[WATCH] 11-Year-Old DJ RENA Scratch Routine for DJcity

Sometimes the content we come across simply blows us away. Be it a stage design, track reveal (or leak), album announcement, or even industry news like ya know…bankruptcy. This time we stumbled upon this video and had to share of 11-year-old DJ RENA cuttin’ over The Noisy Freaks’ remix of Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” and Run DMC’s “Walk This Way.” Simply unbelievable. Could we have the next DJ CRAZE on our hands? Somebody gets those two in a room together!

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I always look forward to new ARMNHMR tracks. Through my job here at EDMT, I have had the opportunity to watch the pair flourish. ARMNHMR’s latest release, a collaboration with DEVAULT titled, “RAIN“, the duo continues to dazzle us with their ability to splice powerful trap harmonies with melodic undertones. “RAIN” is ARMNHMR’s first release with fellow Californian, DEVAULT. The track commences with an ambient soundscape, accented by faint piano keys, which are pulled together by a hypnotic vocal riff. ARMNHMR and DEVAULT bring “RAIN” to an explosive melodic drop, then deconstruct the harmony down into a pulsating breakdown. While the ARMNHMR has always been true their sound, the pair has been consistently observed taking strides to both push their artistic boundaries, as well as master their own craft. Thankfully, ARMNHMR and DEVAULT have left “RAIN” as a free download, so you may stream and download the track for free in the respective links below. Enjoy!

ARMNHMR & DEVAULT – RAIN | Free Download

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CHCKLK – Rising Up (Official Music Video)


CHCKLK – Rising Up (Official Music Video)

Alt-indie singer/songwriter CHCKLK finally dropped off the official music video to his stellar new single ‘Rising Up’. The LA transplant by way of NYC has been making noise since the release of ‘The One’ and ‘Young Boy’, two equally great bodies of work.

The Kevin Trout-directed video is shot with a kind of hazy, dreamlike image quality that softens the content’s dark undertones. Given all the recent global turmoil, this piece feels especially timely. CHCKLK dedicates the video to his collective, Kids of the Forest, which he describes as a group of “free-minded individuals with only one fear: not being able to express one’s ideas. We choose to rise up against any barriers of intolerance for the prosperity of self-expression.”

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Kovalenco Gennadi x Luca Rezza – Got My

Luca Rezza

Kovalenco Gennadi x Luca Rezza – Got My

Today, Uprise Music keeps the festival heat coming. Italian producer Luca Rezza, who has had releases on notable imprints such as Panda Funk, Dirty Dutch and Brooklyn Fire, makes his debut alongside fellow Italian producer Kovalenco Gennadi. “Got My” is the first of 2 releases from him, a track filled with tribal drums and body moving drops that are undeniable to anyone on the dance floor. After a clever beat boxing intro, the track kick starts with wall shaking baselines, floor stomping drums and rapid-fire Electro synths skating over the top. The energy is simply relentless on this one. Enjoy!

Kovalenco Gennadi x Luca Rezza – Got My | Download

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Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body (Crankdat Re-Crank)

black eyes peas

Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body (Crankdat Re-Crank)

In the early 2000s, there was a constant battle amongst pop groups for the number one spot. One of those groups was the Black Eyed Peas. Love ’em or hate ’em, they definitely brought dance music into the mainstream by incorporating elements of electronic music into pretty much all of their hit songs that became party anthems. One thing the Black Eyed Peas were not known for were gnarly bass lines and face melting drops. But times have changed and now we have producers like Crankdat to deliver exactly what we need.

Crankdat took the Black Eyed Peas, “Rock That Body” and added some serious raunchiness into it to breathe life into the pop track. Let’s just say this version would definitely not have been played at your middle school dance. Crankdat has been doing some big things with his previous remixes of Joyryde’s The Box” and the Bro Safari, Boombox Cartel collab, “Flip“. Check out his latest Re-Crank and snag the free download below!

Black Eyed Peas – Rock That Body (Crankdat Re-Crank) Free Download

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Pasquale Rotella’s Bribery Trial Is Officially Underway

Pasquale Rotella

Many may have forgotten, but years ago, Pasquale Rotella’s name was brought into the courts over bribery charges. It was alleged that when Insomniac was holding EDC at the LA Memorial Coliseum, that he and others paid the building’s event manager, Todd DeStefano, to hold events there. This all became known after an investigation began into the death of a 15-year-old girl that occurred at EDC in LA. The death resulted in the events and building finances being looked into, which showed law enforcement that everything was not matching up.

EDC has since left LA after being pushed out by neighbors, activists and more.  Luckily, there is a town that was made exactly for EDC only a couple hours away, Las Vegas. Vegas has since enabled EDC to blossom into one of the largest events in the world, but because of past events, Pasquale must go in front of a jury and stand trial. There has been alot of back and forth over the years with attorneys trying to get the case thrown out, reassigning prosecutors and delays, but after all that, it is finally started on August 1st.

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Aspire to Inspire 140: Throttle

(Original Photo By: Jon Hanlon)

Music is the universal language. Everyone has a certain song that strikes a chord or that one artist you just can’t help but to swoon over.  Many people also grew up playing an instrument or taking voice lessons, however, very few people will actually pursue music as a career.  What happens when you’ve gone down the conventional path all your life, but you know you can’t just leave your passion at the wayside?  For one Australian named Robbie Bergin, he always followed a narrow path. He achieved good grades in school; however, he knew that he had to pursue the music career that could potentially await.  Thankfully for all of us, Robbie decided to pursue that dream and we now know his music under the moniker Throttle, including the smash hit “Moneymaker”, his remix of Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “September”, and his collaboration with Oliver Heldens, “Waiting.”

Robbie knew from a young age that he wanted to be a musician, however, he didn’t just have aspirations of being a DJ, he wanted to be like one of the biggest popstars on the planet – Justin Timberlake.  Although Robbie quickly realized he probably wasn’t going to be a Top 40 popstar, he could still bring live music to a DJ set, and his ultimate dream is to transition to the live music world.

“Well, my first show was Justin Timberlake, so my childhood dream was to be a performer in the Future Sex Love Sounds Tour. It had live horns, singers, dancers, and Justin Timberlake singing, dancing, playing the piano, of course…it was amazing.  About two or three years later I started DJing and then producing followed suit. Over the course of my career I want to gradually evolve from a DJ to a DJ/live-musician. I’d love to be singing and playing guitar but I guess that’s something I’ll have to take as it comes. It’s important to stay true to my dance music roots and not just forget all those fans and try to do something totally new.”

Robbie maintains a positive outlook no matter the circumstances. However, he has still gone through times where he didn’t feel like he was living life to the fullest. He has always worked extremely hard to maximize his output and shape his brand and sound, even when he just started out.  Robbie always did well in school and it wasn’t until his first year at college/university that he realized he wanted to make music full-time. Being the sharp guy that he was, though, he also knew that he had to craft and hone a unique sound and brand to go along with it as well.  For a full year, Robbie hunkered down and the musician known as Throttle emerged.

“I think the biggest struggle I’ve probably had was when I finished high school and had decided that I wanted to do music full-time. I did really well in school and was also producing music at the same time. It sounds like a luxury but it’s hard doing that for a year straight – working at home, trying to stay focused, and make as much as possible. And at that time I didn’t have enough momentum to go on the road for a whole year. That was a long year for me, but it was also the year I totally re-shaped my sound to a classier, disco-house sort of sound.  It’s the reason that things are taking off so quickly.”

It’s amazing how some clarity and direction in one’s career and life can lead to great happiness.  Throttle is a perfect example.  Armed with an idea and a purpose for his music, he is the living embodiment of his happy, upbeat disco-house sound.  Producers are like athletes, though. They can encounter hot and cold streaks, and it can be a struggle to regain traction after an extended period of productivity.  For Throttle, he says the ultimate inspiration comes from simply living life.  That’s where all the inspiration came from in the first place, right?

“I found that when I started making music I had all these ideas and I had so much inspiration that I channeled into my productions.  After a while I ran out of inspiration, because that inspiration came from 15 years of not making music and just living. So it’s important to keep finding inspiration not just from music, but also from all aspects of life. When you keep doing that, the ideas flow pretty constantly. I honestly never wanted to make music that was sad or heart wrenching. I hope that shows in the final product because I certainly have fun making it, and in turn, the hope is that it will create more happiness in our world as well.”

Although he’s taken the next step in his career and has become an international artist, the idea of fame and fandom remains something difficult to wrap his head around.  It’s incredibly humbling and inspiring for any artist to experience fan love, but it can be overwhelming, and there’s not really a class or tutorial for Dealing with Fame 101. Despite the juxtaposition, Throttle looks forward to seeing his fan base grow even more in the coming years.

“The idea of having fans is tough to comprehend for anyone I think. After my show in San Francisco at Audio on the Bay, I went out the front and had people asking for pictures.  It’s normal for most artists, but for me it was still crazy. I’m all the way from Australia and there are people who know my name and want to get a picture, which is pretty cool.  That’s started happening at all these different places and for me that’s fucking crazy.  The hope is that will keep getting bigger and bigger.”

With releases on Monstercat, Spinnin’, and Heldeep Records, and now an EDC performance under his belt, the future is bright for Throttle. As more and more fans look for more unique house sounds, artists who bring a unique musicality to the fold, like Throttle, will be more in demand.  Throttle is paving the way and leading by example. More people across the globe need to share his positive attitude and outlook. His sound is unique and singular, and will only help to break down more barriers.

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GTA’s Debut Album Is Out 10/7

If you haven’t gotten tired of all the debut albums coming out this year yet, then you’re in for another treat this October when GTA releases their debut album, Good Times Ahead, on Warner Bros.

Featuring collaborations with Vince Staples, Tinashe, Wax Motif, What So Not and more, fans are sure to have a lot to look forward when the album drops on October 7.

To celebrate the album announcement, GTA have created 200 limited-edition zines for fans to purchase; find a making-of video for the zines below, and check out the zine here. The duo are throwing a zine release party on August 5 in Los Angeles. DM your receipt for the zine to GTA and receive an invite to the show.

gta good times ahead

gta good times ahead

Good Times Ahead:

01 True Romance [ft. Jarina De Marco] 02 Lil Bit of This [ft. Vince Staples] 03 Feel It (with What So Not) [ft. Tunji Ige] 04 Heartbeat
05 Get It All (with Wax Motif)
06 All Caught Up [ft. Tinashe] 07 In My Nature [ft. Karina] 08 Pressure [ft. RKCB] 09 Contract [ft. Iamsu!] 10 Illuminate

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Karma Fields Teases Live Show “The Hex”

Monstercat‘s AI project is going live… Literally. Just months after the release of its debut album New Age | Dark AgeKarma Fields‘ live show has been revealed.

When Karma Fields posted a teaser – of the teaser? – last Thursday with the caption “Five Days and Counting…” many fans assumed this meant new music would be coming today, but the full announcement was even more rewarding.

“The Hex” – Karma Fields’ live stage – is a giant translucent hexagon, which has visuals powered by artist Raven Kwok projected onto it. This design is somewhat similar to ZHU‘s, back when he was still performing from behind a curtain. Don’t take it from me, though. Watch the teaser for yourself below:

Stay tuned, we’ll be posting any updates on the presumed tour as soon as information is available.

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Capital Kings Brought Christian EDM to Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium


Imagine walking into a church congregation worshipping to tranquil, yet uplifting music about God. Then…before you know it the house lights dim, lasers and LED walls illuminate the room, and two young producers/DJs jump off the booth as the Co2 cannons erupt onstage. If you were at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville last Saturday then this abrupt transition is basically what you experienced thanks to upcoming dance music duo, Capital Kings.

The Franklin, Tennessee-based duo consisting of Cole Walowac and Dylan Housewright are currently one of four artists on the “Positive Hits Tour” sponsored by Food for the Hungry and Christian radio stations, K-LOVE and Air1. The three remaining artists include former American Idol contestants, Danny Gokey and Hollyn, and Christian supergroup, Passion.


Despite being the only dance musicians on this tour and having a short 25-minute set, they fit right in and were a crowd favorite at the Ryman show. Capital Kings incorporate their Christian influences into their lyrics, and then combine these positive lyrics with euphoric BPMs including Pop, Melodic Dubstep, Progressive House, and Electro House…an enticing combination. Both members sang live, jumped off the booth, and maintained energy throughout their set.  Let’s just say they got this family-friendly crowd raging before the final act. They mixed mostly originals like “Fireblazin’”, “Into Your Arms”, and “Live for the Drop”. My personal favorite was an unexpected edit of their song “Believer” with The Chainsmokers‘ hit single, “Roses.” Watch here:

Capital Kings signed to world-renowned TobyMac‘s label, Gotee Records in September 2012 and have been on the rise ever since. Though they have become a household name in the Christian Music scene, they’re beginning to crossover and grab the attention of dance music fans as well. It won’t be long before they’re playing some of our favorite clubs and festivals. In the meantime, check out their latest single “I Can’t Quit” featuring Reconcile:

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