2ToneDisco – Tummy Treasures ft. Ducky

Tummy Treasures

2ToneDisco – Tummy Treasures ft. Ducky

2ToneDisco has been on my radar for a minute, but their new single that broke last week definitely brought a smile to my face. Featuring Ducky, this tune manages to walk a very fine line between electro pop and J-pop, with just a dash of chip and glitz. It’s a fun little ditty that is better than it has any right to be, considering just how bad both of those genres can be. 2ToneDisco keeps it as real as you can get with English vocals, while the pacing and synthetic bassline evokes The World Ends With You and a ton of other games, movies and fashion styles that wouldn’t be where they are without Shibuya. 2ToneDisco has been slowly making a name for themselves and I’ve been delighted to watch their rise.

2ToneDisco – Tummy Treasures Ft. Ducky | Free Download

The perky vocal line creates the focal point, but the glitzy, sunny electro bass could fit neatly in a drop top convertible driving up the California or Japanese coast. The influence from across the Pacific is undeniable, and we totally need more of that in our dance pop. If you get a chance to see 2ToneDisco, make sure to do so and report back. I’m betting these two are gonna be the low-key whimsical success story you’ll be hearing about shortly.

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Yellow Claw – Mixtape #10

Yellow Claw has been on a non-stop train of litness, after their release of their Blood For Mercy EP a little over half a year ago. Playing from festival to festival, they’ve been getting crowds going crazy. It’s been a while since we’ve heard a new track release, but there definitely has been some teaser ID’s dropped during sets. Today Yellow Claw released their tenth mixtape, and it goes crazy hard. In this new mix you see a lot of new projects and collabs, alongside many songs from fellow producers Rickyxsan, Party Favor, 4B, Diplo, Skrillex and much more. It just goes to show that even as a duo, Yellow Claw cant be stopped. Check out the banger set below and let us know what you think!

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Bro Safari – Follow (Zomboy Remix)

Bro Safari – Follow (Zomboy Remix)

After releasing his long anticipated Neon Grave EP, Zomboy has been on a hot streak of beautiful remixes. Today, he grabbed Bro Safari’s “Follow” and turned it into a masterpiece of his own. Bro Safari has always been one of the top at his game. Now, when you have another superstar producer grabbing one of his songs to put hi little twist on it, you’d better be expecting a banger. Thats exactly what we got with Zomboy’s new remix of “Follow” by Bro Safari. Be ready for this song to be dropped worldwide at every festival, as this song sounds lit enough to get everybody going crazy. Check out the track below!

Bro Safari – Follow (Zomboy Remix)

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Insomniac Festivals Will Remain At San Manuel Amphitheater For Now

San Manuel Amphitheater

Insomniac’s SoCal events have been in the news a lot recently for the constant complaints they are getting from neighbors of where they are holding these events.

The residents surrounding the San Manuel Amphitheater, which is home to Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland, have complained continuously about the events and there loud noise, loud attendees and the mess they leave behind. San Bernadino County recently held a vote and needed only three votes in favor of ending the raves at San Manuel, but was unable to get those 3 votes. This is great for Insomniac Events and ravers on the West Coast, as SoCal venues are becoming hard to find. It also benefits the businesses in the nearby area that thrive on the weekends of these events. A curfew has been proposed though on the events making them end at 11pm instead of 2am. A similar time limit was placed on the Bay Area’s Beyond Wonderland.

Matt Prieshoff, the COO of Live Nation, commented that the events bring large amounts of money to the area and that they had voted to end festival nights at 11pm and also to begin the process of creating a task force to study the safety for people at these events.

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Insteight – Moments in Life (Original Mix)

Phenomenal Tropical House Track by Insteight out now for FREE Download!
If you looking more from Insteight make sure you follow him social media:
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Galantis – No Money (Chet Porter Remix)


Galantis – No Money (Chet Porter Remix)

Being Canadian myself, I love writing articles about Canadian artists. So, when Chet Porter released his remix of Galantis‘, “No Money“, I figured let’s get a piece up, Eh?! Now that I’ve stopped trying to be puny, I can seriously discuss this talented Canadian’s latest release.

Chet Porter is one of those artists who have a distinctively unique sound. His ability to fuse any combination of vocals, rhythms, and delicate accents without flaw has enchanted the ears of many, and his remix of “No Money” is nothing short or what we have come to expect from Chet. Commencing the track with the original, youthful vocals, Chet transmutes Galantis’ track to better coincide with his musical style. Exchanging pop beats for melodies consisting of more complexity and depth, Chet Porter completely transforms the anthemic track into a delightfully uplifting piece. By altering the original tracks vocals, Chet composed vocal loop so melodic, delicate, and hypnotic, listeners will find themselves lost in it. Chet’s remix was also released as part of Galantis’ “No MoneyRemixes (Remixes, Pt. 2) package, so if I haven’t convinced you enough already, stream Chet Porter’s remix of Galantis’, “No Money” and purchase the track, below!

Galantis – No Money (Chet Porter Remix) | iTunes

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Prok & Fitch – Heatwave


Prok & Fitch – Heatwave

If you’re a fan of tech house, Prok & Fitch should already be on your radar. If not, let “Heatwave” be an exciting introduction to the Brighton electronic duo. Since its release, they’ve been receiving significant support from Mixmag and have earned airplay on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show.

The track builds and breaks over a steady 4-on-the-floor beat with chopped vocal samples thrown in throughout. Using airy reverb and clever use of panning, their production is high quality and sustainable. I highly suggest putting on your best pair of headphones before listening to this one so you can really appreciate its nuances. Just be careful of that cord when you start dancing all over the room.

Catch them on tour this summer!

Prok & Fitch – Heatwave | Purchase 

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KOLAJ x Eric Nam – Into You


KOLAJ x Eric Nam – Into You

Upon first listening to this track, I was surprised to learn that KOLAJ is actually a band comprised of vocalist/songwriter Teesa Houston and electronic composer Mighty Mike McGarity. In the past, they’ve collaborated with industry giants like Kaskade and have received over 6 million streams on their infectious single “The Touch“, released on Interscope.

The LA duo’s unique sound is based on live instrumentation and Teesa’s dynamic voice. Additionally, their energetic yet refined sound reminds me of a more radio-ready version of Marian Hill.

Taking notes from tropical house producers like Klingande, Kygo, and Bakermat, “Into You” is a summery pop confection ready to be blasted in a convertible or through your speakers on the beach. Its got a killer hook, sunny electric guitar riffs and brassy melodies to get you moving.

If that doesn’t impress you, it also features Eric Nam, a prominent name in the Korean pop scene. He uses his cool, yet appealing voice to complement Teesa’s, creating a skillful balance of differing elements. This track is also the inception of “K-trop”, a genre blend that was completely and pleasantly unexpected.

KOLAJ x Eric Nam – Into You

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Mosimann Ft. Uhre – The Gifted One


Mosimann Ft. Uhre – The Gifted One

Today we have a real treat for you from french DJ Mosimann, who is coming in hot after hitting #93 on the DJMag Top 100 last year. He enlisted the mega talent Uhre to lay down the perfect vocals for “The Gifted One”. This cut is a perfect example of what happens when you bring together pop with electronic music and create something special. Pop is intrinsically designed to get stuck in your head whether you like it or not, but this is a song that you ACTUALLY want there. I can see this hitting the radio waves all summer long. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think!

Mosimann Ft. Uhre – The Gifted One | Purchase

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Matoma – False Alarm

False Alarm

When tropical house first started making its rounds on the internet a few years ago, Matoma was one of the artists that best characterized the genre. With music full of uplifting marimba and saxophone solos along with groovy percussive pianos and synths, Matoma played a huge part in defining the genre that so many people now love. Since then, his production has only improved. Moving from remixes to originals while still remaining true to his style, Matoma comes back with his newest single, “False Alarm”. Featuring soulful vocals from Becky Hill, I can almost imagine them in the studio together with Matoma in in front of his keyboard, one hand on the keys and the other on the pitch bend. Check out the summer vibes for yourself below.

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