Karma Fields – Sweat (Remixes)


Karma Fields – Sweat (Remixes)

It’s the weekend. It’s Halloween. It’s time to get weird and now you have just the right playlist for it. Up and coming producer Karma Fields just dropped off a very interesting track titled, “Sweat”. And it’s highly likely that’s what this tune will make you do, because not only do we have the original, but we were gifted with two additional remixes for it as well.

The bonus remixes are provided by none other than the Bixel Boys and Soulji and if you thought the original is crazy, just hit play and see what these two bring! If you’re not familiar with Karma Fields, it is highly suggested that you fix that. Not only a good producer, his live stage setup known as, “The Hex” is something out of this world and unparalleled. If you get the opportunity to see him live, don’t miss out and definitely don’t skip over this latest track, that’ll make you sweat.

Karma Fields – Sweat (Remixes) 

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RUFUS DU SOL – Innerbloom (Official Music Video)


RUFUS DU SOL – Innerbloom
(Official Music Video)

Nine months after the release of their sophomore album, Bloom, Australian group RUFUS DU SOL released the music video for the album’s final track, “Innerbloom”. The trio has been touring internationally since the album’s release, putting on unique performances between multiple sets at Coachella earlier this year.

The video is a compilation of colorful, flowing images that visually convey the cascading melodies and soothing lyrics of the track.  Many of the short clips in the video closely resemble the album cover’s artwork, if it were to be animated.

Watch the video for yourself below – we have a feeling you will find yourself “hypnotized”.

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KSHMR, B3nte, & Badjack – The Spook Returns

spook returns

KSHMR, B3nte, & Badjack – The Spook Returns

It’s that time of year again. The seasons change, scary monsters and nice sprites come out of hiding and all sorts of strange and unexplainable things start happening. Halloween is the time of year when creepiness owns the night and to propel things even further into the darkness, KSHMR, B3nte, and Badjack have teamed up to bring us their latest collab, “The Spook Returns”.

The electro banger has an infectious melody that is very fitting for your late night thrillers. There are some parts of this track that are downright creepy, so if you’re a scaredy cat then be sure to listen to this tune with a friend! Or invite a bunch of friends to listen and have a party, because this song will have them dancing in no time. The tune was just released in time for those Halloween parties this weekend and is available for stream or free download. Check it out…if you dare.

KSHMR, B3nte, & Badjack – The Spook Returns Free Download

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Enzo Bennett & Will Gittens Fire Off Smooth ‘Trap Queen’ Cover


What was an original acoustic cover of Fetty Wap’s Ubiquitous ‘Trap Queen’ by Will Gittens is now given an electronic makeover by Enzo Bennett. The result is a smooth, level headed take on the hit. The interpolation is a far cry from the certifiable banger levels of the original, but that’s the point – it’s a marvelous interpretation. Enzo is a French producer still cutting his teeth in the scene. He’s been picked up by deadmau5’s Mau5Trap label, where his last release, ‘Naga’, lives.

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Get Ready, ‘Cause Get Real is Back: Duo Announces New North American Tour

realGreen Velvet and Claude Vonstroke are two of the most well-known producers and DJs in the house music world, both pioneers in their own right with massive fan bases that appreciate the beats they always throw down so well. As much as we love them, we love them even more when they perform together. Didn’t have a chance to catch them last time they toured together? Don’t worry – Get Real is back.

The duo has announced a brief North American tour for the month of December with a surprise location for their stop on New Years’ Eve. The tour dates:

  • December 2nd at Echostage, Washington, DC
  • December 22 at The Midway, San Francisco
  • December 28 at Eastern Market, Detroit
  • December 29 at TBD location, Brooklyn
  • December 31st, location unannounced

Keep an eye out for where December 31st will be – you don’t want to miss them.

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Apple’s New MacBook Pro is Here, and This Is What You Need To Know

It’s that time of year again: Apple’s fall event, titled “hello again” this year, has come and gone, announcing the newest products and features in terms of smartwatches, laptops and more. At the event, the newest MacBook Pro was announced – and it’s an interesting shift. As the company continues to change and tweak their product features, here are the features on the new MacBook you should really know.

  1. They haven’t gotten rid of the headphone jack – yet.

Audiophiles, you can breathe! Our loyal headphone jack has not disappeared from the hardware yet. Though the 3.5mm jack was not given attention during the event, you can see it in images of the new MacBook. After removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and receiving massive criticism for their actions, this comes as no surprise, as they’re likely trying to appease the masses they’ve already upset. Appreciate it now, friends – you never know when it will be gone.

2. There are no more USB or HDMI ports.

Yes, really. Apple has removed the ports and replaced them with four Thunderbolt 3 ports. RIP, phone charging abilities.

3. There’s a new Touch Bar.

Now existing at the top of the keyboard, this new feature lets you select things in particular situations, such as picking sections when editing a video, or pick an emoji by hand. Opening an internet window in Safari? The touch bar will show your favorite websites so you can choose your destination quickly and easily. Oh, and you can DJ with it, scratching and mixing as much as you please. Watch out world, the Touch Bar DJ is up-and-coming.

macbook-pro-specs4. The new laptop will be available in 13-inch and 15-inch options.

The 13-inch comes with or without the Touch Bar and Touch ID, though the 15-inch does not have a sans-Touch Bar & Touch ID option.

Now, the question remains for consumers remains: will you stick with your trusty, faithful laptop, or will you move onto bigger (or technically, smaller) and better things with a new Pro? While you’re deciding, watch the beautifully crafted Macbook Pro commercial below.


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RL Grime Drops Halloween V Mix

Well everyone, it’s that time of year again. It’s fall…leaves turning beautiful shades of yellow and orange…clowns…Halloween…and a brand new chilling Halloween themed mix from RL Grime. This is RL Grime’s fifth Halloween mix, and this year, he recruited Pharrell for the intro, wowza! This mix is made to get you pumped for any of the many Halloween events happening around the country this weekend, or just for whatever plans you have for this spooky weekend.

Notable tracks in the mix are Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar’s collaboration “Goosebumps“, GTA & Vince Staples “Little Bit Of This” and finally a mashup of Rezz & Raito’s “Alien” and The Movement for Black Lives unofficial anthem, “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar.

If you listen to nothing else from this mix, make sure you listen to the last 3 minutes. Beginning right at the one-hour mark, RL Grime slips in his new collaboration with Skrillex and What So Not.

Take a listen to the Halloween V for yourself, but be ready for some chills; it’s a creepy mix.

RL Grime – Halloween V | Free Download

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Black Tiger Sex Machine – Face Down feat. Panther

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Face Down feat. Panther

One of our favorite Canadian acts Black Tiger Sex Machine are a force to be reckoned with. A string of successful releases, a plethora of killer collabs, and spearheading record label Kannibalen; home to Snails, Dabin, Kai Wachi and Apashe. This week they dropped off “Face Down” feat. Panther. The gritty Electro stomper takes me back a few years to some of Kill The Noise and Feed Me’s earlier sound design work, with a little BTSM flavor, as it should be. Make sure to grab a free download as a token of appreciation to fans for supporting them so heavy.

Black Tiger Sex Machine – Face Down feat. Panther | Free Download

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Your EDM Exclusive: Founder of Trap Party On How To Grow An Audience & The Youtube Circuit

The meteoric rise of digitization in the music industry created a diverse range of music soapboxes. YouTube has been an instrumental platform, allowing artists to post their music and gain millions of views. Soundcloud has a similar effect, allowing users to repost and like songs that they enjoyed, conveniently placed on their profile for others to view. With the popularity of Soundcloud and YouTube as means for getting access to music, both of them developed a unique new way for music curators to share music they loved. This gave birth to channels like Trap Party.

Recently, I had a chat with the founder of Trap Party to see what his motivation and purpose was behind the beginnings of the now wildly popular music exposing platform.

What got you into music? More specifically, what got you into electronic music?

Since I was 13-14 years old, I remember I used to listen to music non stop, on my way to school, during school break and on my way home. Always been a big fan of electronic music and nobody was able to change my mind, always loved the big bassy songs that at the end left me thinking “what did i just listen to?”

When did you start Trap Party? And what platform did you use to start it?

I started Trap Party on March 25th 2013. Trap Party’s name first appeared on YouTube; that’s where I established the name. Funny thing is, for over 2 months I was debating if I should open a music channel or not but never had the motivation to do so, until one day I decided to skip school and work on my future channel name and design.

Why did you want to start Trap Party?

Before opening my own channel I was subscribed to other Trap channels on YouTube and I loved what they we’re uploading. In the meantime I found out about a website called “SoundCloud”, so I went on it and searched for more Trap songs and found way way more songs. So I decided to open my own channel and upload what I thought is worth a listen, what I thought were amazing Trap songs that the YouTube community has to hear! That’s the main thing that made me open my own channel and upload my taste of trap music. Took me a while to come up with a name but at the end of the day I decided to stick with “Trap Party” as Trap music is mainly dancing music, and that’s what people at the clubs will like to listen to, so I thought I had a perfect name in my opinion.

At what point did you know you were on your way to success with Trap Party?

I would say after I reached my first 20-30K Subscribers and got in touch with other YouTube channels that were the same size or bigger than me. Thats when I knew I was on the right path and to not stop.

On the site, it says you’re a group of promoters. Do you guys help DJs get booked as well?

As of right now we are working on bringing Trap artists/DJs to Toronto as that’s where we are established. We would love to bring some well known and underground artists here to play a few shows. We are working our way up, it just takes time to prepare everything and have a perfect plan.

What steps did you take to grow your SoundCloud network? YouTube Network?

The main steps on growing a YouTube channel I would say are; be consistent with your content uploads, give your followers/subscribers a schedule idea when you are going to upload, every few days or everyday or once a week, so they will know when to come back and check for new content. Same thing works with SoundCloud, be consistent with your releases but don’t overuse your page.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned growing your network?

Teamwork. Best way to grow and succeed I would say is teamwork. Always share opinions and content with your friends/other music channel because at the end of the day they will do the same for you.

How do you feel about your competitors like Tribal Trap and Trap Nation? Do you think there’s room for all three of you to thrive?

Actually, when I started my YouTube channel, that’s when I found out about Trap Nation, Tribal Trap (at that time he had a channel called Th4WhiteKnife) and Super Beats. We all found out about each other and decided to create a Skype group chat where we used to chat everyday about Trap music and what to upload and when to upload, as we all were new to the music industry and had a lot of competition and a long long way to go! But we never gave up, we worked as a team for a long period of time until we all got to a good size, I would say when we reached around 200K Subscribers that’s when we all got busy with our own channels, we still chat every few days on Facebook. So I can say that I’ve known those channels since day 1 and I’m happy for their success, I’m happy to see my friends succeed and work their way up to their dreams! That’s what a real friend should do!

SoundCloud has been changing a lot recently. Has it effected Trap Party at all?

SoundCloud changed a lot in the past year I would say, but it hasn’t really affected Trap Party as I mainly focus on my YouTube channel and at the same time I try to do at least a release a month on SoundCloud, so I’m trying my best to keep both of my pages active as much as I can.

Do you think SoundCloud is still the best way to release music? If so, why? If not, why not?

The best way to promote yourself with low budget I would say; Yes, SoundCloud is the way to go as it cost you nothing to create an account and release your music there and hope that it will get big one day. But, YouTube is a really good way to go, too. YouTube has a mixed community so it’s harder to grow, whereas the SoundCloud community it’s all about music and nothing else.

Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

I would say Mr. Carmack, Hucci, Stooki Sound, Take/Five, Jordan Comolli, Holly, Fabian Mazur, Snavs etc.

What else do you do besides manage Trap Party?

Besides Trap Party, I run a Selection page called “Swisted Selections” and a collective page called “Elemeno Collective” with a good friend of mine “PhatCap!”

Do you manage any artists yourself?

I do not manage anyone right now, but I’m planning in the near future to take care of few artists and try my best to make them succeed and make their dreams come true.

Do you have any advice to up and coming producers on how they can get more exposure?

I would say never give up on your dreams, no matter what others say or think, do what you love to do. Try to work with other artists as the best way to grow is working as a team with other artists. Make sure to submit your tracks to channels and blogs and hopefully they will upload your content on their channel, which at the end will bring you more traffic and fans! Key to a successful submission is the organization of your email. Make it look professional, don’t just add your SoundCloud link and send it, try to introduce yourself first with a short bio about who you are and what got you into the music industry, what exactly are you submitting and what genre is it, what would you like us to do with that track, what’s the release date unless its already released, and links to your social media. The more information you add, higher chance you have that they will check your submission and hopefully approve it and take care of it from there.

What are some future plans for Trap Party?

As of right now Trap Party is almost at 600,000 subscribers, so my goal for now is to reach the 1.000.000 subscribers, as that has been my dream since I opened my channel. But at the same time I am trying to establish my name locally in Toronto by working on some events and other stuff that I can not really talk about, it’s all about time and you guys will be the first ones to be notified.

Check out Trap Party’s YouTube channel and Soundcloud channel to hear the latest and greatest trap music. Thank you to Trap Party for sitting down and answering these questions!

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Christine – Drama feat. T La Rock [Uprise]

The emotive French duo known as Christine is back, this time with an glorious combination of synthwave and disco titled “Drama.”


The track is a dance-friendly jam that packs an eerie glow just in time for Halloween, and the vocals sample T La Rock’s “Runaway,” which also happens to be the first single to feature Def Jam’s iconic support back in 1984. “Drama” bears an undeniable semblance to the work of Kavinsky, but that hardly detracts from the magnificence of the piece, and you’ll hardly find a better soundtrack for this weekend’s festivities.


“Drama” will be featured in Christine’s debut album, which is scheduled for release early next year, but in the meantime check out the throwback music video below.

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