NYC Officer Scratches Vinyl In Front Of Crowd Amid Police Scrutiny


It is a very controversial time in the United States, as police officers have been accused of illegally killing unarmed men and women of color throughout the country. Every move police officers make nowadays is being looked over very closely and they are being scrutinized for every little thing they do, warranted or not. There are videos of officers carrying out heinous acts towards unarmed citizens, but this video of an NYPD officer’s scratching chops is a breath of fresh air from all the negativity towards law enforcement.

At the Maker Faire in Queens, NY, a uniformed officer took over the decks that were at the faire and displayed some pretty impressive turntable skills, which were recorded by a bystander. With the dark cloud hovering over law enforcement throughout the country and especially in NYC, this video is a beautiful site to see.

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Spotify Has Been Giving Viruses to Free Users


Spotify recently broke news when word got out that the company may be buying out its rival, SoundCloud. Now, the music streaming platform has made waves again, but with a setback instead of a success.

Spotify Free – the limited version of the software that’s free for all users – has been infecting listeners’ computers with viruses through its advertisements. The advertisements periodically play throughout the user’s listening within the free service.

The viruses affected Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

A post from the Spotify community said when open, the program would launch the default Web browser and subsequently direct the listener to malware-filled websites.

PSA: uninstall Spotify free, their ads are plagued with malware right now.

— Volp (@VolpRS) October 5, 2016

@SpotifyCares Yesterday the Spotify Free software started launching malware on my Mac’s Safari on its own. Many have the same experience atm

— Taru Kalvi (@tarukalvi) October 5, 2016

Spotify claimed the problem was being caused by one particular advert, which they have since removed, according to The Telegraph.

“We’ve identified an issue where a small number of users were experiencing a problem with questionable website pop-ups in their default browsers as a result of an isolated issue with an ad on our Free tier,” Spotify said. “We have now identified the source of the problem and have shut it down.”

A similar incident involving malware-ridden ads occurred in 2011 as well.

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Tom Westy Releases Huge Unofficial Remix of “Let Me Love You”

This just in! DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s booty-shaking pop anthem, “Let Me Love You,” has just received the banging club do-over that it so desperately needed. Even if you might not consider yourself the biggest fan of future house, Tom Westy serves up a delicious remix to hopefully convert you.

The song kicks off with some nice piano keys before Justin Bieber’s vocals come in, sweeping us away in a beautiful build up featuring immaculate sound design and a unique sounding drop. The percussion layering is sweet and the bass line is deliciously bouncy as well. The outro also doesn’t disappoint, with Tom Westy ushering us into hitting that replay button with the same soft piano keys that he opened this unofficial remix with.

Grab yourself a free download here.

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Alesso Partners With K-Pop Singer Chen For Stunning “Years” Rework

Alesso has just teamed up with Korean pop singer Chen for a soaring new rework of the classic track “Years,” originally featuring Matthew Koma. The remake comes as the second Alesso-curated platform for members of Asia’s growing electronic music circuit in recent weeks, following another collaboration with Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai at the beginning of the month.

The “Years” rework sees Chen, lead vocalist for K-pop group EXO, paying direct homage to Koma’s original work, maintaining its emotional dips and swells while adding new meaning – and a new language! – to the classic track. Below, listen to the brand new remake and the original to compare the creative direction of the two versions.


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Flosstradamus Chooses The 21 Best Trap Songs Of All-Time

Some things are simply undeniable. The world is round, eight hours of sleep is the healthy amount, and Flosstradamus are two of the absolute kings of trap music. Ever since the release of their “Original Don” remix more than four years ago, the Chicago-bred duo have been two of the most important contributors in the direction of the genre. Inspiring generations of producers after them, and maintaining some of the most engaging and iconic live shows in the scene, Flosstradamus’ legacy on trap music is something that won’t soon be forgotton.

In celebration of the duo’s deep history within the trap circuit, Billboard Dance decided to have Curt and Josh choose the 21 Best Trap Songs of All-Time. Included in their list are some of the genre mainstays that we’ve come to know and love, like “Core,” “Dum Dee Dum,” Baauer’s “Roll Up” remix, and “Prison Riot,” as well as tracks that the novice listener might never have happened across. Regardless, all of the tracks have made their way into Floss’ live shows over the years, helping to cement them as one of the biggest names in dance music.

Check out the full list below, beginning at No. 21 and ending at No. 1.

Source: Billboard

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Source: Flosstradamus Chooses The 21 Best Trap Songs Of All-Time

MGMT Is Pushing Back Their 2016 Resurgence To Next Year

Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden are two names you may not be familiar with, but we know you’ve heard of MGMT. The duo has been notoriously absent from the spotlight over the last couple years. Late last year, they got us all hot and bothered with a 2016 return announcement, but that’s since been disproved. However, as the year wanes and they, they’ve thrown us some hope for a 2017 resurgence.

Meant to say MGMT re-dominates your mind hole in *2017

— MGMT (@whoisMGMT) September 27, 2016

Who knows what’s in store for next year, whether it be new material, a tour, or even both. Whatever it may be, our mind holes can’t wait.


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Source: MGMT Is Pushing Back Their 2016 Resurgence To Next Year

See All The Crazy Messages Dillon Francis Got For His Birthday This Week

The beloved class clown of electronic dance music had his birthday this past Wednesday marking another very successful year on earth. Happy belated, Dillon Francis. We all know and love Dillon Francis for not only his music, but for his hilarious skits and bits. As it turns out, his friends can be pretty hilarious too.

Friends of Dillon Francis, as well as Taco Bell, took to Twitter to wish the superstar a happy birthday in some hilarious and sentimental ways, paying homage to one of the most influential people in the scene right now. Look at some of the best ones we’ve found below:

Hey there, @DillonFrancis. We heard it’s your birthday. Time to shower yourself with tacos. 🌮

— Taco Bell (@tacobell) October 6, 2016

Happy birthday @dillonfrancis thanks for being born and making so many people around the world laugh and smile 🙏🙏🙏🙏

— SKRILLEX (@Skrillex) October 6, 2016

Happy birthday @DILLONFRANCIS i hope you enjoy this pack of @Juicero you seem very happy ❤️

— United Hairline (@atrak) October 6, 2016

All the legends sharing a birthday! @DILLONFRANCIS

— Charlie Tadman (@charlietadman) October 5, 2016

❤️ @MartinGarrix & my other mom! Love you guys thanks for the bday love

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) October 5, 2016

Happy Birthday @DillonFrancis! 💗

— Columbia Records (@ColumbiaRecords) October 5, 2016

HBD @DILLONFRANCIS 🌟 I made u a #BirthdayCollage! Looks like a #FriendshipCollage but its intent is different.

— Kaskade (@kaskade) October 5, 2016

A little upset @AmericanAir can’t make it tonight. Hopefully @DILLONFRANCIS understands.

— Phantoms (@phantoms) October 5, 2016

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The Weekend & Daft Punk Receive Surprise Cover With a Twist

Daft Punk

We can all admit that Daft Punk’s resurgence after the Tron soundtrack put them in a league of their own but with their latest collab with The Weekend, “Starboy” wasn’t the Daft Punk sound we were all hoping for.

Enter Samuraiguitarist. Born in the Manitoba prefecture of Canada, Steve-san Onotera, honed his discipline under the study of the country’s most powerful musical sensei. Rearranging the composition to fit the recent smooth ambiance given off during their Random Access Memories masterpiece, Samuraiguitarist grinds away with Nile Rodgers style guitar rifts as he gives his own take vocally with a talk box.

Given the stigma surrounding the recent rumor mill about Daft Punk’s wanted return to the tour circuit, this psychedelic video should tide anyone over until any other news pops up about the infamous French duo.

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Goldroom – Lying To You (Robotaki Remix)

Lying To You

Goldroom – Lying To You (Robotaki Remix)

Roughly two months ago, Goldroom released his ambient single “Lying To You“. Featuring strong vocals and a melody perfect for late night cruising, the song exemplifies the unique sound of Josh Legg. Equally talented Canadian producer Robotaki has offered his take on the song with an enticing bass line and soothing synths.

If you like what you hear, you can catch Robotaki as a supporting act on Porter Robinson and Madeon‘s Shelter Live Tour. He will be joined by San HoloDanger and Fakear. While supporting acts vary by date, Robotaki will be joining the pair through all of their shows with the exception of their Austin City Limits performances. Tickets are still available for a limited amount of shows, so don’t miss your chance to experience their unique show and see Robotaki throw down live for the first time.

Goldroom – Lying To You (Robotaki Remix)

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Jax Jones – House Work (SNBRN Remix)

house work

Jax Jones – House Work (SNBRN Remix)

The DJ and Producer behind the co-creation of Duke Dumont singles “I Got U” and “Ocean Drive”, released his own track that highlights his own unique talents. Jax Jones dropped “House Work” on dance label Polydor three months ago and it is being well-received by fans and fellow DJs. The track has been remixed by over 12 different artists within the time it has been released. The remix by LA producer SNBRN just came out today and, to put it simply, it’s awesome.

The “House Work” remix by SNBRN adds a tasteful change in tone to the song. He adds some deep house beats and dirty drops that change the tracks overall upbeat house sound to a much deeper vibe. SNBRN takes out the chime sounds and replaces them with heavy bass, perfectly synchronizing his sound onto Jax Jones’ music. The track is available to stream on SoundCloud as well as a free download.

Jax Jones – House Work (SNBRN Remix) | Free Download

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