Pola & Bryson – Open Your Eyes Feat. MVE [Soulvent Records]

How exactly do you define a piece of music that makes you feel something on an emotionally-binding level? How do you pinpoint the exact moment your stomach churns, while those little oh-so-familiar goosebumps travel down your forearms like wildfire in the driest of forests? Normally I wouldn’t have an answer for that. Who in their right mind would? Today, though… I do. That moment is 1:14 of the track I’ve embedded below.

In so many scenes there’s a decline in originality. There’s a steep and malicious fall-off point where so many artists refuse to inject the very reason they wake up in the morning into their creations. Without feeling, without true artistry, your music is nothing. I can happily, and most humbly, decree that this is in no way the case for rising drum and bass artists Pola & Bryson.

Lucky for you, this beautiful piece of music is set for release 5/30/16 along with two equally entrancing remixes from The Vanguard Project (Bcee & Villem) and Mitekiss. You can preorder this exceptional release just before their brand new album set for release mid-summer here.

This article was first published on Your EDM.
Source: Pola & Bryson – Open Your Eyes Feat. MVE [Soulvent Records]