Malaa & Ookay Tease New “Mind” Remixes

Lately, young trap star Ookay has gotten some good media attention for his track ‘Thief’ , which has been dropped in sets by many of the biggest names in the scene and already amassed over 3 million plays on SoundCloud. Known for his heavy trap bangers , Ookay knows how to melt faces, but he is no stranger to a melody as well, touching on some future bass vibes in some of his tracks. He just previewed his ‘Mind‘ remix at one of his recent shows and its exactly the kind of quality we expected to hear from him.
Masked producer/DJ Malaa has had the internet buzzing, wondering who the man is who makes those infectious deep house tracks that have been played everywhere. Recently releasing his ‘Illicit EP‘, he has gained huge traction in the house scene. He previewed his ‘Mind‘ remix in his ‘Confession Mix #1’ and it has the signature groovy Malaa deep house vibe to it. Skip to 22:10 in the mix below to hear his ‘Mind‘ remix. You can expect both tracks to be on the Mind Remix EP.

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Dreamstate Announces Australian Expansion

The return of trance has been a magnificent occurrence in the making, and it only continues to gain more ground. In the past year, Insomniac unveiled its trance-branded festival Dreamstate which boasts the slogan of “Your trance destination.” The event made its grand debut in none other than San Bernardino, the Southern Californian city where much of Insomniac’s festivals take place annually. After moving to San Francisco and New York, the company has now decided to stretch its reaches beyond the United States borders. Dreamstate will be touching down in Australia’s Hisense Arena on October 1st for a one day trance festival, which will also mark Insomniac’s debut event on the island continent. The lineup will be available Monday, July 25 along with pre-sale on the same day. General sale will begin Wednesday of the same week. Trance fans from the land down under, prepare yourselves for the trance festival of your dreams.

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These Pokémon Look Like Your Favorite DJs

The Pokémon GO honeymoon sent the world into a frenzy, and though it’s still fun to catch a couple stragglers here and there, the reignited craze has finally started to wear off. Everyone has done their best to capitalize on the game’s massive success, including Hillary Clinton, Hardwell, and hordes of small business owners.

Not surprisingly, EDM Madness has realized that certain Pokémon share an uncanny resemblance to some of dance music’s biggest artists. Nicole Moudaber, Malaa, Jai Wolf, Excision, and more are amongst the more creative selections, but there are a few that speak for themselves. Just wait until you get to Armin’s…

carnage pokemon

carnage pokemondeadmau5 pokemonPokemon-Go-Moudabar Pokemon-Go-Malaa Pokemon-Go-Jai-Wolf Pokemon-Go-Ghastly Pokemon-Go-Excision Pokemon-Go-Ellie-Gouldin Pokemon-Go-DJ-Snake Pokemon-Go-David-Guetta Pokemon-Go-Dada-Life Pokemon-Go-Above-Beyond Pokemon-Go-2016-Armin


Source: EDM Sauce

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Source: These Pokémon Look Like Your Favorite DJs

Listen To All Of Skrillex’s Unreleased Music From 2010 To Now

As one of the most prolific artists in dance music, Skrillex has made a lot of music in his relatively short career in EDM. Since his debut with My Name Is Skrillex in 2010, aside from the dozens of tracks that he’s actually released, he easily has hundreds more that have never seen the light of day (or the inside of an online cart).

We were looking to create a list of his top 10 unreleased tracks, but it’s honestly so difficult to narrow that down, let alone find online copies of unreleased music (that we feel comfortable embedding). Instead, we were led to sites like Skrillex Wikia with an extensive list of unreleased music, as well as videos like the one below with no less than 3 dozen unreleased Skrillex tunes and edits.

Some of the tracks in the video above, like “Burst” and “i!!”, have already been released since the video was created in 2014. Others, like “DnB Ting” and “Rio Hotel,” are still nowhere to be found. There’s also this Skrillex & Knife Party ID from 2012 that is absolutely massive! But since both artists have seemingly moved on from this style of dubstep, it’s unlikely it will ever see an official release.

There’s so much music that you can only hear from artists by seeing them live, and EDM is easily one of the most affordable genres to see live, with tickets going as low as $5 at some venues, various free entry shows, and even headlining tours for major artists like Rusko and Flume costing no more than $60-80.

“Real” Skrillex fans will be quick to quip, “I’ve known about these tracks for years and have all of them in my library, plus more you’ve never heard of!” Well, that’s nice. But for the rest of us, this is a veritable treasure trove.

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Source: Listen To All Of Skrillex’s Unreleased Music From 2010 To Now

Snapchat Buys New Custom Emoji Feature For $100 Million

Snapchat announced a newly formed partnership on Tuesday with customizable emoji creation tool Bitmoji. Earlier this year, they purchased Bitstrips, the maker of Bitmoji, for a reported $100 million.

“We fell in love with the Bitmoji team and their amazing products, and we are so excited to welcome them as a new part of the Snapchat family.”

Up until this update, Snapchat users were able to add stickers and basic emojis to their snaps and messages, and even “sticky” them to object within the snaps. Now, with the addition of Bitmoji, users can link their two accounts and add personal emojis of themselves and friends to their photos.

This announcement comes on the heels of the service’s recent addition of the ‘Memories’ feature.

Watch the introductory video below to learn more.


Source: CNBC

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Source: Snapchat Buys New Custom Emoji Feature For $100 Million

Fedde Le Grand Discusses Career Longevity and New Challenges [Interview]

Although EDM is still fairly young as a musical genre (compared to rock or jazz), it still has its legacy acts. One of the toughest things to do in the music industry is to find lasting longevity, and there are a few DJs who have 10-15 years of experience under their belt like Tiesto or Armin van Buuren. One of those luminary artists who helped to first expose dance music to a more mainstream audience is Fedde Le Grand.

2016 has been a huge year for the Dutch DJ/producer; not only did he release his first album in seven years, Something Real, the industry veteran also celebrated the ten year anniversary of one of his first hit songs, “Hands Up for Detroit.” Fedde took some time out to talk to us about what makes his new album so special, how he’s managed to stay relevant, his tastes in music and other insights into the dance music industry.

Hey Fedde, first off, congratulations on the album. It’s been seven years since you last put out a full-length EP, what was the approach you took to making the album and what have you learned as an artist over that time?

“Thank you! During the making of this album I tried to stop myself from getting placed in a box too much and I actively stepped away from normal rules that I tend to adhere to while producing. I really wanted to challenge myself, being as open-minded as possible. I’m already accustomed to not letting myself get pigeonholed too much, but I think this album definitely has some stuff on it that was more surprising for my fans. The whole process of stepping away from any expectations and just listening to what I feel to be great music felt really liberating and inspiring, I hope my fans will get that and appreciate that. It definitely made the album turn into ‘something real’ for me….hence the title.  As well as focusing on opening up and challenging my own creativity, my taste in music has also evolved a lot since my previous album. So I think as a whole the album might just be covering a broader spectrum of my musicality, which to me is actually what an album is all about. So I’m really content with how it turned out!”

You’re a legend in the dance music industry, however, it’s changed quite a bit since you first burst onto the scene in the mid-2000s. Which changes have you noticed the most, for the better and for the worse?

“It definitely has both good and bad aspects about it, but for me personally I think it’s great. There are so many more fans of dance music now than I’d ever dared to dream about when I started out. Which means there are now so many more people to share my love and appreciation for the music with. So many DJs that are out there nowadays wouldn’t have had a stage without the fan-base and with dance music growing as exponentially as it has over the recent years. I even think it will give room to a bigger variety of sub-genres to have a healthy existence. The most important thing for me personally would be to try and move away from the boxing in and let everyone enjoy dance music the way they want to. Being judgmental just shouldn’t be part of the culture in whatever shape or form.”

You just recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of your classic single “Hands Up for Detroit.” Tell us what that song meant to you when it first came out and what it means to you today as the dance music industry has changed so much?

“Well originally I wasn’t going to release it! I had to be convinced by my friends to put it out there, and I’m so glad I did. It got such an overwhelming reception when it came out on Flamingo Recordings, it just completely blew me away. It was at a time when dance music wasn’t really breaking into the main top 40 charts so I’m humbled that my song was one of the first to do that. Also the fact that it’s still such a requested track just goes to show that dance records can stand the test of time.”

The younger audience probably knows you best for “Rhythm of the Night.” Have you ever felt pressure to adjust your sound as trends have changed? How have you stayed true to yourself as an artist over the years?

“That song holds just as much artistic value to me even though it is considered a newer sound it still holds true to my foundation and influences as an artist. Trends and sounds will always change, they have to change if you want to stay relevant in today’s world – which is why I continue to innovate and enhance my sound, all while staying true to my origins. Luckily I’ve never let myself be boxed in too much so to me it just comes naturally.”

Over your long career, you’ve played at all the biggest festivals across the globe, you were at Ultra Miami and Ultra Korea earlier this year. Do you have a favorite festival to play or favorite place to visit and why?

“I think the longer you’ve been doing this, the more impossible it becomes to pick any favorites. Sometimes it’s a great party when you least expected it that makes a play turn into a lasting memory, sometimes it are the usual suspects that absolutely blow your mind by turning into being more amazing than you could’ve expected… Anything that has the element of surprise is always good I guess, aren’t the best nights the ones that started with ‘well let’s just go out for one drink then…’ “

What’s one record or album you’re listening to right now that you’re fans would be surprised to hear you listen to?

“One of the songs I like a lot at the moment is ‘7 years’ by Lukas Graham. I mean, it’s not brand new anymore, but I think it’s an amazing song and I even created a bootleg to incorporate in my sets (although it’s not too surprising though I think….). Recently I played out ‘Gaan Met Die Banaan’ at the end of my set at a big Dutch festival – long story, it was a bet kind of thing – but I guess that definitely was something surprising…you’ll have to look it up!”

If you could give advice to artists in any genre about career longevity, what would it be?

“It would be to never stop trying new things and innovating. Once you develop your signature sound that the fans love, you have accomplished the first step, but that doesn’t’ mean you shouldn’t try new sounds out – if your heart is in a certain style of sound, go for it. I think a lot of artists are scared to change because they don’t think their fans will like it, but if the quality is good and the talent is still there, no one can deny it. So continue pushing boundaries and just keep working on your craft consistently.”

You also recently debuted your new “GRAND” show at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, which is a combination of your set and and live acrobatic performance.  Tell me a little about this and where the idea came from?  Is this something we might see here in the States one day?

“It’s actually a combination of theatre arts with dance music really. We even had an army of ballerina’s being part of the GRAND show this past March. I think the show is definitely something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I’ve always been looking for ways to push boundaries and keep things interesting for myself by always trying to create something new. This event in particular is really all about giving back to the fans. The production is crazy expensive and so extremely time-consuming in figuring out all acts and what will work well with which track, you really don’t wanna know how complicated the production is… But when you see so many people from different backgrounds and ages, some probably visiting a dance event for the first time even, and all just having an amazing time and enjoying the music together. That’s really what it’s all about!! And yes, I can’t wait ‘till the day we’re ready to announce the international dates :)”

European fans can find Fedde all over the continent this summer including an appearance at TomorrowLand this weekend. Check out this awesome Something Real mini-mix to get a taste of Fedde’s first album in seven years.

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Junge Junge – Beautiful Girl EP

The simple yet stunning sounds of Junge Junge have been delighting fans of the two-piece for quite some time now. Having been a well respected name in the electronic scene for the last couple of years, they have now released ‘Beautiful Girl’, a four-track EP that takes the name of one of their most popular singles (included in this selection).

There is a soothing, melodic theme to the rest of the three tracks, and the vocals of Kyle Pearce are particularly uplifting on lead single ‘Run Run Run’ and ‘Postcards.’ ‘Thalassa’ is more mysterious and ethereal in its quality, striking up a languid beat and experimental chords at the start.

You can grab the full EP here. 

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Source: Junge Junge – Beautiful Girl EP

Alfa Future People Festival Reveals Wild 2017 Main Stage

Alfa Future People

Combining a massive technology showcase with electronic music, the Russian music festival Alfa Future People creates a very unique and diverse atmosphere. While electronic music is really just the marriage between technology and music, AFP is the only festival to embrace this to its fullest, providing a line-up stacked with huge names as well as an extensive exhibit of new technologies in all forms. Naturally, with this whole-hearted embrace of technology comes some insane stage production, and in a teaser video just released by the festival, it looks like they won’t disappoint. Last year’s stage made headlines all over the globe, which means all eyes will be on Alfa Future People for 2017. Check out the full video below, and if you are in the area July 22-24, be sure to buy tickets to see it in person!


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[Premiere] Mahalo – Heartbeat

Mahalo – Heartbeat

Hailing from the shores of Hawaii and landing in Southern California, Mahalo has swiftly become one of the newest rising transplants in the Los Angeles scene. Drawing inspiration from many different artists and genres has allowed Mahalo to blur the lines and create cutting edge material that pays homage to what came before it, while still pushing to be unique and progressive.

Today we have the “Heartbeat,” a song that incorporates aggressive bass-lines with a stunning melody and surprisingly creative lyrics, the tune is a beautiful combination of pop, rave, and house to become a world of its own. The video similarly incorporates experimental dancers under the LA skyline to create a dark, gritty, and emotional accompaniment to a song that is equally complex in its nature. While its backdrop of the ocean brings a sense of calm, the cinematography, its characters, and soundtrack combine a tangled web of emotions that help make sense of how profound Mahalo’s work truly is. The combined product altogether highlights the potential staying power of our new LA transplant, and “Heartbeat” has the qualifications to be a sleeper hit in the dance world.

Password: MVfinal



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The Chainsmokers Ft. Charlee -Inside Out (SAYMYNAME REMIX)


The Chainsmokers Ft. Charlee -Inside Out (SAYMYNAME REMIX)

SAYMYNAME has turned The Chainsmokers summer single “Inside Out”, inside out. SAYMYNAME first gained attention following the release of his “Propaganda” remix for DJ Snake, however the talented producer has also completed remixes for DVBBS & Mike Hawkins, Marshmello, as well as collaborating with DOTCOM.

The Los Angeles artist that has dubbed himself “The godfather of hard trap music”, has transformed the once progressive house track into a total head-banger.  This “Inside Out” remix has SAYMYNAME’s sound all over it, as his notable trap-house melodies are prominent throughout the track. The new drop is filled with bass and sounds that scream and screech in all the right ways.

SAYMYNAME’s “Inside Out” remix is available now for free.  Follow the download link below to claim your copy.

The Chainsmokers Ft. Charlee -Inside Out (SAYMYNAME REMIX) | Download

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