London’s Fabric Nightclub Will Reopen Under New Licensing Conditions

fabric nightclubAfter its closure in September of this year, London’s nightclub Fabric will live again. After an outpouring of support from the artist and musical community, an online campaign to #savefabric and appeal hearings, the venue has officially won its license back.

According to The Independent, Judge Robin McPhee made the final call to allow the venue to reopen once Fabric’s management successfully agreed with the Islington Council to run under a strict set of conditions. These conditions include restrictions such as CCTV monitoring, ID scanners, age requirements of 19 years old or above, and a lifetime ban for any individual caught in possession of or dealing drugs.

The Islington Gazette published the following quote from Ranjit Bhose on behalf of the council:

“What the council has been concerned with is whether Fabric can operate with a true zero-tolerance towards drugs.

“We are now satisfied revocation of the licence is not necessary. Fabric has accepted procedure for searching and drug dealing within the club were not sufficient. It has now accepted 38 new conditions as well as its 155-page operating manual. The authority is satisfied Fabric understands what has to be done.”

Fabric posted to their Facebook page earlier today to announce the news and demonstrate their thanks for the support they received in their time of need, noting that “we really would not be here today without your unparalleled support and generosity.”

An official reopening date has not been set yet.

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EMBRZ Remixes The 1975’s ‘Somebody Else’

EMBRZ has released a powerful remix of The 1975’s hit track, Somebody Else. This Irish producer masterfully re-worked Matthew Healy’s vocals over a luscious soundscape of synths and down-tempo percussion. The remix sustains the emotive vibe of the original, but EMBRZ is able to make his version slightly more dance-floor friendly.

EMBRZ’s version of Somebody Else is one of the strongest remixes we’ve heard from the young producer. He’s certainly a beatmaker to keep an eye on, if he can keep up the quality production displayed on Somebody Else.

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Life in Color Miami 2017 Drops Dope Lineup

We’re only a few days off of Ultra Music Festival’s Phase 1 lineup and EDC Vegas’ 2017 ticket announcement, but now Life in Color is throwing its hat into the ring. As you may know the festival is moving to the hip Wynwood RC Cola Plant venue and the festival revealed its lineup via some live video wall art.

Topping the lineup are headliners Diplo and Carnage with smashing talent like Marshmello, Seven Lions, Illenium, Mija, and Ookay. It would be Life in Color without some hip-hop elements from Desiigner and Young Thug as well. Check out the full lineup below, and we’ll see you in Wynwood on January 28th.

Life in Color

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Holly X Jia Lih – Suicide Mission

Holly X Jia Lih – Suicide Mission

2016 has been a stand out year for the Portuguese bass music maestro named Holly. He’s garnered heavy support from the likes of Nest HQ and seen releases on Dim Mak, Heroic Recordings, Trap Nation, Fool’s Gold and Good Enuff to name a few. This week, he looks to keep his monstrous sized catalog growing with a second release on Uprise Music less than 2 weeks after his previous one “Say That Way” dropped, this time it’s a collaboration with Australian dj/producer Jia Lih titled “Suicide Mission.” The heavy hip hop/glitchy trap beat is an eclectic bass experience not to be missed. Enjoy a free download below!

Holly X Jia Lih – Suicide Mission | Free Download

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Tiësto Shares His Aftr:Hrs Mix Of DJ Snake & Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You”

Here it is, folks, the beginning of a bunch of huge remixes of DJ Snake & Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You.” We still have Marshmello, Zedd, and Don Diablo to look forward to, but today we’re getting Tiësto.

This epically short remix is deep house, and quite aggressive, at that. With Justin’s vocals fully intact, this remix is a straight dancefloor filler, featuring pounding drums and an intoxicating bassline.

While this is nothing groundbreaking or game changing, it’s a solid effort from Tiësto and sure to be played in club sets all around the world. Listen below:

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Electric Zoo Sells Out Debut Festival In China & Makes Plans To Come Back

After the massively successful Electric Zoo in New York City the creators of Electric Zoo have announced that Electric Zoo’s first outing in Shanghai, China officially sold out! Electric Zoo: Countdown Shanghai, took place at Shanghai’s Expo Park and featured world-class DJ’s, including Dada Life, Sander van Doorn and Oshi. Sander Van Doorn said the following about China’s debut Electric Zoo:

“Electric Zoo was absolutely amazing! The crowd was so energetic, from the moment they started dancing, they didn’t stop during my whole set. Haven’t experience something like this before in China!”

Made Event the makers behind Electric Zoo are already planning to hold another Electric Zoo festival in Shanghai for the year of 2017.

Image: aLIVE Coverage on behalf of

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Gareth Emery To Usher In A New Year In NYC for NYE Event

New York experience curators, RPM and English trance legend, Gareth Emery are teaming up to bring you Electric For Life this New Year’s Eve in New York City.

The event will take place before the beginning of a new year with trance tunes banging into the late hours of the night in World’s greatest city, New York City. This is absolutely something you will not want to miss out on if you are a fan of dance music and live near the New York City area. The event will go down in memories for years to come to those that witnessed the energy of the night.

img_0386-1img_0386-1On Saturday, December 31st with support from vocalist Christina Novelli, FSOE-signed trance mastermind Dan Stone, UK trance producer Standerwick, and young prodigy Will Atkinson coming off the heels of two massive sold out shows in California, it’s only natural for the next edition of Electric For Life to be held in NYC.

Get tickets here:


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MGNS – Wanna Be With U [SFTB001]

I love finding new music, especially stuff that defies expectations. It’s hard these days to actually find music that surprises you and shows you something different, but MGNS just did that and more.

Pronounced “Magnus,” this young producer from Norway is the first release on Sounds From The Basement, the new imprint from Basement Music. MGNS only has 110 followers on Soundcloud (111, now that I’m listening), but his style represents someone who has a much larger following.

“Wanna Be With U” blends old school hip hop instrumentation with some airy and light lead synth work for an incredible effect. Once the trumpet enters the mix, the track really starts to hit the soul. Combined with the lyrics and vocals, this is a true hip hop/electronic chimera for the modern day.

Check out “Wanna Be With U” below.

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Your EDM Premiere: Knife Party & Tom Morello – Battle Sirens (RIOT Remix)

With an onslaught of remixes for their latest single and collaboration with Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello, Knife Party has once again outdone themselves with “Battle Sirens”. While many of these takes on the popular tune showcase angles from all corners of electronic music, one that truly stands out amongst the rest is the remix from Los Angeles locals, RIOT.

While the original piece takes influence from common dance music phrasings such as descending basslines or synths, high end percussive leads, and trapped out beats, RIOT expands on these ideas in more of a drumstep-esque style, utilizing smashing lazer effects with heavy bass shots to create an all more heavy vibe from the original work. Having already gained support from Knife Party on their remix, you can bet you’ll be hearing this remix plenty in upcoming sets!

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Google Play Music Gets Operating and Visual Upgrades

Google Play

Big data is going nowhere. Its vast amounts of usage, especially in the music industry, continue to bring new ways of utilizing this information. Google, being a little late to the game it seems, is finally rolling out software updates in order to take full advantage of the predictive listening analysis movement.

“To provide even richer music recommendations based on Google’s understanding of your world, we’ve plugged into the contextual tools that power Google products,” wrote Elias Roman, Google Play Music’s lead product manager, in a blog post. “Your workout music is front and center as you walk into the gym, a sunset soundtrack appears just as the sky goes pink, and tunes for focusing turn up at the library.”

This move will hopefully help to distinguish Google Play Music from its competitors in the streaming revolution. By using its vast amount of services including YouTube, their search engine, what music you’ve listened to, whether that’s what you keep going back to or an album that you just checked out as well as machine learning from data sets such as time of day and activities being partook in, their goal is to provide an overall better experience for their listeners.

Also, Google announced that they are updating the look for their Play Music home screen as well as adding a new feature to offline listening by automatically having tunes you’ve recently been listening synced to an offline playlist.

“As long as you remember to charge your phone, you’ll have your favorite tunes, even if you forgot to download them ahead of time,” wrote Roman.

Via: IT World

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