Tony Black – “Love and Propaganda” Album OUT NOW!

At the end of 2016, Tony Black released his 21 track debut album “Where Do We Go From Here” which left his fans and even himself wondering, “What’s next?” Then in 2017 we heard Tony Black evolve his sound and the result is 5 massively impressive singles: “Won’t Give It Up”, “Get Back”, “Moving On”, “This is Our Home” and “Take a Look”.

Now as we enter 2018, it’s been just over a year since his freshman release and Tony reminds us that he is in fact here to stay. With his sophomore effort, “Love and Propaganda” Tony blends more pop & rap elements while still providing his audience great punchlines, relatable lyrics and melodies that make everyone want to dance. An exceptional album, making its mark in the industry—this is “Love and Propaganda.”