Autograf Releases New Track, Dont Worry, and Announces New Tour Dates

The Aussie trio Autograf have been on absolute fire lately. They’ve been a group to watch since they first burst on to the scene a few years back. After a meteoric 2016, which saw the release of a few singles and their smash EP Future Soup, Autograf is keeping the momentum going with their new smooth track Don’t Worry.

The track is a nice slow jam instrumental which brings us back to some of Autograf’s earlier releases. Featuring a soothing guitar melody coupled with a refined string section, this track is a great one to chill out to. We’re all aboard the Autograf train, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

You can check out the Autograf – Don’t Worry here:

Along with the track comes the announcement of a brand new tour alongside the equally-talented Goldroom. You can grab the pre-sale tickets here.

Autograf, Goldroom tour dates

09/30 Nashville, Tenn. Basement East
10/01 Atlanta, Ga. Aisle 5
10/04 Portland, Maine Port City Music Hall
10/05 Boston, Mass. Royale
10/06 Philadelphia, Pa. The Theatre of Living Arts
10/07 New York, N.Y. Terminal 5
10/08 Washington, D.C. A.I.
10/12 Montreal, QC Fairmount Theatre
10/13 Toronto, ON Mod Club
10/14 Columbus, Ohio Park Street Saloon
10/15 Detroit, Mich. Majestic Theatre
10/16 Chicago, Ill. Concord
10/19 Madison, Wis. Liquid
10/20 Omaha, Neb. Slowdown
10/21 Denver, Colo. Cervantes
10/22 Boulder, Colo. Boulder Theatre
10/25 Kansas City, Mo Riot Room
10/26 St. Louis, Mo. Firebird
10/27 Oklahoma City, Okla. OKC Farmers Market
10/28 Austin, Texas Vulcan
10/31 Albuquerque, N.M. El Rey
11/02 San Diego, Calif. Observatory North Park
11/03 Los Angeles, Calif. The Novo
11/04 San Francisco, Calif. The Fox
11/05 Arcata, Calif. Arcata Theatre
11/09 Eugene, Ore. HiFi Music Hall
11/10 Portland, Ore. Wonder Ballroom
11/11 Vancouver, BC Imperial
11/12 Seattle, Wash. Neptune

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Skrillex and MIA’s “Go Off” Is The Hottest Record in the World

Here we are waiting for “Purple Lamborghini” or “Sahara” or that Skrillex Rae Srummurd collab and poof, we got a Skrillex & MIA collab called “Go Off“. We presume this track will be on MIA’s forthcoming album, which has been the source of much drama recently. The artist isn’t able to get a US visa to come here and promote the album, and she has actually threatened to leak the whole thing in protest. In any event, today Annie Mac declared this track her Hottest Record in the World.

While Skrillex goes for a bit more subtlety in this one, he lets MIA’s vocals shine and the end result is certainly something special. Check it out below and sound off in the comments. No word on official release as a single or for MIA’s album yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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New ‘Avicii By Avicii’ Remix Coming Soon

avicii by avicii

Avicii has announced a retirement from touring but that certainly does not mean he is done with everything.

He has had some health issues in the past year that forced him to cancel various shows, so after announcing that he would not be touring anymore, it left the dance music scene disappointed that we could not see him one last time. But he left it open ended with the possibility of coming back, so we can hold out hope there. He also recently made a Twitter post to satisfy our Avicii needs, saying “Stay tuned for the Avicii by Avicii remix”. We all know his abilities, so we could be in for a surprise. Stay tuned and check out the video teaser below.

Stay tuned for the Avicii by Avicii remix!
July 15 #MadeBySweden

— Tim Bergling (@Avicii) July 13, 2016

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12th Planet May Have Just Confirmed The Skrillex/Bruno Mars Collab Is Near

Skrillex may be up to something big. Throughout his constant touring, he always manages to get a good amount of time in the studio, allowing him to expand his already-impressive arsenal of major, potentially award-winning tracks. His newest tease came about a month ago, when Skrillex sat down with Billboard and revealed he was in the studio with Bruno Mars. And after over a month of waiting, the track has yet to see the light of day. However, longtime friend and mentor to Skrillex, 12th Planet, may have just confirmed the track will be out soon, with a now-deleted tweet posted a few days ago.

12th planet tweet12th planet tweet

While there’s no exact information regarding release or a title, it’s fair to assume the track is now finished and out for listening to close friends. And with the track out and about, it’s also pretty reasonable to assume that the track will be released soon. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Source: 12th Planet May Have Just Confirmed The Skrillex/Bruno Mars Collab Is Near

AT&T May Have The Answer To Cellphone Reception Problems At Festivals

Everyone is familiar with the terrible cell reception that accompanies many major festivals. Some turn to walkie-talkies to get in touch while other live with the situation and figure out ways to work around it. Fortunately for all, cell-phone giant AT&T may have just proposed the best solution to this problem, suggesting the use of drones to help boost reception.

Drones would essentially hover over festivals, acting as mobile cell towers to help alleviate the high network traffic generated from the thousands of users below. The drones would relay AT&T’s 4G network, meaning connection would be quick. This could have a huge impact on not just festivals, but emergency situations as well. Downed cell towers could be quickly replaced with a drone while repairs are made or areas are evacuated, allowing people to let their loved ones know where they are headed. The drones could also inspect the towers before repairs are needed to assess the damage and reduce the amount of time a repairman spends on a dangerous site. In AT&T’s own words:

Connecting drones to our nationwide LTE network lets us capture data and feed it directly to our systems. In turn, this can allow us to make changes to our network in real time.

By using drones to inspect a cell site, we’re able to conduct inspections more quickly and safely – and even access parts of a tower that a human simply could not. We anticipate this will allow us to improve our customers’ experience by enhancing our cell sites faster than ever before.

While it seems like this may only benefit AT&T customers, I expect the amount of network stress the drones will take on should be enough to help boost regular cell reception in the area for other service users.



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Kaskade Drops Insane New ‘Dukes Of Hazard’-esque Video

Last week, Kaskade teased a crazy new collab with subway artists Too Many Zooz that showed off a bit of jungle-terror inspired flair. Titled “Jorts FTW,” this energetic track now has an equally wild music video, which features shots from the original Dukes of Hazzard TV show.

The video comes after the release of his fan-requested remix of Alicia Keys’ “In Common,” so it’s nice to see Kaskade experimenting with different sounds. While this may not be his best effort, “Jorts FTW” is a fun high-energy tune that will undoubtedly get many people pumped up on the dance floor. He decided to work with Too Many Zooz on this one after seeing a video of one of their subway performances which had gone viral. Kaskade has this to say to Rolling Stone about Too Many Zooz and their new collab:

This energy they had was ridiculous. A few e-mail exchanges later, and we landed in a studio together for a day. We hammered out an idea I had, and that energy I saw on the video was amplified in person, in the studio. It just moves through them. “Jorts FTW” was created from that session, and I am proud of this song. It’s massive. It’s built to work on a dance floor, in a festival, in your car, wherever. This song makes people feel good and there’s nothing to be mad at with that.

Check it all out below!


[H/T: Rolling Stone]


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Burning Man Disputes Invoice From Bureau Of Land Management

The well know music and arts festival Burning Man is disputing a whopping $2.8 million bill issued to them by the Bureau of Land Management after last year’s annual event. The event is hosted annually on the Black Rock Desert, a national conservation area in Nevada. Burning Man is disputing the charge on the grounds that BLM has failed to give an explanation of the charges on the hefty bill. “If they can’t explain all of it, than we’re asking for all of it back,” said Ray Allen, the San Francisco-based Burning Man organization’s lawyer.



The 9-day event has been held in Nevada since 1990 and is now drawing tens of thousands of people out in the middle of the desert to enjoy community, art, and music. The 2015 event created an estimated $30 million in revenues. Considering how high caliber the event is, the permit required for Burning Man by BLM is a very unique one.  The permitting works by Burning Man paying an agreed upon estimate to BLM before the event and receives a bill several months later, after the event space has been thoroughly inspected by BLM.

Although BLM declined to comment on the cost of 2015’s event, they issued a formal response that stated the Burning Man organizers were given a very detailed summary of costs and detailed receipts and that the “(f)ederal government agencies are obligated to recover the full cost of providing a special benefit…”


It seems that the bulk of the dispute on Burning Man’s end is that BLM constantly over staffs the events. Burning man brings out countless volunteers to ensure the safety and protection of the festival goers. However, BLM hired 84 law enforcement officers for the event, a number entirely decided upon by BLM. Allen says he has been dealing with BLM’s hiking prices since 2011 when their permit cost just $730,000.

Despite Burning Man’s argument against the large bill for 2015’s event, Allen says planning for 2016’s event is going over smoothly. This could be because of new leadership over at BLM. The new state director for BLM says that the numbers of BLM staff are expected to go down for 2016’s event because of improved communication between Burning Man and BLM. Allen says, “We want to work collaboratively with the system. New BLM leadership will help us long term. We just need to get over this speed bump. We want the policies clarified moving forward.”


Sources: The Big Story (AP)

Images: Duncan Rawlinson, Markus Spiering

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Source: Burning Man Disputes Invoice From Bureau Of Land Management

Listen To M.I.A. & Skrillex’s New Collaboration, “Go Off”

Thanks to BBC Radio 1, MIA’s collaboration with Skrillex is finally available for streaming.

“Go Off” is an exceedingly interesting track, making fair use of Skrillex’s time as part of Jack Ü, as well as MIA’s own history as a songwriter and artist. MIA, real name Mathangi ‘Maya’ Arulpragasam, is of Sri Lankan and Indian descent, and has used that part of her own personal history in many of her tracks. It seems that Skrillex’ time with Diplo has also given him some insight into writing dancehall tracks, and the combination of Skrillex & MIA could not be stronger.

Skrillex really takes the backseat to MIA on this one, just as Diplo did on “Paper Planes,” letting MIA’s vocals stand front and center.

“Go Off” is a collaboration with Skrillex and Blaqstarr, from her upcoming album AIM, out September 9.


M.I.A. (Photo by Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic); Skrillex (Photo via Blood Company)

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Tomorrowland 2017 Explores Return to 2 Weekends

We’re gearing up for Tomorrowland to unveil its epic tree stage for  2016, but the festival is already looking ahead to a brighter 2017. Let’s face it – 2016 will likely be looked upon as a bloodbath for festival properties. Numerous festivals were delayed or cancelled during the year, and Tomorrowland was forced to sever (for now) ties with its North American TomorrowWorld counterpart as SFX pulled it down. However 2017 is already looking to be massive, and Tomorrowland is no exception. Dutch publication ATV reports that Tomorrowland is in talks with local authorities in Belgium to once again host a double header for Tomorrowland 2017. The report is all Dutch so any native speakers can feel free to offer up a better translation.

While Coachella has been running the double-weekend game for years now, Ultra Music Festival joined in as the first double weekend EDM festival in 2013. However local authorities and residents couldn’t handle 2 weeks of traffic chaos and Ultra has not expressed an interest in trying that experiment again. Contrast that with Tomorrowland, where the locals actually want the festival to grow to 2 weekends. We hate to say it, but perhaps Tomorrowland has the resources to spend on an extra weekend if it doesn’t expect TomorrowWorld to return.

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Pokémon Go, Parties & Marketing: A Primer

Pokémon Go, Dance Parties & Marketing: A Primer For Producers

Pokémon Go went from “eagerly anticipated” to “Can you get off my lawn please?” in less than a week. We’ve seen our fair share of stupid Facebook & Twitter posts, but if you work in the industry, you probably noticed a handful of PR people, event producers & venue liaisons doing very smart Pokemon related things on Friday/Saturday nights. To help prevent a bunch of tone deaf marketing and bad ideas, here are a pile of Pokémon Go related promotion tips for you, your social media marketing person, your head bartender or event promoter can do to get trainers into your event, for longer than just how long it takes them to find that Charmeleon they’ve been tracking all night.

Pokemon Go - EDMTunes - Terry Gotham

Understand the difference between Lure Modules & Incense. Using these two items is the least complex way to get people in the door at your party, bar or brunch place. For the adultier adults in the room, Lure Modules and Incense are used to “attract” Pokémon to a specific location. Incense attaches to a “trainer” (think, a phone in someone’s pocket) while the Lure Module attaches to a “PokeStop” that not only displays who drops it, but also covers the whole area where the beacon is. They both last 30min, so if you’ve got a 6hr event, you want to make sure one of either is on from open to close. That’s right, your PR budget includes PokeCoin purchases, starting now.

Lure Modules seem to cover an entire venue, while incense only covers the immediate area around the trainer who dropped it. So, depending on the size of the venue you’re attempting to coat in Pokémon, you might need multiple incense drops to cover the same space. As a side note, we don’t have good data on exactly how far both of these items reach yet, so this could change in the coming days/weeks as Pokémon Go updates & users nail down more hard info.

The difference in Pokémon appearance rates between a place with a lure & without a lure seems to be pretty significant, so you may see some people staying around just because of that. This is the easiest, lowest effort way to get people in the door. You get access to both of these items as the “trainer” gains levels, so don’t just install the game at 9pm on a Friday and expect to be able to do everything described in this post. If you do, you’re gonna need to send an intern out to catch pokémon and level before the headliner comes on.

While this seems pretty obvious, I saw PR people misusing it this weekend. The obvious idea of “drop incense & stay on the dance floor” is not only awful, it will mess up the density of your dance floor. If attendees are constantly wandering onto the dance floor because an employee dropped incense on his trainer, and is roving/walking through heavily populated areas of the venue, guess who is following them? All those peeps on their phone looking to score a Bulbasaur. Have the trainer with the incense hang out by the bar, or a chill space, not right in front of the DJ booth.

Pokemon Go - EDMTunes - Terry Gotham

Think about how to reward Pokemon Go users for visiting. This seems like an after thought, but we’ve already started to see two main reward systems. The first involves dropping your own Lures & Incense, then rewarding attendees who catch Pokemon with drink tickets or discounts to future events. If you’ve got girls running around VIP looking for Pokemon, if one of them finds a really good one, maybe think about offering a reward of a trip to the DJ booth or some other spot in the club. That will generate use & tension between all of the party people who want to “win,” which keeps them in your house for longer.

The second way to reward players is to reward them for using their own Lure Modules & Incense. This one is easier on your wallet as a PR manager, but also seems a little cheap/greasy to the people who play the game. I’ve seen it on a chalkboard/on Facebook for a couple of events over the weekend, but it’s not foolproof. If none of your attendees play Pokémon Go, or are unwilling to use their own items, you’re out of luck. Giving out a vodka & soda for someone using an item that costs real money (even though the item only exists digitally) may cause some people to crinkle their nose and judge you. You know your community, so don’t risk it if you think they won’t be into it.

Figure out who will “own” the account that you’ll use to draw in Pokémon trainers. This is a less important point, but it’s really easy to get caught up with the minute-to-minute logistics of running a party. If you don’t get people to actively monitor lure/incense levels, or if you realize the person who has all of the lures isn’t working today, you’ll find that you’ve spent a lot of money for no benefit. This is more of a back-of-house thing, but it’s really easy to forget with everything else going on in event management.

Pokemon Go - EDMTunes - Terry Gotham

Understand the team system & how to exploit it. In Pokemon Go, once you hit level 5, you can join one of the 3 “Teams”: Mystic (Blue), Valor (Red) or Instinct (Yellow). The 3 teams have quickly developed their own rivalries and have die hard supporters already, even though we haven’t even seen 2 weekends of play yet. The easiest way to exploit this is to do what CitySen lounge did, illustrated above. Declare your allegiance to one team and watch the supporters roll in. This is the idea one of your bar backs probably suggested, and while it’s not entirely without merit, it is risky, for a couple of reasons.Pokemon Go - EDMTunes - Terry Gotham

First, we don’t have good data on how popular each team is in a given area, which means you could align yourself with a team that only has kids on it, or a team that only has 10 people living or working in that area. You could look at who is holding gyms around you, but that isn’t a good representation of foot traffic or 21+ population.

Secondly, you could piss off the other teams. Having a reason to go to a bar is somewhat motivational, but having even an arbitrary reason to NOT got to a party is potentially deadly, as many people just need one crappy reason to blacklist a venue or a bar. And nothing would be stupider than having to explain to the venue manager the party on Saturday didn’t meet its bar guarantee because all of Team Valor decided to talk shit about your space on the internet, especially when your boss probably has no idea what Team Valor is.

One great way to take advantage of the teams is to exploit their competitive natures. If you tell your attendees that the team that captures the most pokémon at your event will get 5 bucks off the next party or a drink ticket for each member, expect your attendees to spend hours trying to beat the others, especially if you maintain a counter that’s visible from the dance floor.

Additionally, setting up color coded tip jars or telling attendees to pick a team each time they buy a drink could lead to an exceptional amount of competition and potentially a non-trivial amount of binge drinking. So be careful with this stuff. Exploiting rivalries is potent, but also starts drunken wars. Just ask soccer fans.

Finally, know the crowd you serve and try not to be stupid or gawdy. While this is an exceptional idea for a lot of parties, if you’re making the vast majority of your nightly revenue from bottle service, using a cartoon or a cell phone game might not be the optimal marketing tactic. However, if you know for a fact all of your table purchasers are tech nerds from the Bay, tally ho into the wilderness. They’d probably appreciate the novel marketing method.Pokemon Go - EDMTunes - Terry GothamPlay safe, don’t walk into traffic & make sure your eggs are in your incubators when you hit the dance floor this weekend. You wouldn’t want to spend 4 hours dancing & then realize none of those steps counted for hatching that rare egg you’re excited about, would you?



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