Porter Robinson In GQ Japan: “I’m planning a new project”

Porter Robinson wowed us all when he introduced Virtual Self in 2017 and unleashed a full EP of music we couldn’t have imagined in our wildest dreams. Now, he has reportedly revealed he’s planning a new project.

As pointed out by fans on Reddit, Porter appears in the March issue of GQ Japan. He’s quoted in saying, “I’m planning a new project.” Whether he means a new project as in a new body of work or as in an entirely different moniker has yet to be known.

With Porter Robinson aka Virtual Self — anything is possible.

GQ JAPAN 3月号🌌 クリエーションとメンタルヘルスについて🤔🌱
「新しいプロジェクトも計画してます」と書いてあるぞ、、! pic.twitter.com/Ym7FN0XBec

— n a o s u 🧼 (@naopo__n) February 7, 2019

User bigboijoey attempts to clear up another part of the feature, as he provides a somewhat broken translation directly from his Japanese friend. “I found it is not possible to create music [I’m] satisfied with [and] (willing to) [share with] people as long as [you] treasure yourself,” the article says.

Porter goes on to discuss creativity, creating music, dealing with pressure, and the value of taking care of himself. Whatever he has in store next, best believe he’ll give us nothing but his very best work.


Photo via Rukes.com

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