R3HAB X KSHMR Supergroup?

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In a recent post on Instagram, Dutch producer R3HAB posed a question to his followers: “Do you think that KSHMR and I should start a supergroup?” The picture associated with the post is a cartoon version of both producers overlaid … Continued

GTA Announces ‘3-Night Stand’ Run of Shows

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Tickets Miami based DJ duo GTA have established a reputation mostly for their hard-hitting trap and bass heavy sets, however throughout the years they’ve made their stance known that they do not necessarily believe an artist should be limited to … Continued

Sebjak & David Pietras – Soleil

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Sebjak & David Pietras – Soleil While the huge boom in Swedish house music has certainly not been quite as strong lately as it was several years ago, there will always be good house music coming out of Sweden. Swedish … Continued

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