REZZ Takes To Twitter To Reveal Bassnectar Collaboration

REZZREZZ and Bassnectar are two producers that have some of the most loyal followings in dance music. Both artists are famous for producing genre-bending works as well as striking a sharp balance between bass heavy and minimal tech compositions. Each of them ooze originality and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the very best in the electronic music scene.

With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise that when REZZ tweeted about a potential collaboration with Bassnectar, the Twitter world went crazy.

I’m gonna collab on a track w bassnectar

— Rezz ¨̮ (@OfficialRezz) September 11, 2018

This news is extremely exciting for REZZ fans, however, we can’t help but wonder if Bassnectar fans feel the same way. Remember last year when a small group of Bassnectar fans were mad at REZZ for playing one of his tracks?

If any1 has a problem w/ me playing (literally) [One] bassnectar tune in my tour set u need to drink a tea n stay calm ok everything is fine

— Rezz ¨̮ (@OfficialRezz) November 5, 2017

The tweet drew a response from Bassnectar, and honestly, the idea of a collaboration probably sparked from there.

oh girl i am honored if you play any of my music! the vast majority of bass heads love bass, kindness & creativity, we love you! so mash it up properly :)))

— Bassnectar (@bassnectar) November 9, 2017

Although her tweet doesn’t necessarily guarantee a new track, this is exciting news to say the least. We hope this one sees the light of day sooner than later!

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