Big news coming from Soundcloud.They rolling out official blue checkmarks across platform for verified creators.This will be help well-known artists stand out and maintain their authenticity, and to help listeners identify these artists more easily.

As a result, you may have noticed that your orange Pro star badge now lives exclusively on your profile. Rest assured, your Pro status remains the same. As a bonus, Pro Unlimited users who apply for verification will also be first in line.Deugene Music already send request to verification,you can check it current status on official profile here

If you’re a creator who would like to request Soundcloud verification, your account has to meet these requirements:

It represents a well-known and/or highly searched-for artist, collective, DJ, label, curator or podcaster.

It must be a unique profile. We do not verify fan accounts or impersonators.

It doesn’t contain any misleading information and adheres to our terms of use.

It must have a bio, profile photo and at least one track uploaded.