Styline Goes Old School with Gritty WestBam ‘Beatbox Rocker’ Remix

Beatbox Rocker

WestBam – Beatbox Rocker (Styline Remix)

Modern ‘Power House‘ from Styline takes a trip back in time for some old school goodness. Tackling WestBam’s hit, “Beatbox Rocker,” Styline’s kicking things up a notch giving this 1999 classic some serious teeth. His last release, “Usual Suspects,” took listeners down a psychedelic journey with an entrancing bassline and immersive vocals, and this remix does much of the same but in much more aggressive fashion. Utilizing that unmistakable ‘beat box rocker’ sample, Styline has grafted a gritty, grimmy, heavy, addicting, old school house banger with newschool powerhouse flare. Perfect for getting down on the dance floor in an underground warehouse or club. This remix really is a throwback to the good old days, and we’re hoping to hear more like this; with Styline’s ambitious release schedule, who knows, maybe we’ll get more and more of this down the road!

WestBam – Beatbox Rocker (Styline Remix)Free Download

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Downlow’d Transforms Ellie Goulding’s “Something In The Way You Move”

For a while now, Downlow’d has been hinting at the gravity of his latest projects, but until today, we hadn’t heard much more than a clip.

Although it may not be Downlow’d’s rumored Flume remix that generated quite the buzz this summer, the genre-illusive producer served up a totally new take on Ellie Goulding’s “Something In The Way You Move” earlier today.

By spotlighting the piano elements and jumping right into a darker house drop, Downlow’d livens up the already euphoric track for a completely different vibe that will definitely turn some heads.

Listen to Downlow’d’s remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Something In The Way You Move” on SoundCloud below!

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sober rob & manitee – Jungle Robot [Free DL]

There’s no denying that Elysian Records releases tracks from some of the best up-and-comers in bass music, and their recent output suggests they have no intentions of slowing down. Keeping up the trend, the label recruited underground legends sober rob and manitee for their latest release, delivering a massive track that’s as weird and filthy as one could have ever hoped for.

The two start things off with an atmospheric intro which works to establish some dark and heavy vibes from the very first second. A gritty synth and bass line come in shortly after, building up into a wonky drop that is a bit reminiscent of sober rob’s Enlighten EP. A brief piano interlude gives way to a more upbeat-feeling second drop, as sober rob and manitee utilize an assault of random percussion and vocal chops to really showcase their collaborative sound flawlessly; “Jungle Robot” has ‘sober rob and manitee’ written all over it.

Stream the track below and be sure to grab the limited free download HERE.

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KRNE x Alexander Lewis – Fall Apart [Free DL]

Following Alexander Lewis‘s recent leap into the trombone-filled world of live instrument trap music, he and KRNE have teamed up to release a collaborative track in the same vein, “Fall Apart.” Ever since his flip of Mr. Carmack’s “Pay For What,” Lewis has begun a deadly trend without the beat scene, demolishing audiences with his live brass playing and powerful percussion. Now, he and KRNE have added to the roster with another true heater.

The song begins with distant horns and swirling white noise, before gentle piano phrases and vocal cuts take over the space. A swell of claps and snares leads upwards towards the build, eventually releasing into a completely overwhelming arrangement of trombone and sub bass. Following the formula of his last two songs, Lewis goes as big as he can with the brass, resulting in an instantly danceable and heavy production.

Listen to the full track below.

Click here to download “Fall Apart” for free!

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Calvin Harris Scores Again, Beats The Chainsmokers For Best Electronic Video At VMAs

It was a great night for The Chainsmokers at the VMAs last night at Madison Square Garden; performing their #1 hit “Closer” for millions of fans watching has to be one of the highlights, if not the biggest moment, of their still rising career. On the scoreboard, however, it’s Calvin Harris who came out on top with two Moon Men to take home: one for Best Male Video and one for Best Electronic Video.

While the former was for his newest hit with Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For,” the second is for a slightly deeper cut, his collaboration with Disciples, “How Deep Is Your Love.” Unfortunately, this means that The Chainsmokers’ track with Daya, “Don’t Let Me Down,” as well as Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” and Afrojack’s “SummerThing!” went home empty handed.

One of the big things to note about Calvin’s acceptance of his awards – he thanked everyone except for Taylor Swift (who actually weaseled her way into a writing credit for TIWYCF).

“I need to thank Rihanna from the bottom of my heart. You’re a superstar. Every time we worked together, you bring something so magical to the project so thank you,” said Calvin

He also thanked the director of the video, Emil Nava, and “everybody who’s supported this song, who’s watched this video.” Still, no mention of Taylor. She wasn’t even in attendance.

Watch both Calvin Harris videos below.


H/T Elite Daily

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Big Makk Pronounced Dead After Fatal Car Accident

Moments ago, the news of Big Makk’s untimely death started spreading like wildfire across social media. The larger-than-life DJ was well known in the Orlando/Florida dance music community, though exerted his influence nationwide.

Big Makk was involved in a car accident that left himself and two others deceased at the scene.

More information as the story develops.

Check out his most popular song, released on Mad Decent, below.


via WESH

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Source: Big Makk Pronounced Dead After Fatal Car Accident

Ariana Grande & David Guetta Being Sued Over “One Last Time”

ariana grande

In sue-happy America, we have another lawsuit over copied music. Writer Alex Griggs alleges that Ariana Grande’s song “One Last Time”, which was written by David Guetta, is a rip off “Takes All Night”, performed by Skye Stevens. Supposedly, cease and desist letters were sent and no progress has been made. She is now suing Grande, Guetta and UMG (Universal Music Group) for $150k and asking them to stop making profits from the song.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a case like this and in today’s age of sampling, it definitely won’t be the last. Check out both songs below and judge for yourself.

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MaRLo – Join Us Now

MaRLo – Join Us Now

The worldwide Trance family can rest assured yet again knowing that MaRLo cannot disappoint. His new single “Join Us Now” is essential to trance lovers everywhere as the song progresses from a steady build up to a massive fist-pumping, head-rolling roller coaster ride. Full of dirty bass and invigorating rhythms, this new single will surely be a staple in his live sets to come in the near future. While Above & Beyond will be performing at New York City this Halloween weekend, MaRLo will join the likes of John O’CallaghanBryan KearneyStanderwick and more at this year’s Advanced Halloween event, Hostel. Taking place at the O2 Academy in Bournemouth, the event will run from 9 PM until 5 AM, withlast entry being at 1 AM. Join these trance and hard dance masterminds at this frightening Halloween event, and be sure to support MaRLo’s new single.

MaRLo – Join Us Now

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Watch Eric Prydz’ Full Cirez D Essential Mix Set [Video]

This weekend was a massive one for Eric Prydz. Just look at his schedule.

Fri – Creamfields (Cirez D) 21:00-22:00
Sat – SW4 Aftershow (Eric Prydz) 02:00-05:00
Sun – SW4 (Cirez D) 14:00-15:15
Sun – Creamfields (Eric Prydz) 21:00-23:00

While most of us aren’t lucky enough to go to those lifechanging sets, Friday’s Cirez D set at Creamfields was recorded and will debut next weekend on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix. Clearly some fans know we get a little impatient and want to hear the #1 Essential Mix of 2016 early, so one of them recorded the entire set. Facebook livestreaming is changing the game for recorded live sets, for better or worse, and this is more of the benefits. Obviously the quality isn’t top notch, but you’ll get that next week. For now bask in the glory that is Cirez D.

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Armin van Buuren Confirms Upcoming Gaia Album

Armin van Buuren may be one of the busiest people in dance music, always working on an album, singles, or remixes. It feels like so recently we got his latest studio album, Embrace, but now we are about to get the remix album as well. However, the trance purists have always dogged Armin about the possibility of a full on Gaia album. For those unfamiliar, Gaia, is Armin’s harder trance alias he does in collaboration with Rank 1’s Benno de Goeij. Gaia sets feature the two shrouded in cloaks dropping pure trance magic without any of the big room elements Armin embraces (get it?) in his regular productions.

Recently, we’ve been lucky to get 1-3 Gaia productions per year, but that’s all about to change. Today Armin did a live Facebook Q&A from Creamfields and dropped a bombshell for the trance family.

It’s hard to overstate just how exciting this is for trance music, because many Armin fans believe that Armin is almost a split personality between his aliases. While some have grown sour over Armin’s productions recently, the passion for the Gaia productions and sets remains strong. The expectations are going to be sky high for this one. You can check out the full Q&A below.

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