Pianist Covers NGHTMRE’s ‘Street’ & ‘Burn Out’

NGHTMRE’s “Street” was undoubtedly one of the most startling tracks of 2015, and the bass lord has gone one to strike elation in the hearts of thousands with “Burn Out” and more. Now, pianist Jason Leech has covered the filthy anthems with a majestic keyboard rendition, and NGHTMRE himself has taken notice.

Recreating the traditional piano progressions of the tune with ease, and dusting synthesized embellishments over top, Leech has crafted a gorgeous arrangement. Take a look below and see what the fuss is about.

See the whole video of trap anthems below:

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Source: Pianist Covers NGHTMRE’s ‘Street’ & ‘Burn Out’

Watch A-Trak’s New Routine With Madeon & Porter Robinson

Turntablism is just one of the many skills that A-Trak has tucked away in his repertoire of badassery, and now he’s applied the swag to Porter Robinson and Madeon’s ethereal single, “Shelter.”

Juggling an arrangement of cuts and scratches to twist the vocals into a verified splendor, this routine is but a sliver of what we can expect A-Trak to throw into his upcoming live shows. Check out the antics via Instagram, and have a listen to this new “candy.”

That new @porterrobinson & @madeon is like candy… Had to a lil live remix 😈😈💜

A video posted by A-Trak (@atrak) on


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Source: Watch A-Trak’s New Routine With Madeon & Porter Robinson

Here Are Flume’s Best Unreleased Tracks

Flume has captivated minds for years now, and the wealth of innovative vibes as heard in Skin have only reignited fans’ hunger for more. Now EDM Sauce has plucked the best unreleased Flume music to satiate our thirst for more ethereal arrangements from the Australian wonderkid.

Ranging from a sensuous edit of Beyoncé, to the more house centric ambience of “Mood C,” these some of the more eclectic Flume tunes available. There’s no telling what is in store for future productions, but Flume’s already said that his next album is veering more toward the skirts of lo-fi.

Flume – Mood C

Flume – That Look ft. George Maple

Flume – ID (Woo Hoo)

Beyoncé – Ghost (Flume Edit)


H/T EDM Sauce

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Source: Here Are Flume’s Best Unreleased Tracks

Your EDM Week In Music 8/24/2016

This week on our weekly Week In Music Spotify playlist series, we’ve got great stuff coming to you from far across the musical spectrum.

Kicking us off is Just A Gent, who has just released “Rolling Dice” off of his new EP, Stories To Tell. Following that, we have new hits by Jerry Folk, Kid Froopy, Chet Porter, and more. Jerry’s single is the first release of his in a while outside of his Kids Tape series, while Kid Froopy’s single is the latest in a string of excellent Moving Castle releases.

From HypeMachine this week comes Chet Porter, who soared right to the top of the charts with a brand new original single, “Stay,” released on ODESZA’s Foreign Family label.

The new Dillon Francis-produced Jake Miller single makes an appearance alongside the Hardwell and Craig David collaboration, as well as our favorite mystery producer, Jane XØ!

Stream all that and more below!

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Source: Your EDM Week In Music 8/24/2016

Britney Spears’ New Album Is Stunningly Good & Surprisingly EDM

If you told me this morning I’d be jamming out to the new Britney Spears album and writing about it for an EDM blog, I’d have said you were fucking insane. Yet… here we are. No joke, Glory is really, really good.

We’d previously written about one of the singles on the album, considering it was produced by BURNS and was actually pretty dope in its own right. A friend reminded me last night that the full album came out yesterday, so I decided to check it out this morning and was immediately hit with “Invitation,” a song that sounded straight out of a Purity Ring album.

Next up was “Make Me…,” the collaboration with G-Eazy produced by BURNS, ostensibly EDM and pop. The rest of the album followed along in suit, blending electronic styles with Brit’s new vocal style. With each track, I found myself questioning why a 25-year-old male, straight millennial would be crushing so hard on new Britney material. But then I said fuck that, why try to limit myself to what is “accepted” for me to like. Once those shackles were cast off, I blazed through the rest of the album and I loved every second of it.

Cashmere Cat features on the album as producer for “Just Luv Me,” a soft ballad of a tune that features his production as much as it does Britney’s vocals, a rarity for a pop artist of her stature to share the stage so completely.

If you’re questioning whether or not to give it a try, slap yourself in the face and just do it. You won’t regret it.

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Source: Britney Spears’ New Album Is Stunningly Good & Surprisingly EDM

Skrillex & Diplo Premiere Florence & The Machine Collab

Remember when Jack U was supposed to drop new music during Coachella way way back in May? Well, it didn’t happen but we did eventually get an inkling of a new collaboration with indie group Florence & The Machine. Skrillex and Diplo have literally not said a word about new music for months, and then tonight they finally dropped it  at Reading Festival in the UK.

The set was livestreamed on Facebook so it’s already out there for the world to hear and the rumors say it will be called “Constellation. It’s been over a year, but we finally are beginning to see the next chapter in the Jack U saga. Clearly this is only the beginning, and we couldn’t be more excited! Check out the premiere rip from r/Skrillex below before it gets taken down.

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Netflix’s XOXO Dazzles by Capturing Spirit of Rave Culture

XOXO Opening Night Dazzles by Capturing the Spirit of Rave Culture

A live review of a film might seem a misnomer, but that’s what attending the screening of XOXO last night felt like, a party. From the minute we arrived where every seat was given a giant glowstick, to the moment the credits started rolling and impromptu dance parties broke out in the aisles, this was unlike any movie screening I had been to.

The director Christopher Louie has made no secret that he grew up going to raves in Califnoria, and this movie feels like his tribute to that world. Where ‘We Are Your Friends’ felt contrived from the minute they cast Zac Effron, XOXO, comes across as sincere and heartfelt. You can see why he has likened it to ‘Dazed & Confused’ set at a rave, this is more a coming of age, feel good movie, than it is an ‘EDM’ film.

With that said dance music is clearly a huge part of this movie. I felt lucky to see it in a theater where you could really feel the music. This isn’t a movie to be watched at home alone with your laptop, as evidenced by a crowd of music and Hollywood professionals that couldn’t help but holler and cheer along last night. You could see people’s heads bobbing and feet tapping, XOXO is a celebratory, party movie, the sort of thing you could watch before or after a night out with friends. It might not win the critics like ‘Eden’, but it made me remember why I love working in this industry,

XOXO is set over 24 hours, and the basic premise of the film is that multiple sets of characters’ lives collide at XOXO, a fictitious EDC like movie festival. There is an arrogant money grabbing superstar DJ, a washed up bitter old raver, drugged up hippies, tank-topped bros, an aspiring YouTube producer, party girls in skimpy outfits, a festival impresario – in short all the characters you might see at a EDM festival. But XOXO portrays these characters in a fun and self-aware way, its not mean spirited but it makes you laugh, it reminds me of the way you and your friends might point out a crazy character out at a rave with a nod and a smile.

It’s features an all-star soundtrack, which really makes a difference, I guess we can thank Pete Tong for that. From icons like Fatboy Slim, to superstar DJs like Galantis and Skrillex, to a magical scene soundtracked by Odesza, they spent the money to get the music that is moving our scene. The break out song of the movie, the YouTube hit in XOXO, is Michael Brun’s ‘All I Ever Wanted’, and judging by the fact it has had over a million plays in two weeks on Spotify, we’ll be hearing more of that one in the coming months.

Will XOXO win an Oscar? No. But it’s not trying too. This isn’t a movie that takes itself too seriously. It’s a movie about fun, vibrancy, the frantic energy of a digitized youth culture (the pace of the editing is startling sometimes). XOXO is trying tap into a zeitgeist that compels hundreds of thousands of us all over the world to attend EDM festivals every year and if the party at last night’s screening is anything to go off, it’s done just that.


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Just a Gent Displays Prodigal Capabilities in “Stories to Tell” EP

Stories to Tell

Not even a week ago we shared Just a Gent‘s single, “Rolling Dice,” effectively head over heels for its spacey atmospherics, haunting vocals, and intimate melody. A week from its original upload date, the 19 year old has finally debut his EP Stories to Tell. The product of 2 years of passionate toil, Stories to Tell is a dynamically robust offering displaying veteran variability; with an energy arc that flows with ease from “Intro” to “The End,” each track feels purposefully crafted and placed for maximum effect upon each listen.


Long time favorite and HypeM #1, “Heavy as a Heartbreak,” finds itself in good company with other heavy-hitters like, “Art Department” with its almost moombahton-like punches and quirky techno character or “Phenomenon” with its pacy wubs and classic synth stabs; “Rolling Dice,” “Loaded,” and “Sound of Her Mind” offer nice breaks to the hype with a decidedly more melodic focus, and supreme attention to unique sound design. Complete with an list of elite vocalists in Samsaruh, Melissa Ramsay, Ella Vos and Joey Chavez, Stories to Tell is undoubtedly one of the strongest EPs available thus far in 2016, and may be the sleeper champion for many a far. Stream it, share, purchase it, whatever suits your fancy, this is one collection of music you wont’ want to miss – breakdown included below.


  1. Intro – Whimsical, somber, profoundly simple. This introduction sets the mood for an EP that displays all these qualities in some form or another throughout.
  2. Sounds of Her Mind – Vocally driven and emotionally grounded, this track takes the route of mature restriction, eschewing the option of a heavy drop for a downtempo, warm yet cold myriad of synth, piano, string, and various bits of ear candy.
  3. Heavy as a Heartbreak – An already proven hit characterized by twangy synth leads and a quickened pace, this single has been an excellent hybrid of indie dance and rock n’ roll, if not by its audible elements then simply by its attitude.
  4. Loaded – Synthetic swells, plucky percussion, and lighthearted vibes come midway through the EP to prepare for the intensity that’s to come to round out this collection.
  5. Rolling Dice – Built upon similar characteristics that made the to ubiquitous M Machine EP, Metropolis Pt. 1, the classic that it is today, this track provides the ultimate example of dynamic construction with peaks and troughs of energy. Male vocals offer a refreshing warmth.
  6. Art Department – The rowdy rebel of the bunch, this vocally chopped bass driven track rambles along with curious brawn.
  7. Phenomenon – Perhaps the most ‘EDM’ in structure, this aims to satisfy fans of electro, complextro, and future in a single package.
  8. The End –  Capping off the EP with a bang, but not without some class mixed in. A unique choice of instruments and strong electronic elements come together in a single moment to symbolize the variability promised in “Intro” and displayed throughout the EP.

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Pier of Fear Announces Above & Beyond Halloween Event

Though Halloween will be taking place on a Monday this year, the ghosts and ghouls of the night will still be partying all throughout the weekend as DJ’s perform at countless events. One of those events will be hosted by Above & Beyond at Pier 94 in New York City. Earlier on in the year, the trio of masterminds visited the Big Apple for three back to back acoustic shows at the Beacon Theatre, where countless other musicians and artists graced the stage with their presence. This special Halloween show will be far from acoustic so don’t miss your chance to see A&B rip the stage for a frightful night. Tickets are available through Ticketfly so grab them while you still have a chance. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the masterminds of Anjunabeats this Halloween weekend in one of the greatest cities in America. Tickets currently start at $75 and will only increase from here.

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The Chainsmokers & Halsey Are Performing “Closer” at the VMAs


Ever since the days of their breakout single “#SELFIE“, The Chainsmokers have been riding a rapid wave of stardom through the radio charts. With singles like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” dominating the airwaves for quite some time, their success should come as no surprise to fans and non-fans alike. Their newest effort in their quest for fame is slated to be a performance at this Sunday’s VMAs alongside Halsey as they perform their new single, “Closer“, which is currently the #1 song in the country. Aside from being chosen to play their new hit at the show, the two men have been nominated for Best Electronic Music Video for “Don’t Let Me Down”. They will be competing against Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Mike Posner and 99 Souls. Best of luck to all nominees this Sunday and be sure to tune in and check out the live performance of “Closer”. The VMAs will air live from Madison Square Garden on Sunday the 28th at 9 PM.

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