “We’re still working with Mat Maitland and his team at Big Active. The Seafox has found some new friends along the way, but she’ll never go away.”

You guys have released a new single called “Emoji”. Describe the process behind the making of the song.

Karlsson: “Emojis are the new language of this decade. Sometimes they are more eloquent and expressive than words.”  

Who is the vocalist on “Emoji” and how would you guys describe it?

Karlsson: “Cathy [Dennis]’s voice could also be the voice of an operating system like Siri or any other sexy robot. [laughs] We felt that since emojis came about in the tech boom, her chilling O.S. voice was the perfect way to represent the lyrics and the meaning behind the song.”

The accompanying music video released with “Emoji” is super cute and involves a heart-shaped character. Who came up with the character and what is it in relation to the heartbroken protagonist of the video?

Eklöw: “‘Emoji’ was our 8th music video with Dano Cerny. The creativity behind our music videos are always a partnership with him. The emoji heart could mean different things to different people but in the most basic sense, whatever it was helped him cope with his heavy heart.”

With your debut record Pharmacy released in 2015 and The Aviary out in 2017, does this mean Galantis is gearing up for an album in 2019?

Eklöw: “We’re always up to somethin’. Lots more music coming.”

What is the biggest focus that as Galantis you guys are gearing for with 2019 almost here?

Karlsson: “This summer was insane. We feel like we circled the globe a million times over. We have a few special headline shows coming up before the end of the year! We just played the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and will be doing a double header at Aragon in Chicago for New Years Eve on December 30 and 31.”

Check out their latest single “Emoji” and its new music video below.


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Fred V & Grafix Announce Split After Ten Years

Drum & bass fans were delivered a shock yesterday when Fred V & Grafix announced they’d be splitting up to pursue their own solo material. The two DJs, Fred Vahrman and Josh “Grafix” Jackson, have performed together since their time at university and have been signed exclusively to Hospital Records since 2011.

In the nearly 5-minute video, the two explain that, while they’ve had a great time together, the time has simply come for them to pursue their own individual careers. They reminisce over old tours, like their first US tour and their first times in Australia and New Zealand.

From their days DJ’ing at crummy bars to bringing their live show to fruition, Fred V & Grafix have a lot of history behind their careers. What the future holds is for sure bright, but still uncertain.

New music from each of them is coming out in January.

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Electric Forest Reveals 2019 Lineup With Odesza, Kygo, Bassnectar, and Zeds Dead

Electric Forest just dropped their full lineup for 2019, just days after announcing that the festival was moving back to one weekend next year. Headliners are made bold and noticeable right at the very top: Odesza, Kygo, Bassnectar, Zeds Dead, and String Cheese Incident. However, it’s the undercard that has us scratching our heads.

In the second group, we have a lot of return performers and fan favorites like 12th Planet, Black Tiger Sex Machine, The Floozies, STS9, Claude VonStroke, and Gramatik.

But moving onto the third group, we begin to see a lot more… interesting names pop up. There are some recognizable names in the group: Fury + MC Dino, Dr. Fresch, The Knocks, Ookay (Live), Riot Ten, Thriftworks, and the like. And then you have another group of names:

  • Dragondeer
  • Dixon’s Violin
  • Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
  • Horse Meat Disco

Now, rather than some people who’d comment “Who” on a Facebook post and move along, I actually took the time to look these artists up on Spotify. Some are actually decently big, like Pigeons Playing Ping Pong; others are significantly smaller, like Dragondeer. None of them are what you’d consider typically “EDM.”

Then again, this is Electric Forest we’re talking about, so a certain level of wookness is expected in the lineup.

Another factor to consider is that perhaps I’ve gotten a bit spoiled by two weekends of Forest, and this lineup is considerably smaller than what’s been shared the past two years. With an objectively smaller array of artists to put on the lineup, it’s only logical that there would be less opportunity to create a lineup that would appeal to all fans.

However, apart from a couple handfuls of standouts and the regular returning names, the lineup this year is rather disappointing. Worth shelling out $200 for a cardboard box tent? I don’t think so.

Check out the full lineup below!

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RL Grime Announces ‘NOVA’ Remixes In Two Volumes

RL Grime put out, in our opinion, one of the finest albums of 2018 earlier this year. NOVA is a smash hit with hits upon hits upon hits, but it gets better. Twenty-one remixes of the album tracks are due out this Friday and next on the official NOVA Remixes Vol 1 and Vol 2.

RL Grime teased the full list of remixers this morning: Hex Cougar, Enschway, Part Native, Away, Myrne, Tynan, Eptic, 1788-L, ODEA, K?D, Said the Sky, Cozway, Quix, Devault, Montell2099, Dabow, Alexander Lewis, BLANKE, Valentino Khan, Shadient & WAVEDASH, Vincent, and Heimanu.

While the tracks being remixed weren’t technically announced, a little bit of sleuthing reveals that most artists have either already announced which one they’re taking on, or fans have caught them playing the tracks out live.

Check out our list below as well as the teaser, and let us know which ones we’re missing if you have a clue!




— RL GRIME (@RLGRIME) December 3, 2018

Editor fucked up but he’s on it . his remix slaps too

— RL GRIME (@RLGRIME) December 3, 2018

Hex Cougar – Shrine
Enschway – Light Me Up
Part Native – ???
Away – Undo
Myrne – OMG
Tynan – Pressure
Eptic – Era
1788-L – Era
ODEA – I Wanna Know
K?D – Rainer
Said the Sky – Atoms
Cozway – ???
Quix – Light Me Up
Devault – Light Me Up
Montell2099 – ???
Dabow – ???
Alexander Lewis – Take It Away
BLANKE – Pressure
Valentino Khan – Pressure
Shadient & WAVEDASH – Era
Vincent – I Wanna Know
Heimanu – UCLA


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Tomorrowland Revisits Fan-Favorite Theme For 15th Anniversary Festival In 2019

Tomorrowland 2012 took place July 27-29,- 2012 and drew in 185,000 people from over 75 countries around the world. Why are we talking about Tomorrowland 2012? Because the theme for next year’s Tomorrowland was just revealed, and we’re revisiting an old favorite…

The Book Of Wisdom returns in 2019 to celebrate the festival’s 15th anniversary in Boom, Belgium. The 2012 aftermovie is the most-viewed on Tomorrowland’s account, having been watched over 153 million times. The wide open book on main stage, the wonder and infinite possibilities of having a book at your fingertips, it certainly does inspire imagination.

Next year, July 19th-21st and July 26th-28th, 400,000 people will experience the land of Tomorrow.

Important ticket information:

Create a Tomorrowland Account

  • In order to be able to participate in the ticket sales, it is important that you sign in or create your personal Tomorrowland account. You can do this from December 15th , 6h15 PDT via Without that registration, you will not be able to buy any tickets on the sale dates. What’s more, it’s very important for each ticket to be personalized afterwards. The Tomorrowland wristbands will be sent to the festival goers in a very special Treasure Case.

Save the Dates of the Ticket Sales

  • Starting from January 19th (8h00 PDT), the Global Journey formulas will go on sale. The Global Journey Travel Packages are the easiest way to get to Tomorrowland at the same time as enjoying a comfortable trip together with other visitors. The packages offer an all-in experience: flight, train or bus, accommodation and a Full Madness Pass for Tomorrowland.
  • Tickets for Tomorrowland and DreamVille will be made available for sale on 26th of January (8h00 PDT) and the rest of the tickets will be sold on 2nd of February (8h00 PDT)


  • The line-up of Tomorrowland will be announced soon on the Tomorrowland website and socials.

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See Photos From Jauz’s Wedding

Ask anyone who knows Jauz and his now-wife Joann and they’ll tell you the two are a picture perfect couple. Now, the two of them have made it [legally] binding as they’ve tied the knot and told each other “I do.”

Jauz, real name Sam Vogel, and his wife Joann Walker married yesterday in the presence of friends and family. (No fans were invited.) Joann’s ring looks brilliant, and, in true industry fashion, Jauz is sporting a darker band with a single stone.

Congrats to these two! See a few choice pictures of the nuptials below.

Welcome to Mr and Mrs Vogel 👴🏻👰 I love this woman so damn much. What a perfect day. @j_walkerrr it’s time to change ur twitter handle 😇

— JAUZ (@Jauzofficial) December 3, 2018

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Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo Team Up For 3-Track Anti Up EP ‘Hey Pablo’

Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo have collided in the best possible way to make Anti Up — and the banging new house project has a brand new EP to get down to.

Their first official EP as a duo, Hey Pablo, boasts three absolute steady burners: “Friday,” “Get That,” and the title track, “Hey Pablo.” On their own, Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo have established themselves as some of the finest talents in house music and together they find a unique stride.

Anti Up, the same duo who brought you “Pizza,” clearly knows what the club wants to hear.  Listen to these masters at work below.

P.S. The EP’s description on SoundCloud reads as follows: NEVER ESTABLISHED. NEVER LIMITED. KEEP CALM? SAYS WHO? / Text: +1 (323)-388-4541

Anti Up – Hey Pablo EP

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Chet Porter Removes Himself From San Holo Tour To Focus On Mental Health

Chet Porter just announced he’s taking a break from touring to focus on his mental health. This comes in the midst of San Holo‘s current tour, which the producer has been a part of all along.

“PLEASE READ!!!” he starts off in an official statement.

“Last night in Minneapolis was my last show on the San Holo tour. I will not be at any of the remaining dates. I’ll keep this brief, but as you may already know I’ve been having a really difficult time with my mental health for the past few months. My team and I think it’s important that I focus on feeling better, instead of spending another 3+ more weeks on the road.”

Chet also apologizes to any fans hoping to see him on upcoming tour dates. He promises he will make it up to those cities one day. He ends it with, love, appreciation, and a “please don’t be mad at me.”

San Holo’s tour still has quite a few dates left, and will soon hit Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, and more before traveling to Sydney, Mexico City, London and beyond. See full list of dates here.

Tour life certainly isn’t easy. It takes great strength to take this necessary step back and make the best decision for the sake of personal wellbeing. Take care of yourself, Chet.

Chet Porter’s Official Statement

please read

— chet porter (@chetporter) December 2, 2018


Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Life Is Beautiful

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