The People of Woogie Weekend 2016

In its second year, The Do LaB‘s Woogie Weekend festival in Orange County, CA brought about an intimate, yet beautiful group of people – as the Woogie stage of Lightning in a Bottle, from which the inspiration for this festival originally stemmed, seems to do. Each person you found in the campsite, in yoga, on the dance floor was there for one reason – we were all there, united for one reason: house and techno music and the indescribably delightful feelings the beat gave us.

Missed the weekend, or missing it already? Here are some of the beautiful people that took part in the festivities.

Woogie-5 @stereosurf-torie-1 Woogie-6 @stereosurf-torie-25Woogie-53Woogie-7@stereosurf-torie-22Woogie-11Woogie-18@stereosurf-torie-16Woogie-15Woogie-28Photo Credits: Aaron Taylor & Greg Chavez

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Enchanted Forest’s No-Alcohol Rule is Kind of a Big Deal

Photo: Jazz Wall

More than just a music festival, Enchanted Forest Gathering – a boutique festival in Mendocino, CA – just three or so hours north of San Francisco – has a wonderfully intricate balance of music, yoga, workshops, art and more. Out of the music sets, flow and movement workshops, healing ceremonies and all that truly makes the festival so appealing and unique, there was one thing about this festival that stands out from the rest: the fact that it is a no-alcohol event (yes, really).

This is quite a feat in the world of festivals today, as so many have alcohol embedded in the way they work and the income they depend on, with the likes of beer gardens and signature cocktails catered to each event becoming a dime a dozen. Instead of turning down this road with the others, the team at Enchanted Forest have embraced the idea of “get saucy, not sauced.” They believe focusing on a safe, alcohol-free environment that “serves as fertile ground for a new kind of festival experience and a container for an experimental way of life.” Through its lack of available alcohol, the event leaves attendees to get creative and find deeper, more meaningful forms of stimulation that does not involve drinking.

As part of this, EF offers a number of stimulating alternatives including tea lounges, cacao drinks, herbal elixir bars and kombucha elixir bars. This experimental festival lifestyle – truly asking attendees to expand their horizons and try new ways of creating stimulation – is a rare find.

The event happens next weekend, July 22-24, 2016 with a stacked lineup, including the likes of Shpongle, PANTyRAiD, The Polish Ambassador, Autograf and more. Tickets are still available on the Enchanted Forest website

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Burning Man Slapped With $2.8 Million Bill

A $2.8 million bill was recently received from the Bureau of Land Management by officials at the Burning Man offices that they weren’t too happy with.

In recent years, there has been an increased presence of law enforcement, largely due in part to the BLM’s planning for drug-related “instances”. Last year, the BLM had to run with their tail between their legs as they withdrew a request for upgraded amenities (flushing toilets, Choco Taco ice cream, the list goes on…) for the employees forced to nine day, sometimes grueling and always enduring music and arts festival; which was aptly denied.

You can wonder a bit why the head honchos over in San Francisco are a little skeptical. The BLM claims Burning Man demands year-round planning due to it’s special one-of-a-kind permit, the large-scale forces used to ensure public lands are protected and a number of other specifications that were required in 2015, including 84 law enforcement officers.

The BLM’s formal response on the subject was that Burning Man officials were provided with a detailed summary of costs with receipts and that “federal government agencies are obligated to recover the full cost of providing a special benefit…”

The festival’s argument, which will be heard in the Interior Department’s internal affairs court with the presiding administrative law judge, will decide whether or not that many officers are necessary – seeing that more than a thousand volunteers, whom are also Burners themselves, patrol the event and to continue to keep the clean record of preserving the land. Burning Man said in its appeal that more than half the BLM bill was to pay for labor costs, but that the paperwork lacked specific information about the duties they actually performed.

“If they can’t explain all of it, than we’re asking for all of it back,” said Ray Allen, the San Francisco-based Burning Man organization’s lawyer.

The partnership between the two has become more jagged, displaying no synchronicity whatsoever. Allen stated that Burning Man’s costs since 2011, when its permit was $730,000, has gone up significantly with themselves picking up most of the tab. However, there have been changes in the BLM leadership and both parties are now saying that working together for 2016 has been much smoother than in previous years, due in part to the count of federal employees seemingly decreasing due to improvements in communications.

“We want to work collaboratively with the system,” Allen said. “New BLM leadership will help us long term. We just need to get over this speed bump. We want the policies clarified moving forward.”

Source: The Big Story (AP) 

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Hardwell Team Engineers New Bot to Increase Fan Interaction

Have you ever wanted to personally chat with Hardwell? Well now you (kinda) can, thanks to a newly created bot for the Facebook Messenger app. Fans will now be able to slide into Hardwell’s DMs and get direct responses from his page on a number of Hardwell-related topics.

The Dutch DJ hopes the bot will introduce the fans to a new and exciting way to ‘interact’ with him. Instead of scouring the internet and multiple links to figure out Hardwell’s tour schedule, you can now send his page a message and the automated bot will relay the information back to you. You will also be able to record personal messages and send them via Messenger for Hardwell’s “Fan Shout Out of the Week” during his weekly Hardwell On-Air radio show. Additionally, votes for the Top 3 tracks can be submitted via Messenger with the bot tallying up the scores. Apart from integration into Hardwell On-Air, the Messenger bot will also keep track of fan art submissions, which will be featured on Hardwell’s Twitter and Instagram.

While this isn’t exactly ‘direct’ interaction with his fans, it seems to be a step in the right direction for Hardwell and his numerous international fans. Many EDM fans still get excited when Twitter-bots like a tweet, so I can’t imagine this idea being ill-received by the millions of Hardwell fans out there.

However, the app isn’t perfect, of course.

hardwell fb bot dvlm

hardwell fb bot dvlm

Photo courtesy of Amy Martine Shaw


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Source: Hardwell Team Engineers New Bot to Increase Fan Interaction

Benny Benassi Releases His First Album In 5 Years

Hard to believe it’s been five years since Benny Benassi’s Electroman swarmed the dance charts. Now, his long-awaited follow-up is finally upon us, and it’s everything you never knew you wanted. Give a warm welcome to 2016’s Danceaholic.

Loaded with a whopping 18 tracks, the entire album is extremely pop-friendly, yet stays true to the roots of dance music with inventive arrangements that spin timeless sound design in a new direction for Benny Benassi. Perhaps the most striking thing about Danceaholic is what it’s not trying to be. It’s not a high concept reinvention like what we’ve seen from Flume, nor is it attempting to destroy the charts like the intentions of Calvin Harris. While success is certainly on the agenda, we can always depend on Benny Benassi to craft music as he envisions in the styles that he feels appropriate, not according to what he thinks we’ll enjoy. As a result, Danceaholic is a collection of tunes that will please a wide array of fans, both old and new alike.

Springing from deepened house back to electro, dipping toes into the waters of pop, and then drying off with shuffling club anthems, Benny Benassi has delivered an album that’s every bit as eclectic as the man’s adventures over his lengthy career.

The title track endeavors towards a grungier atmosphere, sporting Benassi’s trademark electro belches, certain backing melodies of “Out Of Control” sound as if plucked straight from classic Benny tracks, and “Gangsta” with Moguai is a personal favorite, eliciting the electrified Benny we fell in love with so many years ago.

Alongside established vocalist Vassy is rising talent Elle Vee, who’s caught our attention with an awing performance on “Carousel.” Complementing her bursting lyrics with an emotionally rich topline, Benassi has crafted a delicious tune that’s left us gouged with modernity and the forgotten tones of the 80’s. Honestly, I could go on about which tracks to pay attention to, but that would take all the excitement out of it…

Have a listen through Spotify, and be sure to snag your own copy of Danceaholic via iTunes.

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Source: Benny Benassi Releases His First Album In 5 Years

Watch Skrillex Behind The Scenes Of Hollywood’s Transformers

Back in 2014, we reported that Skrillex was contributing his talents to the set of Transformers: Age of Extinction. Though a Skrillex track wasn’t fully featured in the film like Wreck It Ralph, you can bet his staple sound design is tucked neatly amongst the film’s roaring mechanoids and frenzied battles.

Below is a short film documenting the behind-the-scenes final touches of Transformers 4. While the entire 22 minutes is wildly entertaining, we’re mostly concerned with the segment beginning at 13:30, when Sonny Moore takes over composer Steve Jablonsky’s studio.

In the clip, you can see Skrillex stripping down his own tracks and building new ideas to offer an extensive library of otherworldly sounds for the film’s FX and score. We already realized Skrillex’s design insanity, but this segment gives us an entirely renewed appreciation for the scope of what he can create.

Transformers 4: The Final Touches from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.


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Source: Watch Skrillex Behind The Scenes Of Hollywood’s Transformers

A R I Z O N A – I Was Wrong (Robin Schulz Remix)

A R I Z O N A has steadily been making a name for themselves as the newest kings of indie dance, and their claim to the throne has officially been announced with a vibrant remix from Robin Schulz. Torquing “I Was Wrong” into a destructively gorgeous house tune, Schulz has once again left us speechless.

As usual, Robin Schulz doesn’t take an overbearing approach to the remix. The subtle additions and ethereal ambience are just enough to support the original’s rich emotions. That guitar thrums with nuanced legato, and emphatic percussion breathes new meaning into the track. Have a listen below and be sure to grab Robin Shulz’ gorgeous remix via iTunes.


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Deadmau5 & Feed Me Team Up For Mau5trap Presents 009

Deadmau5 has brought out an astounding array of guest mixers to round out his weekly Mau5trap Presents showcase on Beats 1. From ATTLAS and Eekkoo to Blackgummy and REZZ, the roster of contributors has continued to grow in esteem and variety as the weeks go on. This time, Deadmau5 has enlisted the mixing talents of none other than Feed Me.

Jonathan Gooch was last heard on the program several weeks ago, when he came on as his alter ego Spor. This week, however, the London producer played out a powerful set mostly consisting of his own material having just released a brand new EP. During the hour-long performance, he dropped two brand new ID tracks alongside personal classics both old and new.

To check out the complete mau5trap episode, including Deadmau5’s hour of diverse tunes, visit the player below.

Hour 1: Exclusive & Favorite Tracks
1. ATTLAS – Shadow Play (feat. Lune)
2. Feed Me – Red Clouds (Serious Ting)
3. Matt Lange – Inside My Head (Anthony Balding Remix)
4. Sasha – Pontiac (Club Mix)
5. Yotto – The Owls
6. Tycho – Awake (Com Truise Remix)
7. Bonobo – Cirrus
8. DJ Shadow – The Mountain Will Fall
9. Lane 8 – Fingerprint
10. Eagles & Butterflies – Mojave
11. Chaim – Round About
12. Four Tet – For These Times
13. Dhillon – Umbra
14. Monstergetdown – Brainworms

Hour 2: Feed Me Guest Mix
1. Feed Me – High Speed Weekend Survivor
2. No Mana – Slow Motion
3. GotSome – Colours
4. Wax Motif – Krush Groove
5. Feed Me – Spilt Milk
6. Feed Me – American Cemetery
7. Feed Me – Chain Smoker
8. Feed Me & Kill the Noise – Far Away
9. Feed Me – Red Clouds (Serious Ting)
10. Doctor P & Flux Pavilion – Party Drink Smoke (feat. Jarren Benton)
11. Feed Me – Schizoid
12. Feed Me – Fiasco
13. Pumpkin Harmony – They Are Everywhere
14. ID – ID
15. Feed Me – Wuzzle
16. Feed Me – Trouble (feat. KANEHOLLER)
17. ID – ID
18. Feed Me – Life Raft


Image: Rukes

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Source: Deadmau5 & Feed Me Team Up For Mau5trap Presents 009

San Holo’s Bitbird Label Drops Their First Compilation EP, Gouldian Finch

San Holo’s bitbird label has been having solid releases left and right from the likes of some promising talent like BeauDamian, Taska Black, and Losi among many others. To commemorate such a successful start, bitbird just dropped their first compilation EP, Gouldian Finch. The EP manages to showcase the diversity of the label while still maintaining their unique futuresque sound full of big bass, bright synths, signature “swirls”, and more.

“We launched bitbird to have a place where we could do things our own way. Supporting beautiful art that touched us in some way, whether a soundscape, trap banger or classical piece. There’s beauty in all of it.

With Gouldian Finch we want to trigger you to think the same way. To let go of genres and instead consider all this beautiful music for what it is: music.

bitbird is free as a bird.”

Check out the EP below:

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DJ Snake, Justin Bieber Collab For New Track

As if the plethora of artists DJ Snake has called on to feature on his upcoming album Encore wasn’t enough already, Snake has added another massive name to the list – Justin Bieber. Anticipation has already been building since DJ Snake released his first single off the album, titled “Middle,” and it only continues to amplify with this latest track.

Bieber has been making some noise in the dance music community lately. Earlier this week he announced that he and Major Lazer will be releasing a track within the next week. Now, with the preview of “Let Me Love You”, we know that Justin is definitely on Encore for at least one track – and hopefully even more.

Snake and Bieber will take the world by storm with this one and close out the summer with a huge single that is sure to skyrocket to the top of the charts.  You can grab Encore on iTunes when it comes out August 5th.


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