The Indy 500 Snake Pit Is Everything You Need For Memorial Day Weekend

When you witness an event grow from its inception, there’s always a hint of pride that goes along with being there from the start. The Indy 500 Snake Pit is one such spectacle.

Revamped in 2012 after several reincarnations, the Snake Pit has quickly risen to be one of the biggest draws for the Indy 500. Midwest promotions company, React Presents, has been involved in this event for the last two years and has helped the Snake Pit become a household name for dance music fans across the country. As part of the world’s largest spectator-sporting event, the Indy 500 is a sea of people (this year was the first ever sold-out Indy 500, drawing in over 350,000). However, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is uncompromisingly huge, fitting a golf course, helipad, and second racetrack all inside the grounds.

The Snake Pit itself is nestled inside the IndyCar racetrack, and has a rich history that you can check out here. Having been headlined by Benny Benassi, Krewella, Diplo, Afrojack, Kaskade, Dillon Francis, and more, this year’s monstrous lineup was much deserved, especially for the race’s monumental 100th running.

Featuring DJ Mustard, Skrillex, Zeds Dead, and Martin Garrix, this year’s installment of the world’s fastest party was nothing short of colossal. Zeds Dead threw down in typical bass fashion, Skrillex fired away with insatiable energy, and Martin Garrix dropped the unreleased “Follow Up” to “Forbidden Voices.” Where else in the world can you catch this caliber of artist before three in the afternoon?

And being held on Memorial Day, in the heart of the Midwest, at a race event, of course there’s going to be an abundance of red, white, and blue in every shape, form, and cloth available. Also, since the Snake Pit abides by the same rules as the speedway, you can bring in all the booze you want so long as your cooler fits the permitted size, which is a serious game-changer. However, all the patriotism and free flowing alcohol means attendees should be hyper-aware of staying hydrated and rested.

In the heat of summer, with little shade in sight, hydration is the name of the game, and the Snake Pit has one of the better harm reduction initiatives I’ve seen. For those who stick it out to jam at front-of-stage, the Snake Pit’s H20 Ambassadors are their savior. We all know getting out of the crowd once you’ve mobbed to the front is nearly impossible, and these ambassadors are there to make sure these dedicated fans stay hydrated and healthy. On hand with water bottles and water buckets, these volunteers quite literally saved the day.

Skrillex Indy 500 Timmy KusnierekSkrillex Indy 500 Timmy Kusnierek

Additionally, the Snake Pit’s VIP service is another brilliant feature. This year’s VIP sold out in record time, and understandably so, as the VIP area harbors the only real shade available, and the viewing platforms are vital for getting the best look at the stage. Getting down in a massive crowd will forever be one of my favorite things, but this year’s turn out made me glad to have a little extra wiggle room.

Even if you aren’t a racing fan, it’s time you venture to Indiana to check out the greatest spectacle in sports, and while you’re at it…immerse yourself in the chaotic uniqueness of the Snake Pit. It’s an experience you won’t forget!


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Disco Fries Release Remix EP for “Earthquake” feat. Command Sisters

There is nothing quite like hearing your favorite song for the first time. It’s a magical experience that always stays with us. Fortunately, electronic music lets us relive that same feeling with a bit of a twist as remixes get released.

This time around, we share that moment with Disco Fries and their remix EP for “Earthquake” featuring Command Sisters, released with Armada Music. The original track, released in 2015, was quite the progressive house banger itself but this conglomeration of fresh takes make it a hit on several other platforms.

Dekagram’s remix of “Earthquake” revamps the track into the festival anthem we will be hearing a lot of this season, while Glover takes the sound into more of a deep house vibe. Arizon’s remix, being the most drastic sound change of the three, lets the Command Sisters’ vocals create a more laid back melody— perfect for your Summer ’16 playlists.

Check out The Disco Fries’ remix EP for “Earthquake” featuring the Command Sisters below!

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Source: Disco Fries Release Remix EP for “Earthquake” feat. Command Sisters

The Producers Social Expands to Indigital Studios of Santa Cruz

Are you an amateur producer looking for an unbiased opinion on that unreleased banger you’ve been sitting on? Perhaps you’re a more veteran music-maker looking to make new connections and find fresh avenues of collaboration? Whatever your skill level, the Producers Social will welcome you with open arms.

If you’re wondering what a ‘Producers Social’ might entail, let us get you up to speed. It aims to bring local music producers and composers together for the purpose of collectively honing their skills and networking with like-minded individuals. Each artist in attendance presents an original piece of work to the group; they are then given advice and constructive criticisms from an audience of their musical peers. Each event is hosted by renowned artists from the area, and occasionally workshops are held on specific aspects of music production. It’s an excellent way to step up your game, and is quite accessible as well; originating in the Bay Area, the recurring event can now be found in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and, most recently, Santa Cruz.

In fact, the latest Producers Social is going down tonight in that gorgeous, coastal hub of sonic gems. Taking place at the Indigital Studios & Institute of Recording Arts, one of the most breathtaking and state-of-the-art recording studios on the West Coast, the event is sure to draw plenty of Santa Cruz’s uniquely talented beat-hustlers. The hosts for tonight are local legends Smasheltooth and Lowgritt, so everyone will certainly be in good hands. If you can’t make it out tonight, don’t fret; the Santa Cruz Producers Social takes place once a month, every second Tuesday. You can find more info at the links below, as well as music from the hosts after the jump.


Website || RSVP || Facebook Event Page

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San Holo – Still Looking [bitbird] (Free DL)

Producer San Holo has just released his latest original, this time in the form of a beautiful hybrid future bass track called “Still Looking.” Coming as the first single off of his record label Bitbird‘s upcoming Gouldian Finch compilation, the song sets an uplifting and highly melodic tone for the rest of the collection. It can be downloaded for free at the link below.

“Really happy that I’m releasing this track, “Still Looking,” on my own imprint bitbird! These past years have been an amazing journey. I’ve had the honor to tour the world, release on some of the best labels in the world and meet so many inspiring people. It’s been a crazy trip. Through all this I’ve been able to learn a lot about myself, but also about this music industry that we operate in. I’ve always had the idea of starting a label and I’ve been working closely with my team to make this a reality. bitbird is a creative place where we can showcase beautiful art and assist artists in the best way we can. I really believe we can bring something new to the game. We’re excited to break some boundaries!” – San Holo

The track begins with a driving series of hollow kicks and echoing stings of high pitched synth before a swell breaks into dry vocal cuts and scattered shakers. The underlying chords combine with fast-paced percussion to lead into the break, where a restrained trap beat anchors soaring arpeggios and warbling waves of layered synth. Suddenly, a visceral array of complex drum hits takes over the spotlight, transforming the euphoric vibe into one of raw intensity and rhythm. The initial feeling rushes back when the vocals finally return, leading into a relative repeat of the first drop.

Listen to the track below, and go check out our Snapchat @YourEDM to watch San Holo’s Tuesday takeover!

Click here to download the track for free now!

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Source: San Holo – Still Looking [bitbird] (Free DL)

Techno Legends Disagree On LA Club’s DJ Booth Laptop Ban

The CDJ versus controller argument has been around for some time now, but LA nightclub Cure And The Cause kicked up quite a stir this week when they announced a ban on all laptops within the DJ booth.

Since then, musicians, EDM fans, and industry professionals alike have all voiced their objections to the bizarre ban instituted by nightclub owner Kenny Smith. Techno legend Richie Hawtin can count himself as one of the artists who voiced his displeasure, while fellow techno superstar Seth Troxler sided with the LA club on their decision.

Most ridiculous rule ever!Stifling creativity by limiting an artists own personal approach is a step backwards.

— Richie Hawtin (@richiehawtin) June 2, 2016


@richiehawtin@Mixmag the hard part is beat matching. Even a lot of guys in our class.If the sync is on your an entertainer, not a dj.

— seth troxler (@sethtroxler) June 2, 2016

LA-based publication Magnetic Magazine reached out to Kenny Smith for further clarification on the reasoning behind his laptop ban. Here’s what the club owner/DJ had to say about the new rule:

“The problem lies with the opening DJs (mostly), many of them show up with a laptop and controller, and that’s all they’ve ever used. That’s a problem. They don’t know what to connect with our Pioneer system; they have no clue what they’re plugging in or what plugs they’re taking out…Midnight is not the ideal time to turn the mixer off, pull it out and start guessing which port to plug your Traktor into.

DJ purists, who seem to be in the minority, would probably side with Troxler on his comments about the use of the sync button, while Richie Hawtin seems to be coming from the more public perspective. Either way, we can see the merits of both arguments, but we’re curious to hear from more DJs regarding this ongoing discussion.


H/T Magnetic Magazine



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Source: Techno Legends Disagree On LA Club’s DJ Booth Laptop Ban

The Chainsmokers Play New Original Music at Sunset Music Festival

For the many people who made their way to Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, Florida last week, we salute you. From Hardwell and Galantis closing out the first day’s main stage to a variety of incredible performances from Seven Lions, Claude VonStrokeMija, and more, the two-day music festival took some of EDM’s biggest artists and pitted them in the parking lot of Raymond James Stadium (where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play). But even with incredible sets from Tritonal, Ferry Corsten, and Sam Feldt, it was The Chainsmokers that caught the most eyes with the reveal of new music that they teased towards the end of their performance.

Early into their set, they dropped a song that they have been teasing since their 2014 Ultra Music Festival set called “Make Me,” featuring Jodi Gold. Also known as “I Can Change Who You Are,” The Chainsmokers announced this song as “brand new music” even though die-hard fans know that this song has been making appearances in their sets for the last two years. Check out the song here and keep an eye out to see if this mysterious ID will ever see the light of day.

Towards the end of their set, they began to open up with a small sentiment about opening up Sunset Music Festival three years ago. After mentioning how they were headlining the festival with Jack Ü and giving thanks to their fans, The Chainsmokers caught everyone off-guard by playing a completely new song that, according to them, would get them into “so much trouble.” The song, which you can find played here, is a future bass wonder that continues to follow the trend of recent singles like “Roses” and “Inside Out” put out not too long ago.

Let us know what you think of these two new singles and of the most recent set from The Chainsmokers at Sunset Music Festival! Check out the video of the whole set right here with full tracklisting here!

Shout out to Mi5staKlean for uploading the full set and many more from that weekend on YouTube!

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Source: The Chainsmokers Play New Original Music at Sunset Music Festival

Flume’s ‘Skin’ LP Takes #1 On ARIA Albums Chart

Flume is no stranger to the upper echelons of Australia’s ARIA music charts. He not only reached the #1 position on the Albums Chart in 2013 after the release of his self-titled, debut album, but won four out of the eight ARIA music awards that he was nominated for during the same year. Now, following the long (LONG) awaited release of his sophomore album, Skin, the ARIA charts have once again tipped in Flume’s favor.


This week, he once again took the #1 spot on the ARIA Australia Top 100 Albums chart, beating out the likes of Beyoncé, Adele and Keith Urban. Meanwhile, in the Singles chart, Flume now occupies three coveted positions.

His collaboration with Little Dragon, “Take A Chance,” rests at #65, while his track “Lose It,” featuring Vic Mensa, is at #63. Finally, “Say It” with Tove Lo is placed just behind Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Drake and Justin Timberlake at the #5 position.

Click here to check out the ARIA charts in full, and join us in wishing Flume an enormous congratulations for an incredible album!


Source: TheMusic | Image: Ryan Pierse

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Source: Flume’s ‘Skin’ LP Takes #1 On ARIA Albums Chart

Dillon Francis Held a Low Key AMA on Twitter

One of the best rewards for music fans comes simply when their favorite artists, bands, or DJs take time off their busy schedules to answer some personal questions. Last night, Los Angeles producer/DJ and social media misfit Dillon Francis took some time to let his Twitter followers ask a range of burning questions, from new music to marriage proposals.

Right off the bat, the AMA had Felix Cartal approaching Dillon Francis over a possible collaboration, as Felix will be living in L.A. for the summer duration.


@felixcartal gonna have to do it over the wire cause I’m not gonna be there much ahah! Send ideas!!

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) June 5, 2016

This was followed by a wildly random question from electro house favorite TJR, who Dillon worked with for the song “What’s That Spell?” on Money Sucks, Friends Rule.


@TJR LOL. What celebrity is preggers right now?

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) June 5, 2016

The next question came from a fan asking about his favorite collaboration. In classic Dillon Francis fashion, he revealed a little more than what was asked.


@Passion4Lips the one with @NGHTMRE is pretty far up there but this other one with @weareGTA might be my fav

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) June 5, 2016

Poor Kill The Noise

@DILLONFRANCIS @NGHTMRE @Passion4Lips @weareGTA **somewhere a dolphin cries **

— ᵏ†ᶰ (@killthenoise) June 5, 2016

He was also asked about his inspirations toward becoming a DJ. I’m not too sure we can take this answer too seriously, but everyone has their origin stories.


@Peruvian_Gem slip knot and likin park made me like hearing scratching in music

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) June 5, 2016

But the biggest reveal from his AMA, undoubtedly, was the tentative release date for his next single.


Finding out tomorrow if it’ll be this month…trying my best to make it happen tho

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) June 5, 2016

@DILLONFRANCIS is coming out with a new single right in time for SAMF and I could cry

— Ambear☀️ (@ambercrombie94) June 5, 2016

From his favorite collaborations to new music with GTA, Dillon Francis’s AMA was exactly what you would expect it to be. Filled with a few big reveals, many silly questions (with equally as silly answers), and major producers chiming in here and there, fans can walk away from Twitter with excitement for more Dillon Francis material coming soon. Although we added our favorite tweets, check out the rest of the Q&A session here.

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OWSLA Takes a Techno Turn With Movement Recap Video & New Beats 1 Episode

Techno is finally making waves in the United States, with Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival amassing its best attendance numbers in its 10-year history and events like Time Warp making their way to U.S. shores. OWSLASkrillex‘s forward-thinking record label, has taken notice, and hosted their own stage takeover at Movement, spawning a hilarious recap video and a techno-oriented installment of the OWSLA Radio show on Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music.

First up, popular Youtube event and festival videographer glenjamn3 posted a hilarious recap video of Mija‘s set at Movement on the OWSLA takeover of the festival’s Underground Stage. The video starts simply enough, with crowd shots and Mija dropping serious techno anthems, but at 3 minutes and 50 seconds glenjamn3 captures a crowd-goer who loses his proverbial marbles during the set. The attendee raises his arms, weeps, and wades back and forth in a trance. Currently going viral on reddit, the video perfectly captures why people are falling in love with house and techno. Watch it below:

In other OWSLA techno news, the newest episode of OWSLA Radio on Beats 1 (coincidentally also celebrating its tenth installment) packed in two hours of techno, house, and bass house jams courtesy of guest DJ Mija. Mija played a special two-hour set on her birthday on the last day of Movement for lucky VIP attendees, and shared the mix for her takeover of OWSLA Radio. Listen to the mix below:

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Source: OWSLA Takes a Techno Turn With Movement Recap Video & New Beats 1 Episode

The Chainsmokers ft. Charlee – Inside Out (Joe Mason Remix)

Australia. There’s something in the water down there, because the amount of talent pouring out of its borders right now is outrageous. The latest valuable export to leave its shores goes by the name, Joe Mason, a 17-year-old bedroom producer with an ear for melody and a knack for smash productions. His Ember Island remix is sitting around 500k plays on Soundcloud, and still growing, but our attention for today is fixated on his official remix for the Chainsmokers’ “Inside Out.” Incredible that he’s already landed an official project, and even more incredible is the beauty within the song itself. It’s a hit, no doubt. Check out the free download below and be sure to follow him for what might be one of the next great stories in dance music. Feel free to give this remix some love on Hype Machine.

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