Max Vangeli – Why Do I (feat. Mackenzie Thomas)

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Max Vangeli – Why Do I (feat. Mackenzie Thomas) Capping off a busy summer season, Max Vangeli is back with another hot release. After months of live shows, dropping tracks, and bolstering his record label, NoFace Records, the San Francisco-based … Continued

Official Closer Lyrics, The Chainsmokers’ #1 Hit Song

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So apparently there’s a viral dance craze surrounding The Chainsmokers’ “Closer,” and there’s also been a parody of the Closer lyrics which twists the focus back on Harambe. It looks like The Chainsmokers aren’t going anywhere but up from here, and with news … Continued

Listen To This Surprisingly Awesome, AI-Produced Song

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Google’s Project Magenta has gotten a solid grip of attention for its breakthrough algorithm, offering artificial intelligence its first real chance for creative expression. Now, Flow Machines has unleashed their own artificial intelligence, and it’s quickly approaching an Asimov-ian prowess. Behold … Continued

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