Diplo Says New Major Lazer Music Is Coming



Fortunately in the year 2016 we have more ways of connecting and communicating with our favorite artists than ever before. Before the days of Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook there was no direct link between artists and the public. Now we are seeing us common folk speak to celebrities and DJs everyday.

One very active artist on social media is Diplo, who has given us some good news for the near future.

New major lazer comes out in January https://t.co/4xrbYJzojN

— kodak white (@diplo) October 29, 2016

Fans have been begging for more Major Lazer as it is possibly his most popular side project – and it looks like new material is coming in early 2017 according to his tweet above. But balancing time working on Diplo, Jack Ü and Major Lazer, we can only imagine, is likely a huge challenge. Earlier this year Jack Ü announced they wouldn’t be as active for the rest of the year so that could be freeing up time for Diplo to work on Major Lazer, so we have our fingers crossed that something great will be coming soon.

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Ten Walls Opens Up About His Homophobic Facebook Rant

ten walls

Ten Walls, born as Marijus Adomaitis, is a Lithuanian producer and DJ now unfortunately known for his extremely controversial homophobic and hate-filled Facebook post from 2015. Ten Walls was a rising star until his social media rant with hit singles such as “Walking With Elephants” that was featured on the top ten list in the UK and constantly played at electronic festivals around the world. The video for “Walking With Elephants” was also nominated for Best International Video during the UK Music Video Awards and he went on to win a M.A.M.A for Best Electronic Act – a Lithuanian equivalent of a Grammy award.

However, since 2015, Ten Walls has tried to distance himself (understandably) from the entire situation and, as a result, the community as a whole – but he has recently opened up about the incident in an exclusive interview with XLR8R.

During his tour circa June 2015, the artist published a Facebook post that compared gay sex to pedophilia and also suggested that homosexuals and the LGBT community were of a “different breed” that needed fixing via violent measures. Needless to say, this rant was not well received amongst the innately PLUR dance community.

After this disaster of a post happened, Ten Walls went on to describe the whole situation as a “meltdown” that he attributed to being stressed. He went on to issue apologies, although he was still ostracized from the community.

Marc Rowlands of XLR8R interviewed Ten Walls in July of this year and went on to describe Ten Wall as “intelligent and friendly, but clearly not the most socially adept individual.” Ten Walls also discussed his musical training and his spiritual beliefs with Marc, despite the animosity he experienced from the community as a result of his rant. Ten Walls said:

“I have many ambitions. I would like to play in clubs and at festivals with dance music. I would like to play one time a year with a symphony orchestra,” and “I make music not only for myself but to make people happy. To see thousands of them enjoying your music is something that’s really special. It’s an amazing feeling when you play for 10,000 people.”

On the topic of homophobia in general, he explained that “I never wrote anything that linked gay people with pedophiles,” and continued on:

“I never called them another breed. In my post there is no gay, no homosexual, no nothing. My post had three chapters. After each chapter there was a video. You know, it’s very hard to talk about this.”

He essentially summed up his rant to be a result of mistranslation. However, this was not accepted amongst the community as a reasonable explanation. It is clear that the topic makes Ten Walls uncomfortable but he goes on to say this about gay marriage: “They have their life, I have my life. I’ve said what I can tell. That’s it. I’m a musician. Everybody has their life.”

You can read the full interview here.

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Bruno Mars, Skrillex Collab Will Not Be On Mars’ New Album


Skrillex has produced more than a handful of successful collaborations within his music career, some with expected names, some with surprises. One collab that’s more on the surprising side is his work with Bruno Mars.

Skrillex confirmed this past summer that he was in the studio with Bruno, working as a producer on multiple tracks on the album as well as a collaborating artist on a track. The artist withheld the details in an interview with Billboard, but he did say this:

“I’m not going to give specifics of what it sounds like, but what we’re doing is so f–king different, awesome and next level and sounds like nothing else that’s happened before.”

Of Bruno, Skrillex had also previously said that he’s his “favorite singer to work with” and “the most fun guy to be in the studio with.”

But now, the real letdown: the collab between Skrillex and Mars will not be on Bruno’s new album. Bruno confirmed the track will not be featured on the album because it isn’t finished, according to Digital Spy.

But he didn’t say it would never be released – so here’s hope it comes sooner rather than later.

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Laidback Luke Asked To Buy His Own DJ Mag Award

Wow. As if the DJ Mag Top 100 couldn’t be made into any more of a joke, they’re asking the winners to purchase their own award. What?

Even more absurd, they seem to rub in the fact that they’re not receiving the #1 award, but reassure that it’s the exact same as the one given to Martin Garrix. Of course they gave the #1 DJ his award, but they’re still expecting Laidback Luke to fork out some extra cash for his own. The whole thing just too many issues to point out, but at least we’ve all gotten a good laugh out of it.

It is the exact replica of the award given to the World’s number 1 DJ Martin Garrix. (but in silver)

Ha ha no thanks! But I’m curious to see if we see some top unknown names put one on Instagram LOL

A photo posted by Laidback Luke (@laidbackluke) on

Facebook image by Rukes.com


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K.Flay – Blood In The Cut (Aire Atlantica Remix)

K.Flay’s “Blood In The Cut” is an edgy, aggressive, and above all, emotional anthem of the indie pop variety. And while the original benefitted from its subtle, drum-driven production, Aire Atlantica absorbs the tense atmosphere in the production before multiplying it with a roaring future bass flip.

K.Flay’s smokey vocals remain the star of the show in Aire Atlantica’s remix just like in the original but stuttering high-hats and an almost ‘tribal’ string into add to the mysterious air of the song. Slowly, yet surely the track builds into a roaring drop featuring vocal chops and delicate synth layers.

Stream it below.

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Fancy Cars – Set Me On Fire ft. Brandon Hall [Majestic Casual]

As of now, Fancy Cars is very much still a producer/alias that I’d very much like to learn more about. His latest single features Brandon Hall, which is another hallmark of Fancy Cars project – new vocalist with every release.

“Set Me On Fire” is the perfect, warm blend of radio-leaning indie pop and future bass music. With that kind of music becoming the ‘new sound’ of EDM, it’s not surprising to see more releases lean that way, but I have no doubts that Fancy Cars will set himself apart with this single. The production is wonderfully laced with ringing strings and future bass chops that really allow Brandon’s vocals to stand out and, for lack of a better word, pop. Considering it’s a pop-leaning single, the melody is beautifully written as is the top line – pretty good evidence that Fancy Cars is indeed the handiwork of a seasoned musician.

Stream it below.

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Deadmau5′ Most Iconic Record Just Went Platinum

Entirely too appropriate for Halloween, deadmau5 just earned Platinum Certification for “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” featuring Rob Swire.

As the breakout single of For Lack Of A Better Name, the now iconic track went through “at least” 10 different revisions since its origins in 2004, finally seeing an official release in 2008. Hard to believe it’s been a whopping eight years since it debuted on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix in 2008, but alas, here we are, and “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” finally has the recognition it deserves – and on Halloween no less!

Well, cool. Ghosts n stuff went platinum today. Hahaha. Seems fitting 😉

A photo posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

Soak up the classic 2009 music video below, and look out for our Halloween Playlist to fuel the evening’s festivities.


Photo: Rukes.com

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These Were The Most Shazamed Tunes At This Year’s ADE

Shazam has always been a powerful tool to gauge at-the-moment interest in tracks, especially when they’re not necessarily as popular as other ones. That isn’t to say that some people just aren’t tuned in, though. At this year’s ADE, lots of music, including tracks that we consider hugely popular, were tagged by Shazam and they’ve logged all that information.

Shazam is a tool which helps people to identify tracks that they don’t know and are interested in, so take that into consideration when you go through the list.

Below are the top 10 most Shazamed tunes from 2016’s ADE conference.

#10: Sam Feldt and Lucas and Steve – “Summer on You”

#9: Deorro feat. Elvis Crespo – “Bailar”

#8: Galantis & Hook N Sling – “Love On Me”

#7: Martin Garrix Feat. Bebe Rexha – “In The Name of Love”

#6: Mike Perry Feat. Shy Martin – “The Ocean”

#5: Sak Noel & Salvi Feat. Sean Paul – “Trumpets”

#4: Hardwell & Jay Sean – “Thinking About You”

#3: Jonas Blue Feat. JP Cooper – “Perfect Strangers”

#2: Fais & Afrojack – “Used To Have It All”

#1: Calvin Harris – “My Way”

Photo via Amsterdam Music Festival

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Pismocean 2016 is Bringing Lee Burridge, Davi and More to Pismo State Beach


Music and the beach are two things that go hand-in-hand. Laying in the sand, listening to your favorite beats – where could you go wrong? Pismocean, a festival in its first year, has decided to amplify this idea by throwing their own festival at Pismo State Beach next weekend, November 4-6, 2016.

The lineup itself is a fantastic reason to get sandy – headliners include Lee BurridgeThe Gaslamp KillerDaviLee Reynolds, GunslingerRachel TorroThe Naven TwinsNico Stojan and many, many more performers that we can expect to see fantastic sets from. With two stages, this event offers a multi-genre lineup that will have a bit of something for everyone.

The fact that the event is in its first year is also intriguing – as so many boutique festivals have begun to pop up across the country, those that start small and intimate on such beautiful locations as Pismo State Beach are some of the best. The initial event of any festival often tends to be one of the best, as it exists before it becomes overcrowded and allows you to personally connect with so many of the attendees.

The eco-friendly festival will offer camping, yoga, horses, ATV rides, surfing, beach shops, workshops and much more that will give you a weekend of fun and beats to celebrate the coming of November and

Pismo is an ideal location for a Central California festival, as it’s just three hours north of Los Angeles and three hours south of San Francisco – right in the middle and, of course, right on the water. Though the ocean may be chilly this time of year, we can only imagine it’ll be nothing short of refreshing after a long day of dancing and vibing to house, techno and live bands all day.

And, of course, the best way to end a weekend is to watch Lee Burridge play his famous sunrise set on Sunday morning. We’ll be there. Will you?

Grab your tickets at their website – they’re currently available for $135.

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New NYC Club Schimanski to Open in Former Verboten Location


In Brooklyn, one beloved club was lost about six months ago – the well-known and much loved Verboten – when it was seized by the state in March 2016 due to its previous owners failing to pay a hefty sum of sales taxes. Since then, the venue has been silent – until now.

Rumors – and fliers – have begun circulating around Brooklyn that a new club named Schimanski will open in November in Verboten’s place. Club-goers and music lovers alike are excited, as this step was expected since the property was purchased in July. The club’s name comes from a fictional character in a 1981 German crime series.

Fliers have been circulating the area – which you can see in the image below – hinting at lineups filled with some of the best in the underground dance music world, as well as an opening party in November with performers including Breakbot, Lauren Lane, Radio Slave and more. The lineup for its fall season include Edu Imbernon, wAFF, Eli & Fur, Mat.Joe, Sascha Dive and numerous other heavy-hitters New York residents will definitely be looking forward to.


A photo posted by Andrew Inomata (@andrewinomata) on

A pre-opening night event has also been announced on the Schimanski website; you can RSVP here.

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