Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Upload Full “Vinyl Only” Set From Tomorrowland

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike get a lot of flak from electronic music fans, but their beginnings were just as humble as anyone else’s. Playing clubs in Ibiza and Belgium, the two started out playing vinyl and it’s a passion that they’ve sustained throughout their meteoric rise to fame.

As they’ve done before, they performed a “vinyl only” set for Tomorrowland this year. It features music from a cluster of iconic Dutch and Belgian artists that includes Marco Bailey, Jones & Stephenson and Speedy J.

Additionally, the duo once again teased their highly anticipated Diplo collaboration during their set, which was first premiered at Greece’s Ejekt Festival.


Image via Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

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Source: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Upload Full “Vinyl Only” Set From Tomorrowland

Man Arrested After Breaking Into David Guetta’s Ibiza Home With A Knife

A Polish man was arrested on Friday after allegedly jumping over the boundary wall at David Guetta’s mansion in Ibiza, Spain wielding a knife.

He was spotted in the kitchen of the San Jose home and was later apprehended in a nightclub in Ibiza Town.

A worker said that he saw the man throw a knife, which has yet to be found, out of the window while fleeing.

Local news reports claim that this was the second time the man had attempted to enter Guetta’s home. On an earlier occasion, he allegedly posed as a friend of Guetta’s so that a maid would let him inside.

The man is expected to be questioned by a judge in private, and could face a restraining order from Guetta so that he would be disallowed from approaching him, his property and his family.


Source: The Sun

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Man Arrested After Breaking Into David Guetta’s Ibiza Home With A Knife

Triarchy – Why You Love Me


Triarchy – Why You Love Me

There’s nothing quite like good old Progressive House. The genre could be considered EDM’s “old reliable,” because you get the best of everything: high energy, big builds, euphoria, anthemic sounds, ear-candy of all sorts, and most importantly good times for good memories. Triarchy continues this trend with his latest original release, “Why You Love Me” and brings in some 2016 flare to that old-school goodness. With hints of modern future bass sounds, this progressive banger is one we can’t deny our love for; boosting our appreciation for it is the fact that Triarchy has offered this gem up for free! Check it out below, let us know what you think, grab the free DL, support the man with a follow, and enjoy!

Triarchy – Why You Love Me | Download

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GTA & What So Not – Feel It (Feat. Tunji Ige)

GTA & What So Not – Feel It (Feat. Tunji Ige)

GTA is known for their loose flowing style and being free from the constraints of any one genre. In their latest collaboration, this fluidity of music can be seen very well. Working with What So Not, they have created a wonderful track that encompasses the best that both artists have to offer. “Feel It” featuring Tunji Ige starts out with a gradual build up that makes you feel like you are in outer space. Nothing but good vibes ensue from there as the song evolves into a fun and groovy bass line. The song will be included on What So Not’s forthcoming EP, Divide & Conquer, which will be available for purchase on September 9th. In addition, GTA’s debut album Good Times Ahead will be released on October 7th. Keep an eye out for both of this sure-to-kill artworks.

GTA & What So Not – Feel It (Feat. Tunji Ige)

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Spotify Traces The Origins Of The American EDM Boom


It truly is incredible how far electronic dance music has come. Starting from nearly nothing to becoming the catalyst behind some of the world’s biggest festivals, electronic dance music has played a massive role in the evolution of our culture. While it’s amazing how so many people participate in the events surrounding the music, very few actually understand its history and why the culture is the way it is. Seeing this, Spotify, made a short animation that will take viewers back to EDM’s origins in the United States and follow its progression to the beginning of PLUR, which many argue are the four pillars of dance music culture. Check it out below:

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Disclosure Live Streams An Intimate Vinyl-Only Set From Guy’s Kitchen

Howard and Guy Lawrence of Disclosure know how to push the boundaries of electronic music. Emerging from the shadows in 2012 with their “Tenderly”/”Flow” single in January 2012 all the way to a couple of months ago with their EP Moog for Love, which surely won fans back after their Caracal full length album which dabbled a little too much on the pop side of the industry for some, they have taken the world by storm in a way not many have in the dance music sphere. On Wednesday, they continued to surprise us by letting us into their personal lives. A very humble move that included a 2.5 hour vinyl only set in Guy’s kitchen featuring the older brother as he slung a variety of records with Jimpong joining in on the imitate gathering. Go and enjoy this offering to set the mood for this mid-August weekend.

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DeBoer – Fame Feat. Joël


DeBoer – Fame Feat. Joël

If you’re like DeBoer and I, then some of your best stories come after a night at the bar. One year ago, the Ontario native was working at a bar and decided to stay for a few “sodas” after his shift. He ended up chatting with one of his coworkers about music and the two agreed to work on a song together. DeBoer sent his friend a beat and Joël responded with some vocals that very same day. The end result, “Fame”, joins a long list of phenomenal productions that the young producer has presented us with. It may not be as aggressive as his previous efforts, but DeBoer’s new tune is definitely helping him when it comes to “Committing Genrecide”.

DeBoer – Fame Feat. Joël | Free Download | Hype Machine 

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Electric Family Unveils Fall Collection Promoting Good Vibes and Family

Electric Family is one of dance music’s most beloved organizations, fueling the scene with unlimited good vibes and ernest passion. Since partnering with Zedd on the original charity bracelet – now a staple item for the streetwear brand, charity hybrid – the Electric Fam has grown immensely and with that growth has come some pretty sweet new designs for their merch. The Fall Collection just dropped today with some pretty powerful things to say along with it.

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This Fall, Electric Family is aiming on spreading the love even further than before, using positive slogans and encouraging verbiage like “Spread Peace”, “Feel the Vibe”, “Do Good”, “Peace is Pricelss” and more; of course the line isn’t just for those looking to say some nice things, it looks dope too. Combining style for streetwear and style conscious fans and inspiring messages is a pretty bomb combo, and if it gets in the hands of enough people, we’ll be brushing away all the hate and negativity in the world in no time.

Interested in grabbing some swag for yourself? Head over to their site and check out the full line for yourself. You can save some money to by inviting your friends too!

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Alex Wilder & Mike Nord – Bottom Shelf

Bottom Shelf

Alex Wilder & Mike Nord – Bottom Shelf

The wild boys Alex Wilder and Mike Nord are back ladies and gents, and they’re bringing the heat like never before. Over the past year this new duo has produced heavy hits like ‘Hookah‘ and ‘Mind Control’, displaying an ability to span from electro house, to prog, to hard house and more; now, they’ve taken things up a notch and hit us with ‘Bottom Shelf’, an electro roof raiser featuring the Noncents, another duo comprised of KILLAKAKE and Detz. Expect some heavy saws, gritty guitar, and pumping bass through this one. The track is out now, available for streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud, and available for purchase on Beatport via Envision Recordings.

Alex Wilder & Mike Nord – Bottom Shelf | Beatport

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Gl0bal – Into The Jungle EP

into the jungle

Gl0bal – Into The Jungle EP

Deemed as “the act who will be the next to blaze across the sky” by Tommie SunshineDJ Gl0bal has continuously proven to be one to watch with a stream of earth-shattering releases. By making use of the jungle terror sound in his tracks, Gl0bal has gained support by Dirty Dutch‘s very own DJ Chuckie as well as Australian bass label Sup Girl. His new EP out now on Uprise Music, appropriately titled Into The Jungle is comprised of 5 tracks that highlight his strengths as a producer. The rhythmic title track, “B.O.M.B”, stays true to its name with its explosive bass and energetic vocals – two elements that prevail throughout the entire EP. The Canadian DJ has been featured twice in DJ Mag for his knack of combining hip-hop/R&B elements with a hard-hitting electronic sound, both of which can be heard in this album. Stay tuned for more!

Gl0bal – Into The Jungle EP | Beatport

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